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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tressel's Firing- What It Means to Dawg Nation

I do not enjoy taking a big ol' dump on someone when they are down unless of course that someone is Ohio State. Just a few random thoughts before I link this deal to Georgia.

- As bad as the media wanted Auburn.... in the end they had to pour gasoline on one of their baby doll programs and lite the match. Good thing ESPN will still have Boise State to talk about.
- When you paint yourself into a moral corner like the Big Twelvinie has done you have to chuckle at the demise of their elite program.
- Ohio State hired a hit man and then couldn't stand the site of the dead body. You wanted to be elite this is the price. Learn to manipulate the rules better.
- Has anyone at ESPN taken Herbie's belt and shoelaces yet?
- The Big Ten.....one day maybe you'll get more than the answers to the test right.

Moving on.

First let me say that the collapse of Ohio State benefits Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska more than anyone. The inexplicable voodoo mind control that Tressel had over programs that are actually pretty good is over. Nebraska expected minimal resistance by Ohio State to their take over of Big Ten football and now none stand in their way.
As for the possible replacements for Tress:
1. Urban Meyer- 0.00% chance he takes this job. He chose Florida over Notre Dame (his dream job) in o6--why? Simple, he knows you can't win in yankeeland. He now has 2 National Titles--why blow all that good will at Ohio State. It will 3-5 years of sanctions, 3-5 years before they recover from sanctions, 3-5 more years to install the spread, all the while taking people further and further from the memory of his glory days at Florida. On the other hand he can wait 4 more years for Kelly to install a spread at Notre Dame, get fired, and swoop in at ND and save the day. ND will be so desperate they will agree to pay him out the butt and lower their academic standards.

2. Bo Pelini- 0.00% chance he takes the job. Why go to Ohio St- 3-5 years of sanctions--3-5 years to recover from sanctions- 3-5 years to get back to elite status. Bo can stay at Nebraska and dominate the Big Ten tomorrow not in 9 to 15 years.

The Fighting Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls are not going to give some 19 year old assistance named Pickle the job. So in 2012 the hunt will be on for a straight edged, solid, trust-worthy, Christian man who can restore a sense of pride and honesty to a shattered program. A man with a track record of success in the past. A man who will run only the most vanilla of offenses. Might we make a suggestion......................................................................................

If we don't fire him y'all could always offer him about 5 million a year. Its really a bargain Ohio.

During his march to the sea General Sherman, an Ohio Native, said " I will make Georgia howl." He did just that. Committing more war crimes and atrocities than the U.S. army in Vietnam and George W. Bush's administration combined (if of course you consider keeping America safe a war crime). What sweet revenge it would be to pay back a debt we have owed Ohio for many years.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Did Andy Landers replace David Perno when I wasn't looking?


Much like with woman's hoops, the NCAAs saw fit to make Georgia travel across the country to play in the tourney, with countless closer locales ignored. They'll head to Corvallis, Oregon where Creighton, Arkansas-LR, and host Oregon St await. Both Creighton and Oregon St have made noise in recent years, with Oregon St winning a College World Series a few years back. As said in the link by T. Kyle King, if the Dawgs are lucky enough to survive this gauntlet, they can face the winner of Vandy's regional. The good news is, after dropping their first four away from home, the Diamond Dawgs have pulled off a 13-11 record away from Foley Field, and are 3-0 this season west of the Mississippi.

Goodbye Cheaty McSweatervest


That's right, Jim Tressel resigned. Former player and co-DC Luke Fissell is slated to take over, and anyone who thinks that means there'll be a change in the way Ohio St does business is fooling themselves. Despite all the Big We Can't Count's holier than thou talk about how clean they are and how dirty the SEC is, it's never been anything but talk. Their marquee program has been swimming in mud like Auburn or Clemson (and since Clemson is just Auburn with a Lake, maybe that makes Ohio State Auburn with Yankees?). See Andy Katzenmoyer, Terry Glenn and his lovely 0.0 gpa, Maurice "The Mossad is gonna get me" Clarett, and the current mess. The talk of players getting free cars has been going on for years. Their basketball program got slapped a few years ago under Jim O'Brien. So they "clean house" by staying in house. Well done Ohio St. We can't wait to see how much money you throw at Urban Meyer come December. But either way, don't expect them to clean up their act anytime soon. Or the NCAA to ever do anything about their baby's crooked hypocrisy. Nor will they ever beat an SEC team without NCAA help (does their decision to allow Pryor, etc to play in the bowl game look any less like bulldung now?).

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congrats to David Perno and the Diamond Dogs...

We've admitted we were wrong, and now Perno's pups have pulled off a miracle. Staring at a .500 record at best, with their NCAA hopes hinged upon getting a better than .500 record, the Diamond Dogs needed to beat defending national champ and #1 South Carolina, and if they pulled that upset, then knock off #3 Florida.

