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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Urban Meyer to Take Ohio State Job......Also Urban Meyer Still Hates His Own Kids

A few years ago Urban left Florida for health/recruiting reasons.  Then he left again so he could spend more time with his children/because Tebow graduated.  Now after just one season at home with his kids Urban has decided that he hates them and will be going back to work.  Fatherless children tend to have self-esteem issues and turn to hardcore porn and drugs to obtain the Fatherly approval they never got as children.  I hope that the National Title Games that Ohio State loses to SEC teams during the Meyer tenure are well worth it as Meyer leaves the premier of "Two Pigs in a Blanket" and heads over to Ohio's State Correctional Facility for visiting hours.
Of course Meyer is denying the reports because an initial denial makes all reports that much more true.

On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for stupid Yankees who think they can win big with Yankee players.  God's Speed Urban because the spread worked out so well for Meeeechigan.  This time five years from now we will be getting ready for a Rich Rod coached Arizona vs an Urban coached Arizona State in the "Spread Illegal Immigrant Bowl".


  1. I want to gradulate Corch Irvin Meyers. Corch Meyers' Gata playas win its second NC-double-A BS BCS Championship Bowl. Game. Two Tylas. Go GATA.

  2. Oh, and one other thing.

    On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful the Congress lady from Florida, the Honorable Corrine Brown, matriculated at the ACK ademic powerhouse that is in Gainesville.

  3. CCRider = Bama / Saban lover

    CCRider = hater of all things (except Bama and Saban)

    CCRider = prick

  4. Anon @12:03 = Florida Gator lover

    Anon @12:03 = Jort wearer

    Anon @12:03 = Guido

  5. Its just a damn shame that you have to attack someone personally. The guy coached for a rival team and is well within reason to hate for that but when the guy retires to be with his family he should not be personally attacked like this.

  6. If you honestly think he retired to be with family, I've got a lovely bridge in San Francisco you might want to buy.

  7. Hey Goose reality check for ya here

    He rode the coattails of the baby jesus timmy, then saw he couldnt win without him so he bailed. No, he didn't retire for his family so before you start hatin on CC you should do some research on the Corch and you'll see what kind of a "stand up guy" he is