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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Newspaper bites: Ron Courson working the magic spray?

For starters, we've been a bit of a mouthy bunch for a while. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as I was a huge fan of the old Hurricanes who would talk a lot, but back it up. But we might be pushing it a bit far, saying our D is "better than [LSU's]"?

Don't get me wrong, we're really, really good. And while Chavis has been effective for years, I'd agree with Commings thought that we have the better coach. But the Bayous have been wrecking shop all season and possess speed, power and insane depth (thank you oversigning) at DB, LB, and especially the DL. It is that DL, particularly Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo off the edges that could give our fattest in all of football OL fits come Saturday and have some Georgia fans concerned for Aaron Murray's safety.

Seth Emerson also has great news on the magical works of Ron Courson. Dallas Lee may play about a month after breaking his leg? I wouldn't expect him to be in great shape, or capable of 75% of the snaps, but considering how thin we've been up front and how deep LSU is in the trenches, every extra quality able body will help. Crowell seems close to 100%, and we'll need our best natural ball carrier. A good day from him allows our big bellied OL to lean on LSU's DL, and guys like Bean to do what they do best and that's drive blocking instead of pass protecting. The prognosis is not so good on Richard the Intravenous, but if Crowell can get his usual 15-20+ carries (for all the grief the man has gotten for his durability and stamina, the man had a 30 carry day vs. Ole Miss and has gotten over 15 despite sharing snaps in every game he's been healthy and not suspended) we can deal without Samuel.

Best of all the injury reports may be Deangelo Tyson as "probable" according to Coach Garner. Even as bad as he might be, did anyone not expect the tough senior to sit out his only SEC Championship game? It may take a cortisone shot or two to numb the thing, but this kid is a gamer and will be on the field for this game. We'll need him too against LSU's power running attack, just like with Lee, as every quality able body will help.

And Year of the Dawg has all the twitterness. Best of the batch is Shawn "Honey Bun" Williams.

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  1. The Georgia defense has been better than LSU against common opponents. Period.

    Georgia has had a bunch of high pressure games in a "hotseat" season.

    Games 3-9, lose any of those and hotseat talk is on fire.

    Florida, lose that, and Richt's gone.
    Auburn, Richt had to beat a ranked team.
    Kentucky, South Carolina had won, had to win to stay on SEC East top
    Ga Tech, had to win to stay in the National Championship hunt, 3 losses would have kicked out

    Georgia is battle tested, and won 10 in a row, this game won't feel like pressure to Georgia.

    LSU got to the National Championship by winning the SEC in 2007, EVEN WITH 2 LOSSES.

    a 2 loss SEC Champion is better than an undefeated Houston or a 1 loss team from another conference.

    Last I checked, this is called a National CHAMPIONSHIP. Not a RUNNER UP SHIP. It should be a battle of the 2 best conference CHAMPIONS, not the RUNNER UP BOWL. If LSU or Georgia wins, they are the CHAMPION of the best conference in football and deserve a place in the CHAMPIONSHIP.