Well, they did it, and now we'll visit some southern school in a regional next weekend. Well done gentleman, well done.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


South Park is one of the funnier shows on television and has been for some time to me. I also think it's a pretty intelligent show and when they want to rip a situation they tend to do a pretty good job of it. If you've got 20 minutes to kill, how they rip the NCAA is pretty damn good to me, and an accurate, comical description of their hypocrisy in their "amateuer" status. Bravo gentlemen on another beauty, bravo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So close, yet so far away...

yesterday, we pointed out some of the improvements within Georgia's football program. The lack of arrests for months is certainly a great start that players seem to be getting it through their thick heads that downtown causes problems, alcohol causes problems, and you need to make sure your driver's license is current and not suspended.
But there's a major issue right now regarding player/scholarship usage that shows while Richt may be learning a little, he's still a bit slow in coming around. AJ Harmon recently declared his intentions to transfer, which brings about a multitude of issues. One, is Georgia now sits around 5 scholarships short of the 85 allowed by the NCAA, and that's with a summer left for a little more attrition.
When the S&C changes were made last winter, we said a good sign of improvements would be lesser players moving on as they proved incapable or unwilling of the increased expectations. Unfortunately, Richt likes to play the "I'm better than you" card by not "oversigning", even though that puts his program at a severe disadvatange on the field. We may get lucky and have space for Denzel Nkemdiche, a good looking S prospect who is late qualifying and has a superstar younger brother almost certain to follow him wherever he goes to school. But we only needed one open spot to have room for Denzel, not 5. Just how many kids could have impacted this program, either next year or beyond, that we turned away on signing day because of a supposed lack of room? We're claiming tight numbers on a solid 2012 class too, in spite of the obvious situation where 3+ spots WILL open up sometime between the first Wednesday in February 2012 and when practice starts that August. Why doesn't Richt realize how fluid this situation is, and sign accordingly to give imrpove his program?
Also, the loss of AJ Harmon further weakens an already shrinking OL depth chart, that lost probable starting LT Trinton Sturdivant to another knee injury (and we wish Sturdivant all the best in his future, and health as good as the Lord will allow, whether he wants to go for a guaranteed-to-be-granted 6th year or not). But losing Harmon, as well as Sturdivant, all but assures Bean Anderson will start at either RG or RT. So why again did our projected starting RG or RT spend last year working with Rodney Garner and the DL in practice? What a great way to prepare him for a senior season starting at the only place he's seen the field since arriving on campus. When Bean reminds us how much he struggled understanding assignments and responsibilities as a freshman and sophomore, we'll be glad he spent a year learning the defensive playbook.
Will Friend's current unit now looks like Cordy Glenn, Kentarious Gates, and Ben Jones as locks, with Bean, Chris Burnette, Kolton Houston, Austin Long, Brent Benedict, and Dallas Lee competing for the other two jobs (that is if Glenn, Gates, and Jones get lucky healthwise all season), as none of the incoming FR project to be immediate contributors (Ward and Debell need weight, Dantzler has the size but doubtful he has the feet, and that's if twitter-inspired signs of a problem player don't take him out, maybe Andrews or Long can help inside but both would greatly benefit physically from a redshirt year and are probably not ready to play now unless we're willing to sacrifice their shoulders on the altar of Bartley Miller and Josh Brock). But wait, I've got just the solution for Richt and Friend. We should move Kwame Geathers or Arthur Lynch to the OL for a single season, then move them back to their natural positions within 12 months of their failure to produce with the big uglies. It's worked countless times in the past, and they can share horror stories with fellow linemate Bean, and soon-to-be-a-TB-again Richard Samuel (just wait until Caleb King has another mishap or Carlton Thomas gets crushed working an inside iso in August).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Putting the Program to the Louisiana Test.

If you actually know what the real Louisiana test is then we are speaking the same language. If you don't know what it is then you may need to check your Southern credentials. I was inspired to write this based on a comment exchange I had yesterday with the ever wily and elusive Anonymous. The dispute that we had was on the topic of if the SEC is stronger now than it was when Richt first arrived. One of the linchpins of my argument (that the SEC is far stronger) was the LSU program. In fact the Georgia and LSU programs are very similar and have found themselves facing very similar problems over the years. I want to take a closer look at each program and find out why they have 2 National Championships since the Richt era began and we have none.

LSU and Georgia both play in the SEC. LSU is in the West and up until just recently the West has been a bit of a wide open place. In fact since the last expansion in 1992 the West has sent five of it's six teams to the Championship game. In contrast Georgia is in the East, and the power base there is far less diversified. Florida represented the East in the first five championship games. Tennessee then had the honor for two years and right back to Florida for two years and then once more to Tennessee. So in the first ten years of the existence of the Championship game it was Florida seven times and Tennessee three times. It took eighteen years before one of the three "have nots" (South Carolina) broke the control of the big three in the East. The traditional big three-little three in the East was broken last year, and in recent years the West has settled into a big three (LSU, Auburn, Bama) in-between one (Arkansas) and little two (Ole Miss, Missy St). In the Richtian era we can say this about LSU and Georgia-each has faced consistently equal or superior competition from two schools in their division and each has seen the rise of a lesser program (Arkansas and South Carolina) in their division. Equally each has seen a former door mat become competitive (Missy St. and Kentucky) and both have seen terrible programs stay terrible (Ole Miss and Vandy although Ole Miss did have two decent years under Eli Manning). In this both LSU and Georgia seem equally yoked.

