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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SEC schedule thoughts

We lose the bye week before the Cocktail Party, but to Kentucky while Florida has a much tougher test from South Carolina that week. The bye instead slides up a week, between @South Carolina on Oct 6 and @Kentucky on Oct 20.
As many rumors suggested, we lose the oncoming ama game, and keep our return match with LSU. Meanwhile, our primary competition for an SEC East title see much tougher West foes. Florida has their usual LSU matchup, with a trip to College Station to welcome them to the SEC on September 8th. Meanwhile, South Carolina gets a trip to LSU following their game with us, and close out with their usual Arkansas matchup. The Gamecocks have a killer October starting with us at home, followed by a trip to LSU, @ Florida, and then back home vs. Tennessee.
A lot of people think getting SC later in the year is a bonus, while we subscribe to the Greg McGarity theory of it doesn't matter when. Carolina usually weakens with depth issues as the season drags on, but so does everyone else, and that is lessened as they recruit better and better. This coming year, it might be a negative as it gives new defensive shot caller Lorenzo Ward a little more time to get acclimated. I'd say it also gives Bobo some game film to see how he runs things, but unfortunately that doesn't mean too much for him.

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  1. 1. Shows McGarity was full of hot air with all the talk about how scheduling a top 5 ranked Boise was the "right decision". Yeah, why didn't he schedule another one for 2012 early in the schedule?

    2. South Carolina is likely the only team that will end up in the top 25 at the end of 2012, so should win the other 11 games. Murray hasn't won a game yet against a team that ended up in top 25 (0-8 record), 0-2 vs. South Carolina, not going to change as Murray cracks in big games, remember last year's South Carolina game, ALL the turnovers Murray made in that game, wow, worst than his 3 turnover game against LSU.