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Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Finally Got Scheduling Right!

I assume you have seen the 2012 squedual...HERE if you have not. 

So we finally got this thing right and here are the highlights:

- Non-Conference-  Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Georgia Southern:  That is three sure fire wins.  No traveling to the other side of the country through multiple time zone changes.  No playing a decent team that bases their entire season on the one game against us.  Just straight cupcakeage baby!

- Conference- Under Spurrier the Gamecocks have started hot and fizzled out late.  Under Richt the Dawgs have started ultra-slow and finished strong.  The bottom line is Georgia is a bigger state, school, alumni base- an original SEC member, a wealthier, and more nationally recognized brand than South Carolina.  So we finally start to throw our weight around a little in the Birmingham office ala Alabama and get some things that we want.

Well played by Glorious Leader!  We hire a guy with Athens roots who learned how to schedule down in the swamp.  Could it be that we will finally stop shooting ourselves in the foot?  Not quite cause we still ain't over signing.


  1. CC, my only problem with the scheduling is that the cupcake scheduling devalues the worth of the season ticket. I don't like 75% full stadiums at kick-off against Cupcake U (or Vandy and UK). I would rather find an intersectional game with an ACC or Big East team (WVU, UNC, Clemson, or NC State) two of every five years to balance it out. What do you think?

  2. -edethomas

    I see your point but think about the worth of a National Championship Game Ticket with Georgia as one of the teams in that game. You have a better chance of getting that ticket with cupcakes.
    No matter what your non-conf line up looks like if you win the SEC or only lose one game to the team that wins the SEC then you get to play for all the marbles.
    In the SEC cupcakes are necessary....they give you wins, give your starters some rest, and allows you to look at your young players.

    "He who plays not cupcakes plays not for National Titles."~ CCRider from the Tao of Cold Blooded Sausage Making