LSU and Georgia are both located in the deep South (which is where all the talent is). Each is bordered by at least three other states (Georgia has a fourth). Each has a much smaller and less talent rich state to the east (Mississippi and South Carolina), and each has the ability to go into this smaller state and take the top tier talent. Each has a similarly sized but far less talent rich state to the north (Arkansas and Tennessee) and those State schools always try to poach talent from their Southern neighbors. Georgia has the top talent producing state at its Southern boarder and LSU has the second best talent producing state at its western boarder. Both LSU and Georgia have pockets carved out in these neighboring talent rich states by which they garner players. The big difference in geography lies in the fact that Georgia has Alabama as a fourth bordering state. Alabama is home to two major SEC programs and both Alabama and especially Auburn have pockets carved out in the state of Georgia. This is a hindrance that LSU does not have and therefore Geographically LSU has an advantage.

Georgia is the fourth best talent producing state in the country and LSU is the fifth. Both programs could build National powers based solely on in-state recruiting. LSU controls the state of Louisiana. LSU has 99% of its in-state talent on lock down. Georgia does not. The reasons for this are numerous but here are a few.
1.LSU has no major in-state rival to compete with.
2.LSU has a very unified population. Yes they have a major city but the people of New Orleans aren't all that different for the rest of Louisiana. On the other hand you know the old saying in Georgia--"There are two Georgias...Atlanta and Georgia". The large Atlanta based population is a transiate population. There are a lot of Yankees and other non-Georgians. In short there are more people in Georgia but fewer people with state loyalty than Louisiana. In this LSU has an advantage.

Poor Coaching in the 90's
LSU and Georgia each placed their fortunes in the mid-90's on coaches that had been very successful at smaller schools. Donnan could recruit but he couldn't beat Florida and Gerry DiNardo was just awful. Then enter Saban and Richt. Each had to change the culture. Each had re-establish control of in-state recruiting, each was asked to awaken a sleeping giant. Saban did it by 2003. Upon Saban's departure Les Miles walked into a golden job. While he has had his own struggles he has won another Nat Title and continued to dominate in-state recruiting. Richt looked well on his way but then something happened. Richt couldn't quite get over the Florida hump. While the demise of FSU in the early 00's and Tennessee in the mid to late 00's opened the door for greater control of in-state recruiting Richt failed to lock it down. Instead Auburn entrenched itself deeper into west Georgia, Alabama got Saban and started beating at the door as well. One has to ask how much longer will Tennessee stay down? Doesn't Jimbo Fisher look to have FSU on the come up? Hasn't South Carolina begun to close the talent gap between itself and Georgia?
Richt did a marvelous job on in-state recruiting this year. Georiga was very LSU like this year but when Richt arrived in 01' the biggest poachers of in-state talent were Tennessee and FSU. Those teams have been replaced with Bama and the Barn. However, UT and FSU will be back. Georgia could be looking at a scenario in five years where they must fight Alabama, Auburn, Florida, FSU, and Tennessee for each and every recruit. Add to that the sudden improvement at South Carolina and Georgia could no longer be in play for top SC talent. In this LSU has an advantage because the two replacements that LSU has had since DiNardo have taken the program to the pinnacle of college football while Georgia's one replacement has plateaued short of the peak.
So much to the delight of Anonymous (wherever he is) I must admit that Richt has had a few more encumbrances than the HC at LSU...but Richt is also the reason for a few other encumbrances. Perhaps it is a bit unfair of me to expect Gerogia to produce at the same level that LSU does. Perhaps LSU is just in a better position to win with more consistency. However, if you placed any of the SEC schools against LSU in this sort of head to head comparison I will bet you that LSU would win those as well. Conference, Geography, and In-State Population may actually make LSU the best job in the world. I would argue that of all the other schools in the SEC Georgia is the closest to LSU in terms of natural advantages. Yet South Carolina won the east last year, Auburn the National Title, and before that Bama, Florida, LSU, Florida, etc.
How does a team like Auburn with none of these natural advantages surpass Georgia? Why are Auburn and Alabama placed among Florida and LSU? Alabama is not a top five talent producing state. Alabama is equally encumbered with boarder state schools. Auburn and Alabama share this state while Georgia has the minor inconvenience of Tech which is a far inferior school athletically. Georgia is in a better position to win at the National level than Auburn or Alabama based on these natural advantages. Sure you can say "Well Auburn and Alabama beat LSU and Florida too" and you would be right but LSU and Florida each have two National titles in the Richt-era. Florida and LSU will also continue to be listed among the elite teams in the Nation while Georgia has fallen off the map in the past couple of seasons.
I have made the point in the past that Georgia has fallen short under Richt. Just because we are better than we were does not mean we are where we want to be. LSU has been in the same place that we were at the same time and they have two National Titles. We still have none under Richt. We enter the 11th season under Mark Richt and we would love for him to shut us up and win a National Title. On the other hand how much longer will Richt-O-Philes ask us to stand pat and watch other programs (some with more natural advantages and some with fewer) raise the crystal football if we win 6 or 8 or 10 games and go to yet another non-BCS bowl?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Peeling Back the Curtain on the Mighty Oz and them 96 Wins.

