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Monday, November 21, 2011

How many TBs do we need in this class?

Time permitting, I'm hoping to put together a more comprehensive review of what we've got, and what we've got left to add, to the 2012 signing class. But for now, we'll have the open question of just how many TBs do we need to sign this spring.

Richard Samuel came on strong enough against Florida, but he's not exactly proven reliable in the past, and 1 game gives hope, but little confidence he can be the workhorse #1 this offense clearly needs. Or Aaron Murray clearly needs, as we saw again yesterday just how shaky he is without a running game to give him 3rd and short and reduce the pressure to carry the load, as well as open things down field when he pulls his Sexy Rexy impression, ignores the wide open man on the crossing route or dump off to say F*** it, I'm going deep.

Ken Malcolme has already proven unreliable, and with Crowell's constant injury issues, andCarlton Thomas' 3rd suspension on the year, you can't really count on them either, as we'd almost guarantee one of the 3 won't be back next year, if not 2, and the other is going to be undersized or severely injury prone.

That leaves diminutive walk-on Brandon Harton, and yeah, we'd like a little bit more when we're gonna have an SEC Champion caliber defense. So Keith Marshall becomes hugely important, just from a talent perspective. But he's undersized and as Crowell is showing, you probably don't want to rely on a freshman to immediately become a 20+ carry per game back against the physical SEC Ds we face week in and week out. Derrick Henry has the size you'd like, but we have to wait one more year for him. So we gotta add a couple extra. Todd Gurley lacks bulk similar to Marshall. Do we turn to an RJ Robinson, a bigger back from our JUCO friends at GMC? Aside from them, the pickings are getting kind of slim, and we're left with trying to turn an already committed player, like say Matt Jones, Justin Taylor, Kenno Loyal, or Imani Cross. Suffice it to say, Bryan McClendon has some work to do securing his position's depth chart.


  1. Would be nice to know the answer but until then... more importantly what's up with Crowell ankle and will CT be back to finish the drill. Bernie says CT may have zig his last zag (zig-zag papers.... pun intended) So who knows what we may bring into the fold. Right now ... we have a Nerd team to beat and a SECC game to win. We will deal with signing after we ....."finish the drill".
    just sayin'

  2. I thought I read somewhere that Gurley was around 210 or so and a national contender in the high hurdles. Maybe I got his size mixed up with someone else. In any event, he and Keith Marshall are clearly the best backs we have a legitimate chance to land.

    It is really frustrating to see IC on the bench for on the field problems and/or off field troubles. If he could have stayed on the field for 4 quarters in half of our games he would be at or near the top of the SEC in rushing.

  3. Anon,

    ESPN, Rivals, and Scout all list him at 190 or 195. He may have bulked up in the last few months and they never updated from his JR weight, and if so, that'd be a lot better. But at over 6' and under 200, that's gonna need some more junk in the trunk to handle an SEC pounding. Even at 210, which Crowell looks to be around, it's still hard to take the beating the SEC gives as a true freshman.

  4. Harton had a great block for a Murray pass.
    There has been no solid running back since Moreno left. Why? You have to question the how good McClendon is at finding and recruiting a TB. Bobo and CMR like play action passing, but the Dawgs run a lot vertically. Some of that is due to the scheme and the blocking scheme of Friend. Most RBs in high school are not hitched to a 6-2, 220 frame and slice the 40ty at blistering 4.0 to 4.2. Not with the schemes HS coaches run today. But if you look back some of the best RBs were around 190+ with speed and field vision. Crowell has that plus the 1st steps RPMs. They need to understand the days of a feature back are over with the current schedules, SEC defenses, and the number of plays being run in a game. No damn doubt about it...find a very good RB in this upcoming class of recruits. If he thinks he will sit, then he and his coaches need to look at some more of the Dawgs films. Do not think many will sit behind IC based on current development.

  5. We are still winning without a super star RB..We don't need one either.I really don't care who carries the ball or what his stats are as long as he or they are effective

  6. Thomas is done, if you can't do right when the team needs you get off the bus.
    Boo is done, he is not starting because the world is against him. Richt and company wouldn't want a superstar on the field, so that is why he rides the pine.
    UGA brings in two this year. Gurley and Marshall will be the TBs next year. Crowell will get pi$$ed because he is not starting and transfer in his third year and will be considered a bust. All he wants to do is go to the nfl and is biding his time until he can. Thing is once he gets the rep of being soft and not able to tote the rock, he might not get the chance. If he does stay look for him to have a great Jr year then go pro. Prima Donna pansy.