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Thursday, June 30, 2011

If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin

Bylaw Blog is back. If you are unfamiliar with it's former incantation before the author was outed, go check it out and spend some time when you have it to spare. The site is an excellent resources for fans of college athletes on how compliance works in practice and in theory.

On Monday, he pointed out an interesting fact.

Not until USC’s 2004 BCS and AP national titles were vacated had a football or men’s basketball championship been vacated. By the NCAA’s own definition, all the other championships are clean. .... Put another way, how many national championships in football and men’s basketball were won by programs with no major violations? As you might guess, the answer here is a bit less encouraging:

  • Men’s Basketball: 8/73 titles – Georgetown, Holy Cross, Loyola (Chicago), Marquette, Oklahoma State (2), Stanford, Wyoming
  • Football: 4/89 titles (Poll Era) – Penn State (2), BYU (2)
If you've paid attention, you've noticed how uneven and inconsistent NCAA penalties are, so the fact that just UCS's title was vacated doesn't mean prior titles weren't tainted (see the connection between Duke, Corey Magette, and Myron Piggie). So the question remains, just how "pure" is this amateur athletics we call NCAA sports? And is an upstanding man like Mark Richt the type of guy who, as history is showing, capable of winning national titles if he's not willing to break a little rule here or there to get the job done? Hopefully signs like this one indicate he's more willing to shade into the gray areas of NCAA ethics than his often holier-than-thou fanbase would admit. But the question still remains, are we deceiving ourselves by holding to the idea of "student-athletes" and "amateurism" when it comes to major college athletics, especially the two primary revenue sports of football and men's hoops.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If You Want to Know Why We Will Never Have a Play-Off in College Football Then Tune Into Omaha Tonight.

I am not going to name names but somebody is Awesome and

Somebody else is not.

We suspect that the Gamecocks will win tonight in the 43rd inning when a formerly thought extinct Doodoo bird swoops in causing a Florida defender to allow a slow dribbler up the middle to pass into centerfield and then when the centerfielder runs into to pick up the ball a landmine that was tested in Nebraska prior to World War I will suddenly go off killing the centerfielder and allowing Carolina a game winning inside the park home-run. This is Carolina Baseball winning by the skin of their teeth.

Omaha this year is not just all about how great the SEC is it is also a reminder of how bad others are in everything save basketball. The SEC boasts arguable the best program in every sport the entire conference participates in. This years All-SEC championship series will produce the back to back National Titles for the SEC in the least of the three major sports in college athletics.
On the other hand Omaha is also a reminder to the other lesser conferences of the danger of allowing a system in which multiple SEC teams are allowed into a championship play-off.

Since the inception of the BCS in football the SEC has won seven of thirteen titles. However, if their was a play-off from the beginning we would probably be talking a much higher number. Their are six BCS Conferences- SEC, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big Twelve, PAC-12. If all six were super conferences then you would have six teams- enough for three bowls. The problem is that we have four bowl games so you would need eight teams for the play-off. That means At-Large bids and at-large bids means two SEC schools. Look at the BCS history:

1998-1999: Florida (Orange), Tennessee (Nat.Title)

1999-2000: Bama (Orange), Tennessee (Fiesta)

2001-2002: LSU (Sugar), Florida (Orange)

2006-2007: LSU (Sugar), Florida (Nat. Title)

2007-2008: Georgia (Sugar), LSU (Nat. Title)

2008-2009: Bama (Sugar), Florida (Nat. Title)

2009-2010: Florida (Sugar), Bama (Nat. Title)

2010-2011: Arkansas (Sugar), Auburn (Nat. Title)

Eight of thirteen years we could have had two teams in the play-off and of course in the other five years we would have had one horse in the race. Do you think Bama would have been flat against Utah in the Sugar if a National Title was a stake? What about 01-02 Florida or 06-07 LSU they would have looked pretty good if they knew they were still alive for the Title. In fact of the five consecutive Titles won by the SEC (all except the 10-11 Arkansas) it is highly likely that the title game of a play-off could have been an SEC vs. SEC game. Of course you could always stack the brackets to ensure the SEC played the SEC before the championship game but what if an undefeated Bama beats an undefeated Florida in the SEC title game and Auburn only has one loss with no undefeated BCS buster team-- what then? Three SEC teams in the play-off? Perish the very thought.

I actually have a better plan. Drawing on my ancestry and channeling my inner General Beauregard I propose something very similar to Jim Delaney. Expansion and secession. Let's add six teams to the SEC. That gives us eighteen. Two nine team divisions so each team plays eight divisional opponents, one set opponent from the other division, and a yearly rotation against one other team from the other division. Then a four team play-off to crown the champion. Here is who I propose we add.

