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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"It's a conspiracy PAWWL, Slive wants the Dawgs to win the East and hates poor ol' Carolina"

The Chicken Littles in Columbia are about to fill the Congaree, Saluda, and Broad rivers with their tears when the SEC schedules are offically released. Apparently, they lose Miss St to add Mizzou, not LSU. While we drop Bama, keep Ole Miss, and slide their precious (20 yr old) tradition of having Georgia open the SEC slate to early October.
Here's what Georgia's 2012 schedule would look like, assuming the above:
Sept. 1: Buffalo
Sept. 8: at Missouri
Sept. 15: Florida Atlantic
Sept. 22: Vanderbilt
Sept. 29: Tennessee
Oct. 6: at South Carolina
Oct. 13: at Kentucky
Oct. 20: Open
Oct. 27: vs. Florida in Jacksonville
Nov. 3: Ole Miss
Nov. 10: at Auburn
Nov. 17: Georgia Southern
Nov. 24: Georgia Tech


  1. We realistically should be undefeated going into the USCe game. Win there (with a little luck) and then pull off another against a down Florida and we honestly could go 12-0.
    If we do that, then none of the "haven't played anyone!" arguments will even matter.

  2. Opening the SEC slate at Mizzou is no bargain. They are very capable of beating us, especially at their place. That's one of 4 difficult games away from Athens.

  3. No October home games. That sux.

  4. I discovered this blog through www.thedawgbone.com links in the past year and have always enjoyed your humorous and often accurate takes on all things UGA. First time post.

    I also think that the Missouri game can be a bit of a trap game. They are going to be hyped to make a statement in their first SEC game and their fans will be very motivated as well. It will be similar to the Boise game in that they will be targeting us the entire off-season in terms of game-planning and motivation. They showed the capacity for explosive offensive plays in thier bowl game against a competent UNC defense (though a little unmotivated with coaching changes etc.)

    I feel that our defense will be much tougher on them and I'm very grateful for the Buffalo tune-up as we will be breaking in a few new starters on defense. However, we tend to start a little slow early in the year historically.

    I am trusting that CMR knows that this game will be a challenge and have our boys ready for the environment and that the results will be a lot different than the Boise game. Feel like this off-season will bring more positive changes as CMR is now showing the ability to respond to both staff and scheme weaknesses and adjust. I think the special teams will show great improvement next year. 2012 is setting up nicely!

    Go Dawgs!