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Monday, November 28, 2011

Houston Cougars are more deserving of a national title game appearance than Alabama

Yeah, I said it.

And before you go all, 'But Sanchez, how can you say that?', read the title again. Note, I do not say Houston is the better team, or would beat Bama head to head. Because they aren't, and they probably wouldn't (without suspensions and a sleep walking Tide ala that Utah game two years ago.

But in the current system, where there is no playoffs, Alabama simply does not deserve to play in the big game. Not no way, not no how. If you don't win your conference, you can't claim a right to play to win the nation. Unfortunately, Flip Flop Herbie and the rest of ESPN's talking empty heads will spend all week talking about how deserving they are. Funny, because this is the same guy who said Georgia didn't deserve a shot in 2007 (right after saying Michigan deserved one in '06).

If LSU beats us Saturday, they obviously are 1/2 of the big game. Oklahoma St, if they can beat Oklahoma, should probably be the other half. Them or Virginia Tech are the most deserving of the conference champions. Why would they be more deserving than Bammer? They aren't better on paper, and would almost surely lose if they faced the Tide, but they at least won their conference. If they both lose Saturday, I think the spot should fall to Houston.

Houston, if they beat Southern Miss, will have at least won their conference in addition to going undefeated. They will at least shut up Boise about how the little guys can't get a chance, and LSU would be deserving of a sacrificial lamb in New Orleans in January.

If Alabama wanted to play for a national title, they shouldn't have lost, at home no less. But LSU already beat you once, on your own field. You don't deserve a rematch in the current system where it's proponents scream how the regular season is college football's playoff. If Alabama gets a rematch, just how important was that Game of the Millenium in the first place? It wasn't, because no matter who won, they'd have to play again. But Bama couldn't win, and couldn't make plays when they needed to. They have no one to blame but themselves, and LSU shouldn't have to beat them twice to get their crystal football.

If you think in the current system college football has for determining it's champion, that Alabama should play in the big game, you are either an idiot or a blind Bama homer. Houston Cougars are more worthy of playing in that game. I hope Va Tech or the T Boones win Saturday, jump the Tide in the polls, and keep an unworthy, unnecessary rematch from occurring. Because Alabama lost their national title shot when they couldn't beat LSU at home. You can't even win your own division, let alone your conference, you don't deserve to play for a title unless there's a playoff.


  1. I’m not an idiot or a Alabama fan. So I will dare disagree with you, at the risk of censure I’m sure. It’s your blog. Right? Okie State got beat by a team that has lost five games:= you wanna play for the crystal ball don’t get beat by a 5 loss team. You wanna play for the crystal make sure you are at least involved in a conference title game. Hear that Big 10 or 12 or whatever? Sooner or later the best teams in the land were gonna come from the SEC and we all can’t go to the dance. Or so they would say. I guess … it ain’t fair. Alabama loses by 3 to a zero loss team and Cowgirls get stuffed by a 5 loss team . Yeah not interested. This is the SEC and we beat each other up all season long. Sorry if others can’t hang with us and the best have to play each other now cause the rest can’t keep up. Show me the money give me my split and maybe the rest of those who want to play big boy college ball can keep up in 2012.

  2. The T Boones lost on a Friday within 48 hours of a tragic plane crash that killed likely friends of several teammates.

    And why does there have to be a conference title game? Can't simply winning your conference, especially in Okie St's case where they played a round robin schedule against every other member of their conference suffice? How many conference championship games did Southern Cal, Ohio St, Florida St, or Miami play for? Yep, a grand combined total of not a single one. And Ohio St often didn't have to play the second best team in their conference those years, unlike the T Boones playing everyone.

    And you cry fair? How fair is it for LSU, who already beat Bama in their own house, to have to beat them a second time to get a title they rightfully deserve? Does Bama winning in new Orleans prove that they were the best all along, when they couldn't even take care of business in their own house?

    Sorry, you wanna play for a title, don't lose, in your own house, and not even be the best team out of a group of a mere 6 in the SEC West.

