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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reminder: Men's Hoops vs. Notre Dame at 7:45 on ESPNU

Fox's Dawgs look to bounce back after a terrible effort last night with the Fighting Irish tonight. Tip off in 2 hours.
We should have the athletic edge, in a big way. But they have some size, and shoot from outside extremely well. It'll all come down to how well we close on their shooters, and if we can actually drop some shots instead of joining the Iron Workers division of the AFL-CIO. I'm confident we can bounce back, but a loss tonight does not bode well for the season.


  1. Yes we won, but can we now say we are not a very good basketball team. If we are happy where we are, we keep the coach. If not, we give him one more year and then try to improve. JimDawginTexas

  2. Anon,
    Notre Dame under Mike Brey is consistently solid. Not good, not bad, and usually an NIT/NCAA borderline team. Beating them is a good thing. We are a young team and rebuilding, and Georgia basketball just isn't in a position yet to be what we're capable of being. Fox has done well so far. The next step is keeping elite recruits at home. I have ideas on how he'd do that, similar to how Brian Gregory of Tech is able to immediately come to town and do it. But the man is a good coach, with a good system, and has shown the ability to improve individual players. He has a lot more than "one more year" to get this thing going.