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Monday, November 28, 2011

Finally healthy?

Defensively may or may not have Deangelo Tyson after he was chopped Saturday, and now our offense may get the top two backs back. Crowell is "good to go" and the Intravenous is "hoping" to play.

Dean Legge, of georgia.scout.com, has Richt's full quotes from yesterday's teleconference.

Not much else in the Weiszer piece, but like all of us, Lester is a big fan of Grantham.
“[Georgia's D], They deploy extremely well. You can seldom get an advantage in not having them in alignment that would benefit you. You’re going to have to get what you earn. We certainly understand quality defenses, and it will be a great challenge to our offense, one that they’ll look forward to.”


  1. Les struggled to score against Bama's 3-4. He certainly DOESN'T understand the 3-4 defense. Les didn't adjust well to Bama's 25% 3rd down conversion ratio on defense, and will struggle don 3rd downs against Georgia's, was 3-11 on 3rd downs against Bama, Georgia is 3rd on country on 3rd down defense. Les' pass game didn't understand quality defenses, 2 interceptions, 90 yards, and his rushers averaged 3.6 yards a carry against a quality defense. Take away Sheperd, and they have no passing attack.Ware only rushed for 29 yards against Bama's 3-4. Ford is the back that plays bigger in big games, have to key in on him.

  2. Expect LSU to try and knock Crowell out of the game. Don't be surprised if they succeed. But Georgia will be ready. If Thomas and Samuel struggle, Branden Smith will move to back, Boykin will handle their #1 receiver, and Commings will step right in for Smith at corner. Williams and Rambo can handle safety. Need to have a plan if Crowell gets injured, he usually does.

    Garrison Smith filled in great last game for Tyson. Smith is a future All American, no drop off there.

  3. I would like to let everyone (barely speak English guy above, sports talk guys in Atl, etc) know that Sanders Commings is our starting CB. He has started over Branden Smith all year long. And I personally think he is a better complete corner than Boykin.

  4. In this game, stick Smith on offense. LSU run it 45x a game, only throw it 20x a game. If Smith is in at DB, LSU will run plays to his side because of his small size. Commings and Boykin are bigger and better tacklers. Nickle package owuld present some problem, but pretty sure Grantham could handle withou Smith just fine.

  5. One consistent thing you can say about Crowell for every game - he has the best seat in the house!