North Carolina- They help us in baseball a little but instantly make us dominant in basketball when added with Kentucky. Plus we get that North Carolina T.V. market and that means more dollar bills y'all.

Virginia Tech- They help in the only two real categories that matter- Football and Money. Football cause they are pretty good at it and Money cause we get up in that DC market.

Florida State- They help some in football and baseball but they actually act to prevent dissension within the Florida market. No one cares about Miami they made a bad hire and have crappy facilities. Plus Miami is like 5,000 miles away from everyone else.

Clempsun- They want so badly to be in the SEC and again we want to avoid dissension in the geographic heart of the SEC. They help a little in Football and Baseball but not much. Also, we avoid any more SEC talent being bought......I mean drawn into another conference.

Texas A&M- They fit our demographics, have a huge fan base, and would be a huge slap in the face of Texas. Plus we plant the SEC seed even deeper into Texas which is the last thing the Longhorns want. Oh yeah and that Texas market = Dolla' dolla' bills y'all $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

TCU- Texas again so that means Texas money, plus they are Christian so that fits the Bible Belt, and they bring enormous balls to what is already a balls to the walls conference (of course we mean Patterson balls!).

When Jim Delaney thinks of the vast northern expanse of Yankeeland he thinks leaders and legends. When I think of sweet Bula-land I think of a dashing and debonair people. The two most dashing and debonair people that I can think of are Rhett Butler and Elvis Presley so there are your two divisional names:

Rhett Butler Division

Virginia Tech

North Carolina




South Carolina




Elvis Presley Division




Ole Miss

Missy St,




Texas A&M

This way we can have our champion and the Yanks can have theirs in every sport.

In the end guess which conference will attract the best athletes and send the most into the pros.

Go Gamecocks, again.

A lucky win is still a win. Now to do it one more again.

Is the choice really that hard?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Go Gamecocks!

Yep, go Gamecocks. Beat Florida. We'd rather the Chicken Penii win that have to deal with the insufferable Saurians enjoying another in their seemingly endless run of recent national titles in everything.

/apparently the picture changed, here's a new one

Georgia and Florida in a race to see who can have the fewest scholarships

Goodbye Brent Benedict. Our OL will now rely on a converted DL Justin Anderson and can't have any injuries, with Benedict and Sturdivant sapping depth. Also, Richt just got one more down in his race with Will Muschamp for fewest on scholly this fall.

The Big Ten is a whiny bitch

First, Ohio St cries enough the NCAA goes through with one of the most inconsistent and almost had to be corrupt rulings in it's history, so ineligible players get delayed suspensions and they can kind of end their 0fer against the SEC.

And now, they want a gimme in to the College World Series before someone trounces them like the bitch they are? T. Kyle King already said it better than we could.

Jim Delany wants "the Big Ten to form its own postseason baseball tournament"? Go right ahead, Jimbo. It’s not like it would make much difference if Big Ten teams were unavailable for the College World Series, now, would it?

As for the Jarvis Jones and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope reports, we're gonna stick our head in the sand and hope this one just goes away.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hindsight analysis of Trey and Travis' decision

All things considered with this draft class being much weaker than what next year should be, Trey and Travis picked a good time to go pro. As lottery pick after lottery pick returned to school this spring, it opened up guaranteed spots for both in the first round, or so it seemed.

Travis had the limitation of height (6'4 is not good for a SG, and really bad for a SF), plus a poor handle dribbling and inconsistent shot. His stroke looked good, but it didn't fall frequently, and after two years we assume working hard on both his ball-handling and outside shooting (since there's not much he can do about what God gave him height-wise), a third year wasn't going to make too much of an impact. It was kind of now or never for Travis Leslie, and he took the chance.

Trey on the other hand, had his own limitations. He was clearly talented, but his game seemed "soft" and he seemed to shy away from where he was most productive, around the paint. The NBA draft combine comes, and at a time where you expect the young man to be in the best shape of his life, he comes in both smaller and fatter than his elite competition. Trey Thompkins was a possible top 15 pick, if he cared enough to get his physical condition at it's best. But he didn't, and it hurt. Then came workouts were reports said Trey repeatedly showed "soft" I guess you could call it. He has no one to blame but himself for his draft status, and while he may have gotten serious physically in another year (and oh what a beast he'd have been if he did), it's doubtful if he didn't by now, that he ever would, so he's going right where a player of his skill and his body always go, the second round.

Trey and Travis both tried for a few guaranteed mil that come with being an NBA first round pick, even with the pending lockout. But both were taken last night in round 2, by the CLippers. Notoriously one of the worst franchises in all of sports, but they are also cheap, which could help the young men make the roster. Unfortunately, the labor situation has a big outcome on that too, and if Trey spends it getting fatter, he may as well start scouring Europe for a pay day now. Travis I trust to at least keep working on his game, so he might stand a chance. The summer league, where draft picks get a chance to play against their own as well as fringe NBA veterans, is generally a great showcase for players like Trey and Travis. But it's been called off because of the likely lockout, and that's not gonna help.