White suit? Front Porch Sitting? You sir look a little too indicative of the Ole South, and are
therefore banned from all Ole Miss sporting events!

The boys over at Hedges to Hardwood are snooping around a dirty little secret that we, along with Mark Twain have known for years. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics !
An issue we have covered at great length:
and here

Look we really like the H2H blog. We respect what they are trying to do....give a non-partisan analysis of the Richt era and the record that so many Richt-O-Philes clutch in their arms as they sleep at night.
96 wins is a whole lot of wins.......but 0 ain't a lot of National Championships. In fact since the beginning of Richt's tenure the following teams from the SEC have won the SEC championship:
Now juxtapose that list with this list....here are the SEC schools that have won a National Title since the beginning of the Richt tenure:
Do you notice who is conspicuous by their absence in the second list?

Georgia has lost two non-conference--non-Georgia Tech games under Richt. Elite teams do not lose these games (of course elite SEC schools also have no business scheduling at Colorado, at Oklahoma St, and Boise State games). Richt has lost to Vanderbilt......case closed he lost to Vandy. Vandy doesn't even have an athletic department and they play their home games on a middle school field and Georgia has lost to them. Richt has lost more than once to Kentucky. Richt has lost to Mississippi State. Richt has lost to Arkansas. RICHT HAS LOST A BOWL GAME TO A CONFERENCE USA TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be very careful over there H2H because you may unearth the dirtiest little secret Athens has to offer......The record is all smoke and mirrors. Richt's success came during a period of transition....Saban was leaving LSU, Bama was at it's lowest point ever, Auburn was fighting against Tuberville, Florida was transitioning out of the Spurrier era, Fulmer was slipping in Tennessee, and South Carolina was lost in the wilderness that is Lou Holtz's mind.

A Saban fueled Bama team, a well stocked LSU team in-spite of it's insane HC, a well paid Auburn team, and an Arkansas and Missy St. with excellent HC's in the West-----A South Carolina with a non-retard at HC, a Florida team that is (well all Florida has to do is wake up in the morning to beat us), and a stabilizing Tennessee team. The SEC is as strong as it has ever been. There is no more low hanging fruit. There are no more teams (other than Ole Miss) that will get in their own way.
Richt is nearing the end of his grace period. His Fabian strategy of delay can't possibly be accepted anymore. No more transitioning to a 3-4 defense despite not having the personnel to do so in an attempt to create an excuse for poor performance "Well you know it will take time to get the 3-4 down." This is the SEC and the only thing you don't have the luxury of is time. No more recalling past glories because with every day that passes the memory of such past deeds fades a little more. Richt has this year and this year only to do something special. Let's be honest his record was great and it bought him a pass on a 6 win season with an ugly bowl loss to Central Florida.
Have we seen changes? yes. Can he salvage this thing? yes.
However, a new S&C program after 5 years of an obsolete one puts us behind the eight-ball when facing other SEC teams that did not have HC's and AD's that let S&C and Nutrition go for so many years. S&C is a process of building a little more every day on the work from the day before. Other SEC schools have a huge lead on us here. Finally pulling in that elusive dream-team from Georgia is great....but that should be the norm at Georgia not a gimmick for a lame duck coach. Freshmen can help but Freshmen will not win against the experienced gladiators of the SEC.
As for H2H keep up the good work...don't wear the rose colored glasses...demand that Georgia be all that it can be....and don't be fooled by the record.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why UGA (and all major colleges) should require all athletes to get off twitter, facebook, etc...


See what Swann said, or Stafford's pics, or countless other social media related screw ups by athletes. Get them off, all of them, or else they run. Mark Fox made a mistake the other day, and he will regret it if he doesn't revert to the banning. There is nothing good that can come from those athletes being on these sites, only trouble.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


We here at S&G whole heartedly endorse this thread, and applaud the many fine ladies and gentleman who made it happen.
Also, Fuck Clemson.

UHHHHHH! Excuse Me? We are the Guys who Panic and Call for Richt's Head.

"We talk the Richt smack around here, IF YOU WIIIILLLLLL!"

