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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A look at what to watch for from Tech

We can make a guess that they'll run the ball a lot with their option, and like most of those teams it tends to lead to problems on defense, especially against teams that are effective passing since they never see it in practice. Tech has also lost 3 of their last 5, with wins against a choking Clemson and then barely beating Duke (who scored 31).

Their D has allowed over 25 per, but a lot of that damage has been running where they allow 4.5 per attempt and over 160 per. Having a full strength and ready to work Crowell goes a long way Saturday as it'll give us the horse we need to expose their weakness. If he can be ready to capitalize on an opportunity, it'd be a great day for Boo Malcome to make his mark, as he has the talent to produce a 100+ yd day too.

Aside from a massive TJ Barnes, their DL is undersized, so we'll see if that biggest in all of football OL of ours can get a push. In the least, they should be strong in pass pro handling a weak pass rush. But their corners have good size, and should be a challenge for our WRs. Murray has been hit or miss, usually based on a running game. When we run well, he has time, less pressure to produce, and more space to spot WRs. When we don't, he tries to win the game on his own, and makes mistakes.

Defensively, it's Stephen Hill and then the running game. They complete fewer than 6 passes per game, so it's not like they can do much, but when they do throw it's generally for big plays. Hill has 3 receptions go for over 70, and 9 of his 23 catches went 40+ yds. He's a big, great athlete, and I'd expect Brandon Boykin to be tasked with him on an island, with the occassional spell by Sanders Commings.

But being a altered wing T, they'll the ball, a lot. Keying on the guards is generally a good read on where the ball goes. B Backs Orwin Smith and David Sims provide the inside rushing game. If Geathers, Jenkins, Tyson, and Jones can control their line and own the tackle box, it'll go a long way in holding their offense down, and freeing up others to chase their QB and A Backs. Their OL is smallish, with only one player over 6'3, and just one at 300 pounds. But that's what they want with quicker, cutting blocks. We've got the size advantage in the trenches again, but can we use it while they chop at our knees? Senior Roddy Jones hasn't had a big year, but he's burned us plenty before. Smith will also play some A Back, as well as another small fry in Embry Peeples. Their leading rusher is jr QB Tevin Washington, but he's nowhere near the threat Josh Nesbitt was. But Os like this are all about discipline. Wrapping up, playing your assignment, and not overpursuing are critical to avoid getting burned. We've had our lapses there, particularly in wrapping up on tackles and not overpursuing.

It'll be a test on both sides, as it always is. Grantham's D has been outstanding against the run, but this is a unique rushing attack and by far the best we've seen all year. Our O should be able to put points on the board, but then they should have been able to put up a lot of them last week and we'll see just how well Murray bounces back and Bobo adjusts if we lose our rushers early. On paper, things look good. But paranoia overwhelms, and this game has lots of reasons to worry.


  1. Well, I didn't play in college, but since I personally ran (and defended against) the Triple Option (or a version of it) as a QB from age 8 (Wing T) thru high school (evolved into the Flexbone as we got older and could think), I have to throw in my two cents and CLEARLY STATE that we are going to have a LOT more success against it this year than we did last year, and here is why:

    The most basic tenet of defensive football is: "Take away the dive".
    Ya gotta take away the dive. Ya gotta take away the dive. Can't let em run the dive. Gotta plug it up, ya can't give em the dive.
    Over, and over, and over.
    Hey, 54, what's your first read? Dive. Damn right.
    And it makes sense... yeah Coach, I got it.

    Well, in the Flexbone (or any other Triple Option), it goes double... triple... Hell, x10!!!!
    Most people believe the TripOp uses the dive in order to keep the defense honest, so as to open up the outside.
    Incorrect. Totally. Utterly, completely, and undeniably erroneous.

    In actuality, it's the exact opposite. Fundamentally, everything else you do, every other play you run (midline, in/outside veer, counter-trap, waggle, et.al.) is, in essence, only used to pull defenders, even if it's just their eyes, and only for a second, away from the middle.

    Cuz why would you want to run around behind the LoS, make cuts, pull guards, lead block, throw passes, pitch the ball, and take all that risk, if you can reliably get 3-4 yds by simply telling everyone to block straight ahead while the QB executes a simple handoff to the B-back, who then runs straight upfield, with two hands covering the ball?????

    Establishing the ability and willingness to shove the B-Back down the defense's throat, on any down, any yardage, at any time, is the cornerstone that you build everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, upon. And, all things being cyclical in nature, the dive the intended end-result of everything else you're building.
    Running up the middle is the HOLY GRAIL of football.

    Now, last year, everyone ran it up the middle on us... Spurrier even laughed at us about it.
    And Tech gashed us. Cuz, while I love him to death, we had Tyson in the middle, weighing about 35-40 lbs. less than he needed to weigh to "take away the dive" without plenty of LB support on every play.

    We shouldn't have that problem this year. Therefore, if we stay disciplined on the outside and everyone stays home and does their job, we will do much better than last year.

    In fact, if we can hold those Jaloppy-rolling, douchebags to <200 yds on the ground, I will be the happiest Dawg on the planet.

  2. holy crap, I didn't realize how long that comment was... I should really get back to work.

  3. If we are counting on Boo having a 100 yard game we are screwed!

  4. Occupy Tech's backfield!