But for second round picks to truly stand a chance it's about roster fit. The Clippers have 9 guaranteed deals, plus a player option, and a team option. NBA teams need at least 13, and can carry 15, so there's room for both. Most of the Clippers perimeter options are PGs or combo Gs (Randy Foye, Mo Williams, Eric Gordon, Eric Bledsoe, Willie Warren), so Travis has a definite opening on the wing, where little more than Jamario Moon (who is a team option unlikely to be picked up) would be current competition. The potential for a Travis and Blake Griffin dunk contest during pre-game warmups would also be an added bonus if Travis takes advantage of the opportunity and wins a job. Trey on the other hand, has Chris Kaman, Blake Griffin, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ryan Gomes, and then the player option for Brian Cook (unless it's overseas, I doubt he can get more elsewhere, so he just might pick it up). That's a lot of competition for a job in a player that from current reports, doesn't seem willing to work hard to win the gig. I hope I'm wrong on this though.

Our prediction: Trey will NOT make an NBA roster next year, and will have to spend the next couple years likely in Europe (where he can make a very good living, joining other former Dawgs like Rashad Wright. And can hopefully make a quick return stateside like Sundiata Gaines.)
Travis Leslie, on the other hand, will make the Clippers roster, although he probably spends a good amount of next season with another LA team. No, not the Lakers, the Bakersfield Jam.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Even the best driver ain't winning Talladega in a Honda Accord

We'll start off by saying we like Mark Fox. He came in and produced a better team immediately. He added a little, and got this team in to the NCAAs in year 2. Some say last year was a bit disappointing considering the talent level, but it still made the NCAAs for the first, non-miracle, time in a decade. He's funny, says all the right things, and has helped Georgia basketball get out of the cellar it's historically occupied in spite of the sleeping giant amount of resources at it's finger tips.

But as said above, you need the horses to win races.
We missed on another Atlanta area wing, Jordan Price, with several fans crying "we wanted Adams, not Price." Well, we just lost both. One to Auburn, the other to UCLA. We've missed on Evan Nolte, younger brother of walk-on F Connor Nolte, to Virginia. Another top 100 wing, a position we needed desperately in this class, Damien Wilson, is committed to Memphis. Tony Parker, another much needed player as an instant impact big man, is narrowed down to Ohio St and Duke. Another similar, Robert Carter of Thomasville, seems likely to head south to either Florida St or Florida, if Kentucky doesn't steal him late. Wheeler's Charles Mitchell, one of the 4 elite caliber big men in this class, isn't looking our way. Georgia Tech hires a middling coach from Dayton, and he's already in better position for North Clayton's Marcus Hunt and Union Grove's Charles Mann. If UCLA or Memphis don't snag him, and they might, the only one we have a legit chance at, out of a dozen or more top 100-150 caliber players (depending on which service you look at), is Shaq Goodwin. Oh, and he'll be playing TE until January.

There's a dozen or more high caliber players in this year's crop of high school basketball talent from Georgia. And we're missing on them all it seems. The chinks in Mark Fox's armor is starting to show, and in spite of the immense love he's gotten, he hasn't turned that momentum in to in-state recruiting success. Mark Richt realized as much as he might love Tony Milton, or want Washaun Ealey to be a personnel redemption project, you aren't winning with mediocre players. You need studs, and recruitng stepped up. Mark Fox is getting a much needed wake-up call in this class. Perhaps it's a big problem. Perhaps it's just a lack of familiarity. As you'll note with Adams, he's following long time AAU coach Korey McCray to UCLA. One of the reasons Gregory has come in an usurped us so quickly for Atlanta talent is hiring former Wheeler coach Amir Abdur-Rahim and son of a long time Atlanta AAU coach, Chad Dollar. As noted in the AJC article on Adams, we could have hired McCray and landed a gold mine of Atlanta Celtics talent immediately ingratiating ourselves with the Atlanta AAU circles. But Fox didn't. We could have hired Abdur-Rahim or Dollar, but we didn't. There's another McCray brother still with the Celtics. There's several from there, or the Georgia Stars, or high level Atlanta high school coaches that have AAUs place their kids with them yearly. There's an alum who'd be a perfect fit in Jonas Hayes, as a former Dawg, former coach at Douglas HS in Atlanta, current college assistant, and one of Atlanta's own. We had a quasi-assistant spot with Mark Pope come available, and go unfilled. It's about time McGarity and Fox fill it, and fill it with someone who can provide us a much needed foot-in-the-door of Atlanta.

