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Monday, December 19, 2011

The kid is growing up, and the fans should cut Crowell a little slack

A lot of Dawg fans have been extremely angry with Crowell over percieved issues from his attitude, to his suspension, to his penchant for getting hurt, to his hair. But he's saying the right things now, as hew enters a critical off season where his competition will increase significantly, and the attention on him increases significantly.
And while we agree on the hair issue (see here, and here, among countless other similar tackles), a lot of the rest have been nonsense.
For one, he's a kid, and kids do stupid things. He's also a true freshman getting used to a very physical SEC style of play where players are bigger, stronger, faster, than he's ever seen and he's had to carry more than he ever had after sitting so many quarters at Carver-Columbus blow outs. And through all this, he was a freshman All-American, Freshman of the Year in the SEC, and with 153 yards against Michigan St, can become just the second running back in Georgia history to top 1,000 in their first year on campus (Herschel and his 1,616 in 1980, where Knowshon had 1,334 as a redshirt freshman and the great #7, Rodney Hampton, is 3rd amongst freshman rusher at 890 in 1987).
But the man is saying exactly what you want to here right now, with exceprts from Seth Emerson's article below.
"Crowell, speaking after Saturday's practice, said he welcomed Keith Marshall aboard.
"Really I'm happy to get another guy," Crowell said. "I thought we needed more running backs. So I think that's a good thing."
"I think I need to be more accountable, and just handle my responsibilities better," he said.
He was asked what he meant by accountable.
"For all my teammates and coaches, who are counting on me, to do what I'm supposed to do," Crowell said. "Just different stuff."
Crowell was asked how he would summarize his season:
"It's been a lot of ups and downs," he said. "I'm gonna remember the mistakes I made, the good things I did. How I've gotta stay in my mind, keep working hard, be the best teammate and person I can be."
"I've always gotta be aware of if somebody is watching, or not even if you do anything bad, if you're just pumping some gas, I'm worrying about somebody taking my picture," he said.


  1. Well said, Sir.

    Rodney Hampton is one of my favorite bulldogs. He didn't deserve to be on such lackluster teams. Basically carried the team on his back in 1989. A beast.

  2. who are these dawg fans who are "extremely angry" at Crowell? Maybe some are a little disappointed with the guy, for some of the reasons you cite, but Dawg fans, in general, are more accepting & understanding than you give them credit for. They're also loyal enough to the program & coaching staff that they don't bleat & bray loudly & incessantly about how CMR, CMB & co. suck & need to be replaced - contrary to bloggers who love to critique what they know little about & do so with the benefit of hindsight..
    Merry Kwanzaa & Happy Festivus.

  3. 88,

    You obviously don't read any other blogs on the Dawgs but us. Some, quite a few in fact, posted very angry rants about Crowell's season. But as Larry Donner kind of said,
    "Bitches bitch, always".