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Monday, March 28, 2011

Review of Georgia Tech's hire for basketball coach = review of their football class

Brian Gregory? Yep, that deserves a "Ha ha!"

What Tennessee losing Bruce Pearl, turmoil in South Carolina, a weak hire by Georgia Tech who lacks local ties for recruiting, as well as no track record of producing NBA players or NCAA Tournament success, means either Mark Fox or Anthony Grant move into prime position to take their pick of the fertile Atlanta recruiting grounds.

What this means for Mark Fox? As said above, it opens a huge door for him to take advantage of with the critical 2012 recruiting class (which has more than half a dozen top 100 players nearby). Combined with the NBA labor situation being worse than the NFL's, that gives hope Trey Thompkins or Travis Leslie, if not both, may decide to stick around for their senior season instead of being locked out. It still requires work to be done, but Georgia basketball may be ready to explode. GATA Fox Hounds!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lessons in schadenfreude: Tennessee basketball and Bruce Pearl

Obviously, removing the most successful basketball coach in their history, especially one who brought in numerous Georgia high school talents, mostly from the fabled and always loaded Atlanta Celtics AAU program, is good for Mark Fox and his efforts to bring the Hoop Dawgs to a level they're capable of attaining. The complete clustermonkeyshow Mike Hamilton has going up in Knoxville is great for all haters of that ugly orange. But let it be known Vols, we're only here to help. Need a dynamic head coach who can unify your fanbase? Plus with the added touch of having a complete orange wardrobe? We've got your man.

Hey, we never said in what WAY he'd unify the fan base.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garcia....Smartest QB in SEC History?

The Southeastern Conference of College Athletics is better than all the other conferences for two simple reasons:

1. The SEC is far better than anyone at football and football is the only part of college that really matters, and

2. The 12 schools of the SEC have a disproportionately high number of hot girls.
Now when an 18 year old kid is making his decision on which school he wants to play football for these should be the two most important aspects of that choice. In the history of the SEC there have been tons of players who saw the first point as most important and tons who have seen the second point as most important. We at S&G would like to look a little deeper at these two factors and the players who put the most importance on each.

FACTOR #1- The Superiority of the Football:
Since the SEC is the best that means that the level of competition is the highest you can find. As a result- playing at a high level in the SEC is an indicator to NFL GM's that you are more likely to have success in the NFL. That means that you are likely to be drafted higher and therefore make more money.

This is SEC legend Peyton Manning and he understood this point better than anyone. While at Tennessee Peyton worked tirelessly to hone his craft. He studied hard in the class room and the film room. He was the first to practice and the last to leave. Being a diligent worker who was mature beyond his years made Peyton the #1 overall pick in 1998. He is a super bowl champion, has more money than he could ever spend, is a highly sought after spokesman for companies, and has a bright future post-football. Of course there is always factor #2.

FACTOR # 2- All these baby-doll princesses.

Hypothetically lets say you are a highly sought after 18 year old QB. You decide on an SEC school but when you get there reality sets in......you really aren't that good. Now you are good enough to be the starter but no one (yourself included) has any delusions of grandeur. You probably won't be drafted, you aren't good enough for the NFL, and your life will most likely be all down hill from this point. Luckily you have selected an SEC school and you have factor #2 to fall back on. Really attractive women aged 18-22 are most likely really stupid, superficial, shallow, and easily given to peer pressure. Now you add those characteristics of your female class mates to the fact that you are the QB at a place where football means everything and you just hit the poonaynay jack-pot! Garcia is not unaware of his short-comings, he knows he sucks. Most importantly he knows that the NFL knows he sucks. Garcia also knows that he is stupid, has no skills that translate into the real world, and his personality can best be described as "a major dick". Garcia knows that he will be hocking used Chevys in Spartanburg, South Carolina for the rest of his life. He also knows that he will be too lazy to be an aggressive salesman and will only be kept around as a side show on account of he was the QB that lead the Cocks to the slaughter of their first SEC championship game appearance. Garcia was faced with a choice: work hard to get better but still never be good enough for the NFL, or spend four years of his life earlobe deep in perky tits.
I think we all know what his decision was and in our heart of hearts we know he made the right decision.

"Oh, hey Coach. What's that? Meet you in the film room for a 6 hour session. Yes, I know that I have talent and that if I work hard the sky is the limit. Yes sir, I know that you are an SEC coaching legend and you can make me a great player. I'll be there."

"Hi, what's up aren't you like a football player or something? Wait a second shut the F up you are the quarterbacker aren't you. OMG my name is Brittany and this Shelly. Say your sorta cute you wanna go back to our room and do some jell-o shots?"

"Hey Coach, what's up bro listen I'm really sick soooooooo.......I think I am going to have to pass on that film session."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The STLSBSB: Final Four...

You've seen our calls of mostly chalk in 3 #1 seeds making the Final Four. The East can be found here, the Southeast here, the Southwest here, and the West here, since stupid blogspot formatting is stupid. Duke vs. Ohio St and Kansas vs. St John's are the picks to make it to Houston. And since as the name indicates, this bracket is sure to look stupid by Saturday, we'll make it short and sweet. Ohio St is solid, but the veteran Dukies and Nolan Smith take them in our opinion. Smith and Singler are stout, with quality role players around them. Add back a healthy Kyrie Irving by the time April rolls around, and you've got a dominant team capable of taking out the Buckeyes, who can't beat a southern team in a championship/near championship game without intense shadiness (see Tressell's "FBI" excuse, the NCAA's inexplicable delayed suspensions of Pryor, etc, or Maurice "the Mossad is coming to get me" Clarett). We like St. John's to make the Final Four, but don't think they are good enough to beat a stout and well rounded Kansas squad. Kansas has the goods inside and out, but Duke has the experience and in spite of a national title on his resume we still think Bill Self has a bit of flakiness to his game. So we'll take Duke over Kansas, 77-69 to repeat and solidify Mike Krzyzewski as ESPN's golden boy for life. We hate Duke, and hate picking them, but there's your Sure to Look Stupid by Satuday selections. Now go make that money off all your co-workers and friends.

The STLSBSB: West Regional....

Last but not least, is the West regional with defending national champs Duke. We hate the Blue Devils, but are big Nolan Smith fans, and as you'll see below, we think this region is the upset bracket. We have a mancrush on Josh Pastner as you can probably tell by the bracket, and think he knocks off Arizona, and then Texas to become the hot young name in coaching and mentioned for every job opening out there until he takes a big name spot. He's a baby, but the kid works as hard or harder than anyone out there. Tennessee and Michigan should be an awesome opener for Friday's games, and we'll call the Vols in a buzzer beat before Duke takes them out. Missouri's modified 40 minutes of hell is enough to drop Kemba Walker and UConn team that has been fraught with turmoil for what seems like a decade now,. Temple is always a tough team come tourney time and Fran Dunphy is a strong coach. San Diego St may have a beast in Kawahi Leonard, but we think Steve Fischer is a liability, they've feasted on weak opposition, and willl get bounced early by the Owls, who'll fall to the Tigers in the Sweet 16. Bracket below:

Round of 64

March 17-18


Round of 32

March 19-20


Reg. Semis

March 24-25


Reg. Finals

March 26-27


National Semifinals