Fox needed a huge class in 2012 to reload and not experience a fast fall back to the cellar. He's failing miserably, and our refusal or inability to secure any of the immense amount of talent from 50-100 miles to our left is the reason why.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Patterson to Georgia Campaign Stop Number 2- Are we Better Suited for the Spread?

I know what you are saying right now. Rider what about the promise/threat that Bobo will introduce some new element to this offense? Ahhh yes the mythical Unicorn Formation that we analyzed here back in December.

As far as me and mine go Bobo was done after calling 27 pass plays and 25 were screens.

If you read last weeks campaign stop we were making the point about the difference if the Pro game and the College game. The same is true on offense as it is on defense. In running the pro style you essentially hamper some players natural abilities and in turn prevent exposing mis-matches. Lets take Murray for example. He is 6'1 (maybe) and is an excellent scrambler. However, in the pro style he is actually too short and his scrambling can at times be detrimental. While he was great last year he could have actually been much better if operating from the shotgun and given the option to use his feet more. 6'4 240 lbs smart kids with rocket arms are not exactly a dime a dozen. In fact 6'2 230 "take it to the Lake" sex machines with rocket arms are not a dime a dozen either. I want you to think real real hard about this one. Before Stafford when was the last time Georgia had a sure fire NFL QB? Still thinking? So we are running an offense that depends on us finding a player that comes around about once every 15 to 20 years. Hmmmm sounds like or 3-4 NT problem all over again. However, if we ran the spread (as Gary Patterson does) then we can take advantage of smaller QB's, more athletic QB's with weaker arms, and brace yourself dumb kids who can't read coverage but can run the ball and throw it to wide open players (Sound familiar? Maybe a big cross eyed retarded son of an Atlanta Preacher Man).

Short for the NFL but from the Shotgun he could be even better than last year

The spread takes advantage of the natural speed that Georgia should be pulling from it's in-state talent. Remember we wanted Cam Newton as a TE and he ended up at Florida and then Auburn and they collectively have 3 National Titles in the Richt-era. We may have needed a major up-grade in strength but we have never been slow. Why are we running the Wisconsin offense when we have Southern speed.

Candidate Patterson would like to remind you of one thing:


Friday, June 17, 2011

University of Georgia athletes should NOT be on Twitter, Facebook, etc

"After a while they all seem the same I've had sex 4 times this week I'll explain having a hard time adjusting 2 fame"

That is a tweet from next in line of our superstar TE chain, Jay Rome. Doesn't sound too good (although at least he can spell), until you realize it's a song lyric from Drake. But the quick fall out before Jay Rome told people he was just quoting a song is an indicator of a bigger issue.

Imagine if some AJC reporter caught that without knowing the kid was just quoting Drake, and blows up a big deal in the paper that has to be calmed down but still causes much ado over nothing. The potential for damage is absolutely massive by allowing these kids to put up whatever pops in to their juvenile brains with relatively little filter or context to show sarcasm, playfullness, etc. It may not be a Georgia, but it's bound to blow up in someone's face, and in several instances already has.

We've said it before, and as innocent as Jay Rome's tweet was (and he's far from the biggest potential problem there amongst the incoming class), we'll even use caps to show how strongly we feel this way; THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING POSITIVE THAT CAN COME FROM UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ATHLETES ON TWITTER, OR FACEBOOK, OR ANY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE! It is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, just no one knows when, how badly, or how many times.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Patterson to Georgia Campaign Stop Number 1- Why the 4-2-5 is Superior to the 3-4