We have worked very hard to be the super-dickish blog that bad mouths Mark Richt. It has earned us the ire of Pee-Pee Dawgs Georgia over. It has gotten us banned from certain web-sites. We have given the sniveling, weak, masses a target by which to finally arise and vent their frustrations. It has also made us the Cold-Blooded Sausage Makers loved, hated, respected, and feared for our superior ballseyness.

Just as we predicted so many months ago....DawgNation will soon owe us an apology. It would appear that others are jumping on the Sausage Maker's Band Wagon. As to the good people over at H2H welcome to reality. Now, be careful because spineless cowards now have a little thing called e-mail and they feel secure in saying what they want via e-mail. You can expect other Dawg Blogs to get a "flood" of e-mails demanding you be removed. You will also see the following comments from some dude named Anonymous:
1. You are all really Georgia Tech fans
2. You are not Bulldog fans
3. You know nothing of football
4. You are all terrorists, etc.
While I don't think an ineligible Caleb King will be that damaging, no JJ at DT would undo the entire Richt turn-it-around formula. Remember all we need is that big NT and everything else will fall into place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your Newest Great White Hope from the Big Ten is.....

It is now looking like the NCAA may actually have to do something with ESPN's baby doll program, THE Ohio State. It also looks like they tried their hardest to be an SEC school but with two major problems:

1. They lost National Title games, and
2. They got caught cheating.

The University of Auburn is still shaking their heads at you Ohio State. With the fighting chocolate covered peanut butter balls facing imminent sanctions, the Vest looking like a man soon to be jobless, and Urban Meyer NOT coming to the white trash capital of the universe OSU is in dire straights. So what overly white team will ESPN hitch their collective wagon onto? Drum roll please dddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........

The Wisconsin Badgers! (ahhhhhh..ahhhhhhhh.ahhhhhhh..and the crowd of honkies goes wild).

So why the mighty Badger. Well they actually play big O-line, big tailback, super slow football better than anyone. Also, they have been tremendously successful against the SEC in bowl games due to the knuckle ball effect. When you get a steady diet of 98 mph gas and then suddenly a properly executed 42 mph knuckler it throws your timing all sorts-a off. So here is what you need to know about the Badgers:
1. Giant Honky O-linemen- Wisconsin has em and they know how to use em. SEC defensive units will have to tighten up and have a true Middle Linebacker on the roster to stop them.

2. Brett Favre used to play in that State- when not busy romancin the ladies and throwing football's into orbit Favre played for the Packers. None of that nancy-boy, hippie lookin, fairy kid Rodgers. This was back when Favre was in Green Bay and men were men and the women were proud of it.

3. Donna Pinciotti lives there- In Point Place, WI which we naturally assume is a real place cause the talkin' box told us so. That 70's show was the greatest TV show of all time because it was set in the 1970's (which was when all the best movies had Burt Reynolds in them), has a character named "Red" who was based on CCRider's Father, and it had this tall red-headed drink of water. M-E-O-W!

Ealy Gone and Richt Attempting to Re-earn Our Love

Richtie-Poo in happier days of long ago lore.

Well- well- well I spy with my little eye that CMR has shown the door to an under performing, undisciplined, lazy player. Good job Coach. Naturally we called for this weeks ago but better late than never.

- Lock Down in State Recruits, Check
- Make Changes to S&C, Check
- End the culture of laziness and self-entitlement, not a check just yet but this is a big step in that direction.
- Win more games, pending

We see you trying so hard over there CMR. Keep this up and we just may love again sir.....we just may love again.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Twelvine Country is a Sad, Bitter, Cold Place

There are few things in this world to be more greatly pitied than an ugly girl who doesn't know she is ugly. They live their entire lives as a lie. You say to yourself "she has to know how ugly she is, right?" but alas she is truly in denial. Thus is the case with the Big Ten. Like ugly girls that think they are hot the Big Ten has this inflated sense of self-worth that is totally unjustified. The popular sports media also plays a role in this problem as the media itself acts much as the parents of the ugly girl--as enablers. You see ugly chicks are told their entire lives how attractive they are by their parents in an effort to over compensate for the horrendous mixture of genes that created their wolley-booger of a daughter.
However, if you look closely enough you will see that the ugly chick knows, sub-consciously, that she is ugly because she will lash out against attractive girls. Ugly chicks hate hot chicks. They talk crap about them all the time, pick a part their most minor flaws, and call them names like slut, and whore. Therefore you can naturally see the analogy here. The SEC is the hottest chick in town and the dog-faced gremlin that is the Big Ten hates the SEC. The Big Ten is always trying to get all the other average to ugly girls (ACC, Big 12, PAC 10, Big East) to hate the SEC as well. The Big Ten passes notes in study hall about how the SEC "isn't very academically strong, or aren't really research facilities, or don't have high academic standards" blah, blah, blah. "What's that ugly girl you got more questions on your test right than the hot chick? Well that is good because you are going to have to work for everything you ever get for the rest of your life while the hot chick will most likely be given everything she wants by virtue of her hotness."
I love how hope will spring eternal for all the Big Ten and Big East guys over at ESPN for the next few months. They will laud the flaws in the SEC for the next few weeks. They will say how the SEC is weak in terms of Quarterback talent. They will point out how the traditional big three in the SEC East are down. They will nit-pick every aspect of all twelve of the SEC's schools, and they will begin a media blitz designed to convince you that the addition of Nebraska has in some way, shape, of form elevated the Big Ten over the SEC. All the while the SEC will be denied a voice of reason to counter all of this non-sense.

