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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas week bowl picks guaranteed* to win you money

We went 2-4 on our week 1 picks, so we took the holiday weekend off to get our regular season form back (or just got lazy and forget). How about we try and turn this thing around shall we? So without further ado, your picks guaranteed* to win you money.
Polan Weedeater Independence Bowl @ 5pm- Missouri -5 1/2 North Carolina
An ACC vs a soon to be SEC team. After the Butch Davis debacle, the Tar Heels actually made a bowl. Why? Because there's 875 bowl games, and the ACC sucks enough they won 6. Mizzou on the other hand actually beat a couple solid teams this season, and the Tigers are generally decent under Gary Pinkel. They win this and cover, or else we revoke their membership in the conference.

Tuesday the 27th
Little Caeser's Bowl @ 4:30 pm- Purdue -2 1/2 Western Michigan
That is a frighteningly low spread. Does Vegas know something, or do they just expect Western Michigan to do well against air? It's easy to score in pass skel, so we'll take the Broncos over a phantom, and just because Vegas probably knows something.

Belk Bowl @ 8pm- NC St -1 1/2 Louisville
The Belk Bowl? See above comment re: 875 bowl games. Since it's in Charlotte, we're gonna guess this is the former Meineke Car Care Bowl or the Queen City Classic. Since it's close to home, and Boring O'Brien always has a solid bowl game (or maybe the only one of his we paid attention to was a great visit to the Music City in 2001), we're taking the Wolfpack to cover.

Wednesday the 28th
Military Bowl @4:30 pm- Toledo -3 1/2 Air Force
Yeah, we're not going too deep on this one. Air Force is getting points in a bowl game for the Military. Go Zoomies, as the Falcons cover the points and get the upset win.

Holiday Bowl @ 8pm- Texas -3 1/2 Cal
The Golden Bears actually improved after a mid season swoon, and got some respectability back for the always underperforming Jeff Tedford. But in Mack Brown's last game before the Longhorns hire Nick Saban, Texas will send the old boy out on top. Plus, a team full of tree huggers can't be a southern dynasty, can they? Take the burnt orange to cover.

Thursday the 29th
Champ Sports Bowl @ 5:30pm- Florida St -3 1/2 Notre Dame
Champ Sports? I thought Academy bought all those out. Either way, this was a helluva game back 20 years ago. Now it's a matchup of who cares. The Irish had a pretty decent season checking them out, and so did the Seminoles. So while both teams are mediocre, it should be a pretty even matchup and a good game. We'll take the Seminoles just for family reasons.

Alamo Bowl @ 9pm- Baylor -9 1/2 Washington
The Sarkesians limped down the stretch. And there's no denying our love for RG3. But this is an upset special, with a team close to home for plenty of distractions, combined with a star getting fat on the rubber chicken circuit, and an easy overconfidence playing a team they'd think they can walk on the field and defeat. Take the Huskies and lay the points.

*-guarantee only good on Christmas Eve, between 4:30 and 4:49 in the morning, if you're on your way to Toys-R-Us to get your kid the last Transformer doll, and right before you go inside you get smacked upside the head with a brick


  1. 4-1 for the week with Thursday to go....not bad, not bad!


  2. So with just two games to go tonight, this week is a definite winner. Thanks for checking Tex. If I have time, I'll have a new batch tomorrow for the games Friday, Saturday, and Monday.