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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bama and the Winner of the SEC Title Game Should be in the National Title Game!

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is one of the greatest true crime/Georgia based novels ever. The movie (while different) was also excellent. In the movie the defense attorney, Sonny Siler (who is also the attorney that owns and has always owned the Uga bloodline) makes a statement in his opening argument:

"There but for the Grace of God goes you and I"

Yesterday Mr. Sanchez had quite possibly the most absurd post we have ever had on this site.

Brother Sanchez also cheered for Oregon in the National Title Game last year.....blasphemy!

If Georgia were sitting in Bama's position we would all be belly-aching like crazy....remember 07'? You always, always, always, always have to fall on the side of the SEC.......NO EXCEPTIONS! The reason is because it is only a matter of time before Georgia will find itself in the same situation. One day we will bring in a big time recruit, he will carry us to a National Title Game, and his recruiting will be shall we say "questionable". It is only a matter of time before we lose a close game to another Eastern team and we will want a rematch because we will be one of the two best teams in the country.

The bottom line is this:
Arkansas would beat Houston, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Oregon, etc.
Alabama is better than Arkansas
LSU is better than Alabama
LSU is better than Arkansas
If LSU loses to Georgia then we have to say Georgia is in and the discussion is between Bama of LSU in that case no one will want a rematch.
If LSU wins then they are in and they should play the second best team which is Bama. I could hear the 06' anti-rematch argument but for the following:
In five years four different SEC teams have beaten:
The best Big Ten team twice,
The best Big 12 team twice, and
The best Pac 10/12 team

In your heart you know that the only team you think could possibly beat an undefeated LSU team is Bama so they should get in. Houston please? Don't waste my time.
"Deserves got nothing to do with it."~ Clint Eastwood


  1. Don't be so quick to insert Alabama over Georgia.

    If Georgia beats LSU, which I fully expect Georgia to do, then LSU, Alabama, and Georgia will all have the SAME EXACT SEC CONFERENCE RECORD OF 1 LOSS.

    The only difference is Georgia will stand alone as the winner of the SEC Conference, if it happens, and I expect it will, SEC Champion is something Alabama or LSU couldn't do in 2011.

    Then you pit Georgia against the winner of the 2nd toughest conference and let them play as the best 2 CHAMPIONS of their respective conferences.

    If Georgia wins, and LSU & Alabama play in the National Championship, the whole concept of Conference Champion means nothing.

    This was the way everyone went in 2007, and it should be the same today.

  2. Alas poor Yorick no matter what UGA does the MNC game will be Al v. LSU. Asking for consistency from the people who cover sports (cough, cough...looking at you ESPN) is never going to happen.

    The way I look at is if UGA upsets LSU then when LSU plays AL you have two teams who did not even win their conference playing for the MNC. If UGA loses there is stil fun to be had. What is AL beats LSU in the MNC. How is AL the MNC over LSU when they split and LSU won at AL.

    In short it is the end of the year and once again we have a BCS mess.

  3. I expect ESPN mediaheads to be FAIR & CONSISTENT and apply the SAME CRITERIA AS 2007 in determining who plays for the National Championship.

    In 2007, they made PASSIONATE cases for LSU, against Georgia, that Georgia couldn't go, because they DIDN'T WIN THEIR OWN CONFERENCE.

    If LSU & Alabama CAN'T WIN THEIR OWN CONFERENCE, then they have eliminated themselves from consideration.

    You have to stay objective, the 2 best Conference Champions play. It's the only objective way to decide.

    Mark Richt should get out his old ESPN videos form ESPN & Miles @2007, and play those on radio & tv. Put those guys words up there for all to see. Richt needs to start making his case if he wants to win it all this year.

    It's simple, if Alabama's so good, they should have won their conference Championship. If LSU's so good, they should have won their conference Championship.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0af5Fd2Mg8&feature=fvsr

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