  3. If Houston deserves a shot at the title then the Gamecocks, who beat all the teams in the SEC East including UGA, should be allowed to play for the SEC Championship. We did go undefeated in the East.


  4. Except you lost twice in the SEC. Georgia only lost the one time. We beat those same 4 teams y'all also beat in the East, plus if it weren't for a bunch of bullshit plays, we beat South Carolina (yeah, I'm pulling a Gamecock moral victory card here). But how about Auburn? Even with Lattimore, y'all lost. Georgia on the other hand took them didn't even take them behind a woodshed, we whipped their asses for everyone to see. Replay that game today, and the Cocks would be lucky to keep it within 20.

  5. Any SEC team with the same record as any other non-SEC school should always get greater consideration. Alabama should get back in. The real question is should a 2 loss UGA team that beats the #1 ranked LSU Tigers get to play Bama for the title.

  6. One could also be a blind SEC homer fan as well.

  7. LSU is much more worthy than Bama if we somehow win Saturday CC. Blind homerism aside, Bama does not deserve a rematch.

  8. "We've been saying all year long that LSU and "Alabama are the two best teams in the country," former Georgia coach Vince Dooley said. "With what they both have done to SEC competition this season, I'm not sure how you can put any team ahead of them in the polls."

    LSU is undefeated, and Alabama's only defeat was a 9-6 overtime loss to LSU on Nov. 5"
    Vince Dooley.
    Are we done yet?....


  9. Bama beat just 2 top 25 teams. CHild Molester St, and Arkansas. Add Auburn as a decent win, and that's it. At least Oklahoma St beat 5 top 25 teams.

    Bama's resume is a paper tiger. It's not real, and they feasted on weak opponents in Ga Southern, a decimated Auburn by the time they met, the two horrid Mississippi schools, and the weakest of the East. They didn't play Georgia, didn't play South Carolina, played 3 D-1AA schools out of conference, and are somehow this juggernaut? Let Georgia play that same schedule, and we'd be the dominant 1 loss force they are claimed to be. Look at their schedule, and tell me them being so great is anything more than unsupported words. It's similar to Michigan being the worthy foe for Ohio St in 2006. You're giving me a Herbstreit argument Homer. Seriously, look at Bama's schedule, and tell me what tough game they won? Arkansas at home?

  10. If we are gonna talk schedules......
    Houston? Houston! I didn’t think you were serious when you posted that. I thought that was another….. “ “Can’t you tell when I’m joking, stupid?” Moment … “I didn’t pay him any attention“…. But since we’re here…….

    Houston Cougars closest games…….
    They beat UCLA by 6 points… UCLA has 6 losses.
    La Tech they beat by a 1 point La Tech has four losses and is in the WAC
    Utep miners beat by 7 points Utep has seven losses and in CUSA. Miners?

    Fool me once shame on me…. I know you are gonna pull the Jokester Card on me….. I’m not biting! You want to watch another game like Georgia against Hawaii that’s what you get with Houston in the mix????? They should make you pay for the body bags.
    Just sayin’

  11. Sanchez,
    The same lame ass argument can be made for replaying the USC vs. Auburn game. We probably would win if we replayed it but we can't. But we still beat UGA’s ass in Athens Moral Victory or not. I don't care what your excuse is. It was a win for the Gamecocks and UGA didn't go undefeated in the East because of it. South Carolina did lose to Arkansas and shitty Auburn but we did beat everyone in the EAST (that includes UGA). UGA didn't play Arkansas, LSU or Bama congrats on beating the basement of the SEC West good luck on even covering the 13 against LSU. I can’t wait till yall start talking about firing Richt again. Tommy Bowden saved his job every year by getting one big win like Richt’s over UF, how’d that work out? Good luck in ATL my money is on LSU

  12. Houston is more worthy than Bama because of
    a) conference champ
    b) undefeated.

    Schedule is not the reason they are superior choice for the big game.

    Schedule IS the reason why Oklahoma St is a superior choice, in addition to also being a conference champ.