As the official unofficial campaign manager of the Patterson to Georgia 2012 campaign I am going to spend this summer making various "stops" here on Sports and Grits to explain why Gary Patterson and his regime would be far superior to what we currently have. Let me make note that I do not know who my cohorts, Mr. Sanchez and SamDizel, prefer to replace Richt (if anyone). What I do know is that I am sick and tired of hearing people say "Well I mean who would we get to replace Richt"
When I hear those words I immediately dismiss the speaker as someone that the State should have euthanized at birth not only for population control but also in an effort to de-muddy the gene pool. I have selected Gary Patterson as the answer to that non-sense statement. He is far superior to Mark Richt in all phases and measurable that one would apply to a Head Football Coach (and by measurable I mean things that actually apply to a football coach not crap like--He is such a good person).
Today's stop is all about Defense. You remember defense because we used to play it at Georgia. In fact we used to play it under Richt although through no fault of Richt. When BVG was roaming the sidelines in Athens we had defense, discipline, tenacity, aggression, etc. Since the departure of BVG (much like Tummy Bowden without Rich Rod) there has been a steady decline. Richt's first answer to that was to infect the program with Football AIDS, Willie Martinez. The new answer is to bring in one of a thousand former Saban ball-washers to install what we can only assume is supposed to be the Alabama Defense.
The other day your humble servants here at S&G, myself and SamDizel, were in Home Depot trying to give Big Arthur a little extra money for free-agency when ever free agency happens this year. As we turned the corner we passed by an older man and his adult son. The son was obviously an unfortunate soul that down here we refer to as a little "touched" in the head. Naturally the Dizel-Train was all decked out in his Georiga regalia and as we passed the two the man child said "Go Dawgs." Naturally the Dizel responded with a "Go Dawgs" but then the man child said one other thing--
"The bad thing about the Dawgs is they will never win a Super Bowl" from the mouths of babes huh.
That statement got me thinking.........
Where is the 3-4 defense most widely used?
The NFL.
Why do they use the 3-4 in the NFL?
The NFL is a glorified arena league that has rules crafted to favor offensive passing attacks because that is what the "casual" fan likes.
Why is the 3-4 beneficial?
In the NFL everyone is fast and everyone is good-- there are few true mismatches in the NFL and the 3-4 helps defenses match up against pass happy offenses.
You will note that the answer to all my questions revolve around the NFL. Remember, the Dawgs will never win a Super Bowl because Georgia is not a professional franchise but a college team. There will always be very clear mis-matches that can be exploited by superior teams in college. In college you have well over 100 D-1 teams (only 32 in the NFL)--that means there are lots of players that are not good enough to be on the field in college.
Everyone in the NFL runs essentially the same offense but in college there is the spread, spread option, pistol, fun and gun, and even the Big Unjun and his flexible boner attack. These variations are designed to exploit the weaker players that every team has. However, in his doctoral dissertation entitled "Multiplicity but Simplicity" (but should have been named "Yelling and Nut-Punching- A Definitive Guide to Molding Boys into Men Via the 4-2-5 Defense") Patterson describes how the 4-2-5 allows the DC the flexibility to conform to any offensive attack while keeping the play calling simple and allowing the defense to be what it should be-- all about instinct. The dissertation can be found and analyzed:
Here, and
This flexibility also allows you to make the best use of the talent that you have on your team. Last year I was beaten into a comatose state by the statement "Well, you know....it is gonna take some time to establish the 3-4. We don't have the players for it yet and we need a huge NT." Let me tell you something. If you ask any NFL GM "What is the hardest position to fill?" They will most likely tell you to a man "Quarterback." There are 32 NFL teams but there are never 32 QBs to go around. There is always around 10 or 12 teams that need a QB. Now, if you ask one of the 14 teams that run the 3-4 defense that same question now I bet the answer would be something along the lines of-- "Quarterback but it is starting to get almost as hard to find a gigantic, space eating, agile, NT for our defense." There aren't 14 guys like that anywhere. Alabama had it working year before last but there ain't many Mt. Cody's out there.
What I am saying is we have now placed our program in a situation where we will have to scour the country to find one of the hardest type of player to find in order to have proper defensive personnel. This takes away from our in-state recruiting and our boarder state recruiting. However, under the 4-2-5 Georgia could be self-sufficient from in-state talent because there is enormous flexibility.
Most people don't really understand the 4-2-5 so they will google it and then post on here how the 4-2-5 "Is weak against the pro-style run and Big Unjuns flexeral bono." Erroneous! In case you missed the Rose Bowl last year TCU beat the prototype big set pro-style running team, Wiscaaannnsin. As far the Nerds go--I'll take Patterson over Big Unjun in a battle of wits any day.
The 4-2-5 is built on the one thing that we have in abundance down South...S-P-E-E-D!
Clayt Birmingham of the University of Wisconsin-Stout describes the 4-2-5 like this:
-It is a 4-3, 4-4 hybrid that allows for very easy formation and personnel adjustment for what ever offense it faces.
-It allots the defense superior blitz angles as well as superior angles to set the edge
-It is a gap control defense with the easiest defined run fits
-It allows for split coverage which allows the secondary to play as fast and aggressive as possible
-A coach may run the 4-3, 4-4, 3-4, and 3-3 with the exact same personnel. The coach may then align the defense to fit his strengths or to counter the offensive style.
Birmingham also notes that an over sized NT helps with this defense but unlike the 3-4 it is not a necessity. Birmingham also notes that the 4-2-5 allows you to get the most talented players on the field regardless of proto-type size:
-An over sized or stiff hip safety becomes a linebacker (Thomas Davis, Greg Blue)
-An over sized linebacker becomes an end (right now Ray Drew would fit that bill and could play his natural position as opposed to possibly being converted into a LB)
-Larger ends become DT's
Your 5'11 to 6'3 and 190 lbs to 225lb players with great speed (and we have these kids in spades right here in Georgia) are used in the most aggressive and disruptive manner possible.