Would it kill ESPN to hire a dapper Don Juan such as
the one pictured above?

Wow, really no east-west, north-south, just straight-up we think we are better than everyone else what an awesome job on naming your divisions.

Is it just me or does Nebraska look like a shark about to attack some helpless guppies?

Everything that is Southern is by virtue of its Southerness better. This is a point that we have covered before and shall continue to cover. I would like to now open up the discussion forum here at S&G and invite any and all Yankees as well as Carpetbaggers who now live in the South to answer this one question.

If you hate the South so much why did you fight a war to keep us?

To all our Yankee friends enjoy your cold weather, ugly women, bland food, and turrible college football.....as of right now we all really believe that Ohio State has a shot at the National Title.....no, really we believe you......we do, Ohio State is a National Powerhouse.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Russell Wilson- Has Already Landed with a New Team?

It wasn't all that long ago that Russell Wilson burst on to the college football scene with a gutsy Thursday night performance against the Gamecocks. Fast forward and Mr. Wilson is a man without a team. Numerous outlets are reporting that he could land with an SEC team. Most trustworthy here in Dawg country is the Just Upright Senator's Analysis of yesterday.

We at S&G can go ahead and put all the anxiety of Cock, Bayou Bengal, and Big Gay Men Nations to rest. We already know where Wilson will land:


They need a QB, Wilson is a QB. They need a scrambler, Wilson is a scrambler. There are rules to recruiting a player like Wilson, Auburn cares not for your silly rules. Ole Miss and South Carolina are paupers compared to Auburn and the way they makes in rain up in da' club. LSU has Auburn-like money but they just landed Metts. Metts should be able to pry the job away Kid Dynomite JJ Jefferson- that is unless other teams figure out a way to get Metts Kryptonite on the field (and by Metts Kryptonite I of course mean Titties glorious, soft, lovely chesticles).

"Money, hoes, and clothes...big ol' bank rolls is all a Tigger knows!"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Newton v. Tebow: A Final Shot on the Panthers Wasted Pick.

Selecting a QB in the first round of a draft is a tricky proposition. One could venture to say that there has not been a sure thing on the board since the Colts turned in their first round pick in 1998. Making a bad selection in the first round can set your team back a whole year. Making a bad selection in the top five picks can set in back two or three years. Making a bad pick with the number one overall selection can set a franchise back five years. Making a bad selection on a QB with the top overall pick can ruin a franchise. On Thursday the Panthers really had four options:

a. Take the best player available regardless of position- Patrick Peterson,
b. Take the best available and most versatile player at a premium position- Marcel Dareus,
c. Ignore the maturity and alleged drug issues and take the best QB on the board- Ryan Mallett,
d. Smoke a bunch of crack and then make a decision that will financially ruin their franchise.

Carolina went with (d) much to the delight of the rest of the NFC South (when in doubt on a multiple choice always go with (c) how do you think I passed the multi-state portion of the bar exam? Straight C's son just like my grades in Law School)

When looking at a QB here are a few rules that S&G will apply as soon as that GM job offer comes rollin' in.

1. You need the three M's- Mechanics, Maturity, Mental Ability- Tebow lacked proper mechanics. It is difficult to break old habits and re-teach the throwing motion (but not impossible). Tebow had more maturity than anyone since Peyton. Tebow also had lots of mental ability. Tebow's motion can be fixed and he has the maturity and mental ability to put in the work and learn. Newton on the other hand lacks all three M's. His mechanics are as bad as Tebow's, his Wonderlic didn't exactly set the world on fire, and his maturity is obviously wanting in a big way.
2. You need the three S's- Spin, Size, Strength- Spin is throwing ability and that means a combination of accuracy and arm strength. Newton and Tebow are both adequate on their spin but neither of them is Jay Cutler or Ryan Mallett. Size is self explanatory and Tebow and Newton have it in spades. Strength is not only the ability to lift weights but also the ability to take a hit and avoid injury. Tebow lived in the fire of the SEC as a starter for three seasons and his catch-as-catch-can style often showed little or no regard for his own body. He did suffer one concussion but he also played a lot more snaps than did Newton. Don't get me wrong...Newton has all three S's but you need the S's & M's (pun intended) and he is lacking all three M's.
3. QB, Center, and Middle LB are not instinct positions- so the Wonderlic test matters for these guys. Tebow has and will put in the necessary work to devour yet another new playbook for this season. Newton was given a 900 page play-book by the Panthers and chances are he can't even count to 900. ( FYI for the Panthers marketing department--try to avoid close-ups of Newton's face because he gets more cross-eyed the closer the camera gets and that ain't gonna help you when trying to convince the people of Charlotte that he is smart enough to read D's and be a starter).
4. Black scrambling QB's don't work out- McNabb became a passer but never a great one, Moon was a pocket passer, and McNair was a passer and more of an elusive guy than a scrambler. Unless a white scrambler learns to throw he won't make it either. Young, Tarkenton, and Elway became passers (well except for Elway he just learned to hand the ball to TD). Vick was the pinnacle of what a black scrambling QB could possibly be, but it was not until a stint in prison (not exactly a sentence you want to see attached to a number one overall pick) that he felt like he lost a step and started throwing more-- then he became a pretty good QB. A scrambler in college is able to key in on the guys that are not NFL caliber on the field. Even in the SEC where the D's are so deep and even on the elite teams like Alabama and LSU those guys are still on the field. In the NFL errrrebody is fast. All defensive players black and white starters and back-ups are all fast. They are all talented. There is no one on that field at any given time that is making it solely on hard work and force of will, they all have at least a little talent.

