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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The chaos continues

It began Friday night, and continued through Saturday as Chokelahoma earned their name and Clemson proved while they are the Kings of the Mid Season Championship.

All the BCS is left with to maintain their legitimacy is LSU. Now don't get us wrong, we're not opposed to the current system college football uses hoping that by year's end, one team stands out above all others. The problem is all the excuses in favor of it are lies or delusions.

The regular season is a playoff, which is why people are arguing for a rematch of would-be eliminated Alabama. And explains Nebraska in 01, FSU in 2000, LSU in 07, Auburn in 04, among others.
It's too many games, which is why we keep finding ways to add a 12th game, and conference championships so that LSU will need 14 games, just one fewer than the 1-AA champ will play this year.
They'll miss to much class time, because the NCAA is serious about educating these kids and football players miss the least class time of all "student"-athletes and only a small fraction of the class time missed by basketball players, baseball players, and every non-revenue sport.
It'll diminish the regular season, because South Carolina and Clemson are both gonna come out hard with so much to play for Saturday. Or that hugely important civil war with Oregon and Oregon St.
But the debate and argument is part of the fun. Our response to this, if you please Mr. Jones-Drew.

But let the purists cry and laud their "system", which is pretty much just a mass money grab by the powers that be, as D-1A football remains the only level of college football in the country where they're too good for a playoff to decide the champion. It's a unique system, that has flaws just like playoffs do. Yes, playoffs have their flaws, reducing the ultimate impact of some regular season games and rewarding the hot team at the end of a year instead of the arguable "best team all season long". But the current bowl system is loaded with flaws as well, and anyone who says otherwise is either being delusional, or part of the corruption.


  1. The SEC West will play each other for the National Championship.

  2. Shouldn't you have to win your conference to play for a national title?

  3. I'm an SEC guy all the way, but if you don't win your conference, much less your division you shouldn't play for the title. That's why I don't believe Alabama should get the chance to play for it.

  4. Could this possibly happen? LSU loses to Arkansas this week and only drops to 3 in the BCS poll. We beat Arkansas in the dome and there is still the LSU- BAMA rematch even neither one made the championship game of their conference.

  5. Yeah I agree. But what happens with a

    Chokelahoma played in a NC game without a conference championship. Georgia got jobbed because they didn't have one. Interesting but I still think 2 of the 3 will play for the title.

  6. There's still a possible Okie St or Stanford, as well as Va Tech among one loss teams.

    Plus Arkansas may fall back if they lose to LSU Friday (if LSU loses, we assume they'd still be high up there unless it's an unexpected blowout).

    And if we're mentioning non conference champs in the big game, don't forget 2001 Nebraska, which couldn't win their own division after a season ending loss to Colorado.

  7. I don't see Stanford getting any love. Okie St. has 2 weeks to prepare for Chokelahoma so O St. could make a move. Unless there is another upset Saturday, I would think Bama handles the Barners, LSU handles Arky. Arky and Okie St. swap spots and LSU and Bama hold one and two. Even if LSU lost the conference game to the Dawgs I don't think they would drop. Season sure went by fast. LSU has loaded up on the cupcakes in 2012 and we have Alabama at their house. Go Dawgs!