If you don't believe me then why don't you ask the source........Phil Steele, son!
"Patterson had been an assistant under defensive coordinator, Dick Bumpas at Navy and hired the solid DC.......Bumpas was a Broyles Award finalist the last 3 years and had the #1 rated defense in the NCAA in all three years."

TCU Defense against the run:

2010- 100 yards per game- 3.3 yards per carry (this was on par to be like 2009 until they played Wisconsin, one of the most run heavy team around. The Badgers ran the ball but were held to 17 points)

2009- 80 per game- 2.6 pr carry

2008- 47 per game- 1.7 pr carry

Against the pass:

2010- 129 yards per game

2009- 159 pr game

2008- 171 pr game

Total Defense:

2010- 228 yards per game

2009-240 yrds pr game

2008- 218 yrds pr game

Naturally some of you will argue that TCU is not in the SEC and to that I will agree. However, TCU was nothing 11 years ago and Patterson didn't just build the program- He cleared the lot, dug the foundation, poured the foundation, framed the thing, built the house, and landscaped it. His success would be no different because while the competition would increase he would also have talent like TCU will never see.

Give this man $5.5 million per year and Bumpas $2 million and lets get this program on the right track. Lets play defense again!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Can we leave this horse alone now?

We assume most of you get your breaking news elsewhere on the blogosphere, most likely from the quick and well established rivals or scout websites. So you'd be aware that Mark Richt had a great camp this weekend, with multiple quality commits (including a special teamer, cause you can't have too many kickers). "But CC and Sanchez, all your negativity is killing recruiting. You blogs pointing out all these flaws with the program, with all your complaining and bellyaching and talk of Richt getting fired, he'll never be able to recruit well with you negative-nancies running your mouth. We should pump nothing but sunshine, that's the only way Richt will land the talent we need. Kids will read your blog and choose Clemson or Auburn or Florida or Bama because of it. Blah Blah Blah." I think we've seen enough by now that this stupid meme of blogs impacting recruiting can be put to bed now.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Patterson to Georgia 2012 Campaign: Re-Kickoff

The State of Georgia doesn't exactly have a Virginia-esque resume when it comes to U.S. Presidents. In fact let's be honest--the four years of the Carter administration was a case study in functional retardation of Ray Goof proportions. Yesterday, our best hope of fixing the "Anyone but a Georgia Cracker" mentality for the White House took a major blow.
One of the largest mass exoduses from any political campaign happened as everyone left the quasi-Georgian, Newt Gingrich's campaign. Newt is now teetering on the brink and his campaign is about to crumble like a Willie Martinez defensive scheme in the face of even the most average of offensive attacks.
Newt's response to this disaster is that he will "Re-Kickoff" his campaign for the White House. Well...let me tell you what son, we had no idea one could re-kickoff a campaign. So just like the Speaker we will be doing a little re-kicking of a campaign most near and dear to our hearts. So without further introduction we at Sports and Grits are please to announce the Re-launching of:


Cue the Mojo Nixon "You Can't Kill Me"

We were poly sci majors so we know the drill....every campaign needs a platform and every platform needs planks. Obviously extreme awesomeness is a prerequisite to any platform and since none may doubt Patterson's awesomeness here are a few other planks:

YELLING! - Like farts being funny, soccer being gay, and almost but not quite chunky girls being the most desirable---Yelling is an undeniable truth of the male experience. Georgia used to have a world class yeller on staff in BVG (of course we also used to win football games). About a decade ago Gary Patterson looked down at the ground. The ground was just there, it wasn't moving, it wasn't working as hard as it possibly could, it was being lazy. The Patterson abhors laziness and so he started yelling at the ground. The full force gale level winds created by his superior lung capacity passing over his vocal cords and his tongue and lips dictating the sound of that wind into various curse words and insults created a natural vortex. The vortex lifted The Patterson into the air. Once he had finished berating the ground with various insults and racial slurs he found that the vortex had carried him into the state of Texas. The Patterson immediately demanded that he be given the reigns of the closest D-1 football program. Fearing his mighty wrath and also figuring they couldn't get any worse at football, TCU complied. Not satisfied with his superior yelling skills earning him a job The Patterson then decided to start yelling at a bunch of 2 and 3 star recruits until they became legit D-1 players. Now just imagine what he could do with real SEC caliber talent.