Poise, maturity, leadership, dedication, desire, and selflessness overshadowed Tebow's poor mechanics and a college career spent in the shot-gun within a system that will not translate. Those are the reasons why he was not a bad late first round pick.

Off-field honesty issues, immaturity, selfish style, poor mechanics, poor down-field vision, lack of intelligence, a career spent in the shot-gun, excelled in a system that will not translate to the NFL, all the bad qualities of Vince Young, JaMarcus Russell, Mike Vick, Ryan Leaf, and Jeff George---what a deal for the Panthers with the number one pick.

The bottom line is if you apply the four principals above and their is any question within those four principals then you do not use the top pick on that QB. Peyton Manning had all four of those principals on lock down and that made him the #1 overall pick. Mike Vick and JaMarcus Russell had tons of questions there and that is why they are not with their original team, have no rings, have lengthy rap sheets, and are busts for the Falcons and the Raiders.

The Romans once said of their adversary Hannibal Barca "He never asked a solider to do any task he was not willing to do himself." That was praise for the man's ability as a leader and could be a true assessment of Tebow's attitude and leadership qualities
The Romans also had another saying about Hannibal "Hannibal ante portas" which means "Hannibal is before the Gate." This became a popular Roman saying to refer to a situation being dire and with impending disaster. This is appropriate for the Panthers...."Newton ante portas" and disaster for that franchise is impending.

We'll admit it; we were wrong...

but then again, so were a lot of people.

Back in late February, we said David Perno may as well get his resume ready and may not even last the season. For a team that had falled off a cliff, and was just 3-8 heading down to Macon for an early March mid week matchup with Mercer, it was pretty easy to doubt the man.

But something clicked, and the team pulled off 5 in a row starting with that game in Macon, and including a big west coast road trip. They've since won a series against Ole Miss in Oxford and Tennessee in Knoxville, swept Mississippi St, won a series against LSU in Athens, and most recently, knocked off a #9 Tech in Atlanta and took the series against #14 Arkansas this past weekend.

Naming himself pitching coach seems to have worked well, with Michael Palazzone SEC Pitcher of the Week and the pitching staff having a solid year. Now, hitting is down all over college baseball with the rule changes on bats, but pitching has not been the problem like it was last year.

So, I'm sure to several's surprise, we at S&G will proudly own up to our mistakes and admit when we're wrong. David Perno, keep on GATA, and lead our Diamond Dawgs to the NCAAs in a month (we're projected by most to be a 2 seed in various regionals when things get under way May 3).

Monday, May 2, 2011

Post Draft Wrap-Up: Where Them Dawgs Went and Who Them Fawlcoons Took.

Well the most interest I expend on NFL football just got used up this weekend. I love the draft but the NFL.....well I like it but it ain't college ball. Here is how the Ol' Boys at S&G saw the draft.

1. Buffalo Bills- Best most versatile D-lineman in the draft, second best corner in the second round, very underrated SEC line backer in the third, very athletic corner in the fourth (one of a number of North Carolina players who fell but are very talented), strong and gritty LB from the SEC in the 6th, only gambled on one pick but it was their extra pick in the fourth, two small school guys late but guys with potential.

2. Cleveland Browns- Get an extra 1st and 4th for next year. An excellent and mammoth DT in the first, a value pick in the 2nd, followed by another very talented Tarheel that fell to them with their 2nd pick in the 2nd, athletic project at TE in the 4th, a two-way beast that will settle as a FB and Peyton Hillis' escort also in the 4th, additionally made a few stretches but you have that luxury when you have so many picks.

3. Detroit Lions- Biggest value pick of the draft with the 13th overall selection (also solidified their run defense for the next decade), The pundits loved the Titus Young pick in the 2nd but I thought it was a reach, 2nd best running back available and also a value pick at 57th in the 2nd round, a few head scratchers but they were in the later rounds.

