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Friday, November 25, 2011

Xavier half time thoughts

Yep, a better version of Cal.

We've got some ability, especially on the defensive end, but we just can't sustain and have mental lapses. Offensively, we have issues. Primarily, we aren't good enough shooters to constantly settle. But that's what we do, take the path of least resistance and have the vast majority of our shots not attacking the rim. That's why we have far fewer free throws every game, not some ref conspiracy. The only player willing to go to the rim instead of shoot going straight up or fading away, is Gerald Robinson, Jr. And he has no sense of timing, or control, and chooses to attack the lane with his head down and 4 defensive players waiting on him.

This won't be a pretty year, but it will be an interesting one watching how the kids grow up and how Fox and friends deal with this adversity and the upcoming struggles.


  1. Give me a break. One consistent thing with Felton was that his teams could not score. Nothing has changed. If you like having a mediocre team, this coach is like you. Funny you do not like the football coach when he does the same.

    JimDawg inTexas

  2. Richt's mediocrity came 10 years in to his tenure. Fox is still in the building process. And if this team looks like a Felton coaached bunch to you, we are seeing different things.

  3. I will be interested to see how our "fans" react to a rebuilding year.

    Too many folks on the bench side only buy them for the Kentucky, Tech, Florida etc games, and even then many sell to the opposing fans.