2. THE 4-2-5 DEFENSE- If you don't understand it then check out this analysis of it (oddly enough written by a Clempsun blogger and in English no less as opposed to the grunts and clicks that most Clempsun fans usually use to communicate with each other). Or, you could just go straight to the source and read this Doctoral Dissertation that Patterson himself wrote while at New Mexico in which he describes the Stephen Hawkins-like understanding of the concept of defense that he possesses. A little warning before you read this:
a) make sure you have on pants with a little give up front,
b) make sure you are aware of the location of the moist towelettes,
c) prepare thyself for greatness.
Of course if you are a Richt-O-Phile who is offended by this you could always read this non-doctoral non-dissertation that Richt wrote (P.S. Bobo drew that super sweet Rainbow). In a nutshell the 4-2-5 operates off of superior speed, focuses of safety play, and dumbs down defensive play calls so the kids are reacting and not over-thinking. That's right.....The Patterson has a defense that is custom made for a place that produces 5'11 to 6'3, 195 to 225 lb, dumb kids that can run really fast.....if only the State of Georgia matched that description.
3. DICK BUMPAS- Like Napoleon and Ney or Lee and Jackson all great commanders need a solid right-hand man. Bonus points because his last name is Bumpas and he chose to go with Dick over Richard. Double bonus points because he looks just like Sam Elliot.
4.HATRED- All people with true drive are fueled by hatred of something. Here is a definitive list of things that The Patterson hates:
-To lose
-Mental Mistakes
-The Prevent Defense
-Off the field irresponsibility
-Missing on an in-state recruit
-Will Muschamp's haircut
-Charlie Weiss' horrible oral hygiene
-People who take some imaginary moral high ground as an excuse for why their program fails at football while other programs do something that helps them win with no consideration for these imaginary moral rules
-Lethargic defensive play
-Vanilla offenses
-OC's who call 27 pass plays in one game and 25 of them are screens because the purpose of a screen is to surprise the other team but you lose that element of surprise when you call the screen 25 of 27 times.
- Non-January bowl games
-Maintaining an assistant in a job that he is clearly failing at because you feel some moral responsibility to making sure that man is making enough money to keep his kids operating in the upper 1% of Americans with disposable incomes.
Hatred makes The Patterson stronger because if you stop hating then you get comfortable. Comfort leads to happiness. Happiness leads to laziness. Laziness leads to a sense of entitlement. All of those things combined lead to 6-7 record and a shameful bowl game loss to a far far far inferior program.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clemson can't be this stupid, can they?

That's recent Clemson RB signee Mike Bellamy. As you may recall, we thought his signing with Clemson was somewhat suspect. And it's not like he's the first Clemson signee to put up pictures of themselves holding large wads of cash (Kenneth Page). That said, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this. But then again, we're talking about Clemson here and they may not be able to come up with such fancy reasonings as "My father never talked to me about it" or "I was dead at the time".

UGA fans should now be Texas Rangers fans

considering age and home location, we here at S&G are first and foremost fans of the Atlanta Braves when it comes to Major League Baseball. But the last couple days may be changing that a bit, and while we still love our Bravos, we're now big time Texas Rangers fans as well. Moves like this require a new word for classy. The link explains why, as the organization spent a lower round draft pick on partially paralyzed, former Georgia OF Jonathon Taylor. Amazing move by that organization, and it's good to read that Taylor's rehab is going well. GATA JT.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Discussion: Oversigning...

Two questions on the subject, and we welcome your feedback, opinion, and discussion in the comments.
1) Why is Nick Saban the poster boy for oversigning when SEC West compatriots Bobby Petrino and Houston Nutt sign numbers that would make Il Principe (Italian for Little Prince) shudder?

2) Could Mark Richt be seeing the light on targeting for say 86-88 instead of 85, to reduce the effects of natural parting on the depth chart?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scheduling Boise State- We Keep Missing on the Simple Stuff




This or something like this has been popping up on Georgia message boards and blogs in reference to the kick-off against Boise St.

Now let me be 100% clear......I expect Georgia to beat Boise. I expect it because we are one of the top schools in the top conference in the land. I expect it because no matter how bad Georgia is and how good Boise is we should still be better. That being said this false sense of bravado that I am seeing and hearing everywhere is a classic example of people missing the Forrest for the tree in front of them.

There is no good reason to schedule this game....NONE!!!!!!!!

Yet so many Dawg fans are excited about it ( I can only assume it is because they are stupid). This anyone, anytime, anywhere battle cry is being adopted by by the four lesser sub-sets of Dawg Nation: Richt-O-Philes, Pee-Pee Dawgs, Disney Dawgs, and Holy Dawgs (see our original classification system). In fact- per the usual- the Cold Blooded Sausage Making faction of Dawg Nation stands alone in opposition to this ridiculous scheduling blunder.

Richt-o-Philes love this game because if the beloved fails to produce a win then they can say...

"Weeeeellllllll.....Boise is an elite program you know."

Disney Dawgs love it because "Hey man its just real cool that we get to play on TV man. You know not everyone gets to do that. I think that everyone really wins no matter what."