1. Carolina Panthers- Wiped their franchise's butt with the number one overall pick. Congrats.....you sucked enough to have the #1 pick and you used it to take Vince Young's skills, JaMarcus Russell's attitude, a young Mike Vick's arrogance, and Vince Young's brain. Then proceeded to throw darts at your draft board and take whoever it landed on. As a redeeming bonus however, Carolina did have the best value pick of the seventh round. Also failed to adhere to the CCRider "too many Samoans on the team bus" rule......good luck persuading Free Agents to come to a locker room that smells like SPAM-Farts.
2. Minnesota Vikings- With one of the most talented and NFL ready pro-style passers since Matt Ryan on the board (Mallett) the Vikings took a 4th round talent with the 12th overall pick. Failed to get an adequate replacement for Sidney Rice or Ray Edwards who are probably gone once the labor crap gets settled.
t3. San Francisco/ Tennessee- Two new regimes that drafted like two regimes that will be replaced in three years. Each took a QB with one of their first two picks and neither is an NFL caliber player. Tennessee did have a value pick in the 2nd but the rest of the picks for both teams were terrible.

Best Value Picks by Rounds
1st- Detroit Nick Fairley 13th (top 5 talent)
2nd- NYG Marvin Austin 52nd (first round talent with off field issues)
3rd- NE Ryan Mallett 74th (hands down the best QB in the draft, tons
of talent, no more character issues than
Newton, Should sit for three years before
becoming starter after NE trades Brady to
Oakland for their entire 2014, 2015, and 2016
drafts, should have been #1 pick)
4th- Cincy Clint Boling 101st (2nd round talent with great versatility)
5th- ATL Jizz Rodgers 145th (game breaker and versatile- and you know I
nailed the nickname)
6th- KC Jerrell Powe 199th (pro bowl talent in the 6th round)
7th- Car Lee Ziemba 244th (stand out veteran of many SEC campaigns
talented enough to transition into a good RG)


Was I the only one who felt bad for AJ? Cinncy is where players (especially Bulldogs) go to waste away. Was I the only one that felt bad for Boling......wait I already covered this point. Akeem Dent and Justin Houston + a real S&C coach + a nutritionist + plus being on a non-complacent team could = Greatness. As far as Durham goes-- my mind called it a stretch but my heart called it payment due for a guy who played his heart out despite all of the "not caring" that went on around him last year. If Durham was perceived justice Chapas getting drafted was real justice.


Yes they paid a lot for Julio but if he is a down filed blocking beast and a guy that uses his big body and strength to beat corners and safeties he may have been worth it. Dent could end up being a steal in the 3rd. The sheer anticipation of the loud-speaker blasting Little John's "AWW SKEETSKEETSKEETSKEET...AWWWWWW SKEETSKEETSKEET" balances out any durability issues on Jizz in the 5th. A punter late.....I know I know but hey-- you do need guys who can kick the ball. Andrew Jackson is supposed to be a steal here but we will see. I thought Cliff Matthews was a great value pick in the seventh. I continue to be greatly impressed with the post Petrino/Vick front office in Atlanta.

Hey Dabo and Richt Rollin 6's and Going Home Broke.

The Bible tells us that 7 is God's perfect number. So 6 is almost perfect but if you add two more 6's then you have the mark of the Beast. The number 6 holds meaning in the world of football as well. If you run a college football program and you have 6 players drafted in the NFL draft- then one can assume that your program is flush with talent.

This past weekend Mark Richt and Dabo Sweeney each had six players drafted into the NFL. In the case of Clempsun they had four defensive players and two offensive players drafted, for the Dawgs it was four on offense and two on defense. What we can tell you is that of the eleven defensive starters on the field for Clempsun better than 1/3 of them are confirmed NFL talent and more players than that are most likely to be in the NFL. That exact same assumption can be made of Georgia on offense. The immediate question is...."How are both of these teams 6-7 with embarrassing defeats in crappy bowl games?"
In Athens the answer to that question is complicated, complex, layered, and most important fixable. In a word the problem is "COMPLACENCY" and that can be corrected (with the understanding that if it is fixed it will never be tolerated again).
Clempsun is much easier....They hired an unqualified goober to coach their football team. Mostly because they were stupid and kept giving Tummy Bowden extensions and essentially couldn't afford a real football coach. (For a team that copies everything Auburn does Clempsun needs to learn how to break out the old check book). Richt has bought himself a great deal of good faith by playing in three and winning two SEC title game, and by pulling in one of Georgia's all time best recruiting hauls. In Dabo's case he pulled some talent but Clempsun fans know as well as the rest of us he can't coach so all the talent in the world won't matter.

With the draft over and spring football upon us-- two coaches (very close to each other geographically) are each looking at a season in which they can either amaze their fans by righting a wayward ship or each can get in the back of the unemployment line.