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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Penn State's Sanctions...You Will See a Major Bias from the NCAA

Pick an SEC school.  Any SEC school Georgia, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama, etc.

Now what if you had an assistant coach at that school who was bringing hard drugs onto campus and selling them to students.  Not just one student but multiple students.  Now what if the Head Coach, players, assistants, the AD, and even University officials not directly tied to the football program all knew about it.  Now imagine that they not only covered the crime up but they even went so far as to lie to law enforcement and give false testimony in front of a Grand Jury.

How long do you think it would take for the NCAA to give the death penalty?

I believe Bama was one vote short of the DP for the illegal recruiting of a DT from Memphis.  Yet for over a decade from the President of the University all the way down to players on the football team it appears their was a functioning cover-up that allowed a predatory sexual deviant to continue to shatter lives at Penn State.

What if this surrounded a legendary coach in the South?  How long would it take for the discussion of stripping him of wins to start coming up?  How long would take for the media to start demanding that the Head Coach be fired on the spot?  How long would take for the media to start demanding the death penalty? 

When a Southern school gets in trouble with the NCAA it is always for illegal benefits being given to players.  Now 99% of the time the kid who got the benefits was/is a dirt poor black kid from the South.  Now I am not going to get into the socio-economics or race relations of the South.  I am not going to get into the root cause of those socio-economic and race relation issues.  What I am going to say is this:
Giving money to a kid who has never had anything and allowing that kid to have the monetary support that he needs just to live while he is on your campus doesn't seem all that bad this morning, does it?  Taking a kid out of a vicious cycle of poverty and crime as opposed to shattering the lives of children.......now what will the NCAA do?  I hope they don't forget that while it is important to keep the purity of an amateur game in tact there are other things that are far more important.

Yesterday Matt Millen (a former Penn State LB) said how pitiful our society is if we can't protect our children.  I would say how pitiful is the NCAA if it fails to give the death penalty to Penn State.  How pitiful is the NCAA if they consider the crap they are always hounding schools about to be more important than what occurred at Penn State.


  1. The Big We Can't Count is nothing but a bunch of punk low life hypocrites. They point out the south and academics, yet guys like Terry Glenn and Andy Katzenmoyer get 0.0s at Ohio St and Clem Haskins has massive academic scandal at Minnesota. Oh, and they can't even have their name accurately reflect the number of their members. They get on us for NCAA sanctions, yet see Pryor and Ohio St or Kelvin Sampson at Indiana. They accuse us of taking football too seriously and placing too much importance on it. Yet cover up for child molesters to protect their football program's image.

    The Big Ten sucks, always has, always will. They are sore losers, and cheating, idiotic, child molesting hypocrites. They can take their unjustified arrogance and stick it in their ear. We'd have been better off if we won 150 years ago.

  2. Great comments. While we've disagreed on the Coach Richt topic, we can't MORE agree on this one. The NCAA is more worried about wasting their precious time worrying about AJ selling his jersey and Coach A picking up the dinner tab, that it missed the big things like children getting abused right under their collective noses. The whole system needs to be revamped. There are WAY too many scandals these days in College ball, more than in Pro ball. What a shame.

  3. I don't think the NCAA has jurisdiction here...

    I mean, unless any of the kids involved were student-athletes or prospects, the NCAA has no standing to claim that Sandusky provided them with any extra benefits thru their interaction.

    Furthermore, one could easily claim that there was a pre-existing relationship that would allow for what Sandusky gave them.

    And regardless of jurisdiction, I mean come on, it's not like he sold a jersey or bought a plane ticket, right?!?!?

    These NCAA rules are too draconian. I can't wait till NAMBLA gets a'hold of this...

    Free Sandusky!
    Vote JoePa for God!

  4. -KC

    If an asst. coach is involved in criminal activity and the HC and AD work to cover it up then yes the NCAA would have jurisdiction.

  5. Just out of curiosity what rule do you think the NCAA could use to try and get jurisdiction over this matter?

    Seems like when Baylor had basketball players killing each other and a coach covering it up the NCAA said there was nothing they could do. That might at least involve a benefit to an athlete (the one who did the killing...not the one who did the dying). Not seeing any benefits here.

  6. -Anon

    I do not know the rule book by heart but I am sure there is something in there that they can selectively enforce. The point is it doesn't matter because neither the media nor the NCAA would do anything anyway.
    Trust me when I tell you they only lowered the boom on USC and Ohio St. because they had no choice.
    If there is no "you can't commit a felony to help a coach rape kids" rule perhapse we should get on that one stat!

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  8. Yes anon, we've whipped whatever your crap blog has done to make you a constantly jealous little bitch.

  9. After reading this piece of garbage. I think the NCAA should give this website the death penalty!