Holy Dawgs love it because " You know back when I was the starting fullback on my 8-man private school flag football team we never backed down from a challenge!"

Pee-Pee Dawgs love it because (no quotes here) they just want this game because the Sausage Makers don't want it. We don't want it because it is a lose-lose game. Pee-Pee Dawgs think our common sense approach is actually fear. If there is one thing Pee-Pee Dawgs know all about it is fear. So now they are walking around with their chests poked out talking about how they "ain't skeered of nobody."

When D'Amon "Panty-Raid" Evans got his walkin papers we were relieved. No more unqualified AD to fill a quota for a Southern school. When G-Mac got the job we were very relieved. A long time assistant at a successful program with Athens ties. G-Mac went straight to work undoing the scheduling retardation his predecessor left behind. In a very sound maneuver he got us out of a home and away with Oregon. We thought "Ok he gets the deal....he is going to be good for us." Then we were floored by this absurd Boise game. Like we said before, if Georgia wins they were supposed to win. If Bosie wins the Media will spooge all over themselves. The SEC will be done. Bosie will get a ticket straight to the title game. Bosie picked the worst SEC program with National street cred. Most people outside of the South will just think "Georgia.....didn't they win a National Title or something a few years ago? Oh I cant remember all I know is Boise is the best team in the universe because ESPN said so."

Let me shift gears and present this argument in a different light.

Georgia is the only legit team Bosie plays next year. If Boise wins the media will use this as an excuse to catapult Boise into the headlines and keep them there all year (especially since they can't spooge their pants over Ohio St. anymore). Boise will be relevant even when they play Upper Western Wyoming International A&M Beauty School. Beating Georgia will push them into the top two and if they win out they are National Title bound. If the SEC round-robin Russian roulette of a season leaves none undefeated-- and a lesser team like Wisconsin or W. Virginia wins out then you get Boise against a non-SEC team for the title. Boise would then have a real chance. If Boise wins then the BCS is broken. We would them move into a Super-Conference / Play-off World and who wins in that scenario? The Media namely ESPN. Television fuels sports and Super Conferences as well as a play-off would sent college football ratings into orbit.

However, for the SEC it means the meat-grinder that is the SEC season, a Conference title game, and then what will no doubt be a stacked bracket to prevent the SEC from always winning. You have to understand for the media's master plan to work the SEC must be broken. At this rate west coast/midwestern/southwestern/and yankee white people will keep trending harder to the NFL because why would they care---the champion is always from the South.

I said we are the only legit team that Boise plays. Think about this--Since 2000 the SEC has on average sent 40 players into the NFL via the draft and roughly 25 per year as UDFA. That means that in any given year the SEC has 65 players in uniform that will play in the NFL the next year. Not counting 5th year seniors you have four classes on the field at any time from freshmen to seniors. At 65 per year that means you have roughly 260 future NFL players in the SEC in any given year. That averages out to about 21 per team. Some like Vandy have fewer and some like us have more. Bosie will see more NFL talent in the Georgia Dome than they will see if you combine all their other games all year long. We on the other hand will see just as much talent the next week against South Carolina. Don't tell me Bosie isn't putting more on this game. Don't tell me that a "six win, depending on freshmen, under a coach who always has slow starting teams (remember SC in 07') with a conference opener the next week" team wasn't hand picked for Boise.

The SEC's conference schedule is harder than anyone else by about 100 fold. The media and other conferences always complain about our non-conf. schedules....................uuuhhhhhhhhhh yeah because they want the SEC to cancel itself out so they can have an SEC free national title game. Here is a definitive list of acceptable non-conf. opponents for Georgia or any SEC school to schedule:

Tulane, ULALA, LA-Monroe, LA Tech, Southern, Grambling, Ark. St., Alcorn St., Miss. Valley St., So. Miss., Memphis, Mid Tennessee St., UAB, Troy, Alabama A&M, W. Kentucky, Georgia St., Georgia So., S.C. St., N.C. A&T, Duke, E. Carolina, FL. Inter., FL Atlantic, Florida A&M, UCF (well maybe not UCF for us).

Any deviation from this means your AD is stupid. The South has everything you need to win- tons of talent and tons of cupcakes. We don't need the money we need the wins!

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.........ask Napoleon how Russia in the winter worked out for him. Ask the Romas how Trebia, Lake Trasimene, and Canne against Hannibal worked out for them. Ask every Union General not named Grant how that attitude worked out for them against Robert E. Lee. In The Art of War Sun Tzu tells us to:

-know thy enemy

-know the land on which you will fight

-always be the one who chooses when to give battle

Do you know who is famous for saying "Anyone, anytime, anywhere"? Well do you know? I will tell you...you don't and do you know why? Because that moron got beat by Sun Tzu.