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Friday, December 30, 2011

John Jenkins will be back with a goal in mind

And that goal will be giving Mark Richt's his first national title.

Him and Kwame Geathers will spearhead one helluva D if we keep Rambo and Branden Smith in the defensive backfield.


  1. I wish you were right. CMR could have LSU's talent and still screw the pooch.

  2. Lucky year and massive oversigning-based talent advantage aside, I think Richt is a better coach than Les Miles.

  3. 2 comments Sanchez -

    1) Richt is definitely not better than Miles. There is NO documented evidence to support. Better hair/tan - yes. Better looking wife - definitely. Better coach - no!

    2) Branden Smith in the defensive backfield? BSmith has accomplished nothng defensively since arriving in Athens. Can't tackle, can't cover and sure can't hit. (22 overall tacks in 2011 - Rambo, Commings & Boykin 50, 48 & 48 respectively) ST...maybe?? I laughed when I read this week he had submitted his paperwork to the NFL. Can you say FA?

    Love ya dude!


  4. 10 win seasons are in Richt's favor Tex, as is winning % among other "evidence". There's plenty of "evidence" in his favor. Miles has a national title, maybe 2, and some insane talent that often covers his insane calls thanks to a) the greatest recruiting spot in the country and b) oversigning cutting deadweight. I'll take Richt over Miles all day if you remove the built in advantages LSU has, and he's proven better throughout both of their careers.