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Monday, November 21, 2011

Beating them so easily, if the kids wonder why they should hate Tech

this is why. There are some fine, upstanding men amongst their alumni. But as you can see from that linked thread, there are more than enough jealous, petty, and deserving of dying in a grease fire amongst them too. Old fashioned hate, sure, but with comments like that, this rivalry is far from clean.


  1. I fucking hate Tech. Not even worth wasting any breath over.

  2. In my family, we always say:
    "Ya'know, ya' never realize just how much you hate 'em till they run out on that field. Especially with that stupid, fucking jaloppy of their's..."

    That's when my grandmother would scold my grandfather for using foul language inside the house (usually, all cussing had to be done in the backyard - never front - or on the back porch).

    Fucking NATS...

    I always liked going to games at Foley Field and having the Vet fraternity blasting "NERDS!!!" out of the speakers on their back deck in right field during Tech batters' walk-ups.

    I would REALLY like us to thrash them again this year.
    RIP Larry

  3. Wow. For such a small insect, they sure can carry a large chip on their shoulder.

    Perhaps they're just jealous because none of their many ass kickings by UGA are being featured on the Munson highlight reels.