  13. Although if Oklahoma St loses to Oklahoma, yes, LSU deserves that body bag game more than having to beat Bama for a second time in a single season after already beating them in their own house.

    If the "regular season is a playoff", how does Bama warrant a rematch after being eliminated. If the "regular season actually matters for college football", how did that game matter one way or the other, or any other game this year for that matter. We could have annointed these two as #1 and #2 back in August.

  14. Fair enough King. But that is an entirely different debate than this one about the national title game. Comparing Richt to Tummy is a master stroke though sir, and I bow to you for it.

  15. @ Anon.. 4:09
    Before you get into the Georgia vs uSC dick measuring meme. Let me point this out. YOURS is SHORTER! Can't fix that with "ONE" SEC East win. Nope .... Cheerleaders will always find the Dawgs more attractive and you guys can coca doodle doo till the cows come home. We have tradition you have none. But I feel your pain. We good?

  16. Sanchez... don't get in a habit of bowing to any damn gamecock. K? Patton is probably wiggling right now!
    just sayin'

  17. Mr. Sanchez -

    First off, I'm exceptionally sympathetic to those who died in that plan crash. But do you really think that the men's football coaching staff/players hung out with the women's basketball staff? They likely don't even share an office building. And the players were especially unlikely to be social with the women's basketball coaching staff.

    I'm not saying it's not sad, I'm saying it's a sad excuse for losing to a 21 point underdog at home.

    If you watched the Alabama-LSU game, it was lost by razor thin margins. An Alabama pass was caught/intercepted on the LSU 1. It was called an interception on the field, and the replay wouldn't reverse the call. If it had been called a catch, it wouldn't have reversed the call either. It's one of the closest plays I've ever seen.

    This was an epic game, decided in overtime, between the two best teams in the country. By the analysis here, if UCLA (at 7-6) upsets Oregon they have more of a claim to be in the game because they won their lousy division/conference.

    I wrote a full post about it here:


  18. If, if if, and if Georgia had an effective offense, we might have beaten Boise. And if they hadn't gone brain dead on special teams vs South Carolina, they win that one too. If if if, but what happened happened.

    And since you are ignoring part of the argument for Oklahoma St, try naming the difficult schedule Bama faced. Be sure to start with Kent St, North Texas, and Georgia Southern. Inlcude the only 2 top 25 teams you faced, while ignoring the 5 Oklahoma St beat. The point is, you had your chance, and lost. Time for someone else to get their chance, teams that didn't blow it the first time they played LSU.

  19. Sanchez,
    You right. Why doesn't Oregon get a shot they lost to LSU and they beat Stanford. Okie State, Stanford, Oregon .....anyone but a rematch of a game I already saw. I'd rather watch a SEC champ destroy any Big 9 or Pac 14 team than a replay of a defensive game we've already seen. If those Bama fags get a re-do the SEC better have 3 teams in the BCS so we all get paid to swallow this bullshit that the best football in the nation is the SEC WEST


  20. -Sanchez

    "Houston is more worthy than Bama because of
    a) conference champ
    b) undefeated."

    This is so fundamentally flawed

  21. See the original start CC. That isn't saying Bama is worse, or wouldn't beat Houston head to head like a drum.

    It's "worthy" under the current system college football uses to determine it's champion. A system where there is no playoff, no wild cards, but attempts to determine the best team from day 1. If Oklahoma St and Virginia Tech lose Saturday, Bama does not deserve a rematch after losing at home, and Houston would be "more worthy" of playing in the big game so LSU can get the crown they deserve, instead of risking a fluke in a rematch against the Tide that screws them out of a title to a team that couldn't beat them at home, or even win their own division, let alone their conference.

  22. Don't know about Houston getting in, but I'm inclined to agree with notion that there shouldn't be a rematch. If the NC is about finding the best team in the nation, LSU has already shown it can beat Bama, in T-Town. It's also unfair to the players at LSU to have to play Georgia in the CG, when Bama doesn't have anyone else to play, and then play Bama again. It's also unfair to OSU, should they beat OU.