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Saturday, November 26, 2011

We still run this state!

Murray had a solid day. And the defense stood strong, especially in the second half.

Grantham is a great DC, absolutely great. His preparation, in game adjustments, everything.

Get your Les Miles on Ben Jones, and now we get ready for Les Miles.

And don't forget, Paul Johnson is a genius, he told us so himself. Never been a more perfect coach for those undeservedly arrogant, personality of sandpaper, assholes. The outsmarting himself timeout call on the missed FG that didn't count and was made was perfect.

And since we have a never ending supply of trash talking trolls, may I suggest y'all go have fun at stingtalk. Don't forget, they made fun of a man's passing away.

Mark Jones is still an idiot, and Ed Cunningham is even dumber. It's amazing how bad those guys are, and that some idiot continues to pay them to sound like imbeciles.

Richt has still won this game more than the last 7 coaches Georgia Tech has had, combined.

Georgia Tech has also been placed on probation more times than they've beaten Georgia in the past 20 years (since that 3 game abberation at the turn of the century was whipped out for violations).



  1. LSU -13.5 Georgia


  2. Am I the only one who hates watching games on ESPN? There are so many interruptions to update scores or to listen to idiots in the studio that the broadcast lacks continuity. I can't get the feel of the ebb and flow of the game itself.

    Often the broadcast goes back live just in time for the snap and I don't have a chance to see which players are in or what formation they're running. Maybe its just me.

  3. Its not just you. They have ADHD.

    I'd really like to just enjoy the game I am watching, thank you very much.

    College is not the same as the NFL. Fans who are watching a specific college football game may very well not care at all about games in other conferences.

    In the NFL, loyalties are not as deep so the general interest is much larger.

    ESPN needs to learn the difference.

  4. You nailed it about Mark Jones and Ed Cunningham. They are horrible.