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Monday, October 31, 2011

Did I Miss Something? Did We Win a National Title on Saturday?

It's not that I can't tell you how good it feels to beat Florida it is that I do not need to tell you.

Do you know how you feel right now?  Do you know how you felt on Saturday night around 8:00 pm?

That feeling..........it is proof positive of everything we have been saying here since the Colorado game last year. 

We beat the worst Florida team since the Charlie Pell era on Saturday.  We beat them in a close game.  We beat them in a game in which the defense gave up NEGATIVE yards rushing.  We have acted like Ole Miss after they beat LSU once in a blue moon.  We are the second largest money producing program in a State that produces the third most talent on average.  Yet we act like we are not supposed to win games against divisional opponents.

The defense looked great...it looked dare we say BVG-ish.  Outside of that we were lucky to face a team in transition with a gimped-up QB.  Here is a list of what is terrible at Georgia right now, why because it is what we do (oh, and FYI why have a replacement candidate poll and include the guy we want to replace?)
  • The Special Teams.......the entire thing.
  • The O-line......the entire thing.
  • Aaron Murray
  • The perception that Richt is forcing Grantham to reel it in
  • PLAY CALLING by I Has A Crayon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a list of what is the tits at Georgia right now.
  • The Defense.....the entire thing
  • Todd Grantham
  • Todd Grantham's play calling
  • Todd Grantham's preparation
  • Todd Grantham's intensity
  • Todd Grantham's slightly perky man-tits themselves
  • Our Wide Receivers..........they caught roughly 15 passes from Murray that were under thrown and behind them
I am on the verge of saying that our Defense and our WR core are each the most underrated in the country.  I am on the verge of saying we need to let Mason play the entire game against fake Mexico.  I am past the verge of saying we need to sit Blair. 
Why do we say these things?  Simple.....it is never enough.  Are we playing well right now? Yes.  Had we not continued to pay I Has A Crayon after the bowl game could we be undefeated?  Maybe.  Had we fired I Has a Crayon and hired a real special team and strength & conditioning coach could we be undefeated?  Yes, I can say yes on that without hesitation.

Congratulations, again, to Jarvis Jones

the Butkus Award semifinalist, had the game of a lifetime in the Cocktail Party had four sacks and a forced fumble amongst his efforts Saturday. For that, he may have earned a spot as a finalist for the Butkus Award, and has won the National Defensive Player of the Week, conference defensive player of the week, and a national player of the week award.

Cordy Glenn was also named SEC OL of the Week for his efforts Saturday.

National Title Race thoughts

A month ago, we took a quick look at the remaining undefeateds. We took only a quick look, because unlike Rick "I has big crayon" Reilly, we understood that the college football season long playoff is wrought with pitfalls and several of those teams would lose to lesser opponents as well as knock off each other.
But now it's November, and the national title picture is coming in to focus around a handful of teams. Now, over the coming month, some of these teams square off, and some will stub their toe against lesser competition (like Chokelahoma and Hey Dabo! already have). Unlike last time, we'll include the non-BCS teams, cause they might get lucky and Boise St is still in the mix around the top 5.
Undefeateds by conference, with thoughts on each.
ACC, Big We Can't Count, and Big Crumbling Least-none
That leaves-
SEC-LSU and Alabama
The Game of the Millenium of the Century is Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, on CBS thanks to some wheeling and dealing. And oh, we are all anxiously awaiting these two powerhouses playing. Now, at least one of the two is almost assuredly making the big game. The other probably gets the Sugar Bowl, unless the other teams all drop a couple making the Big Game a rematch (we hope not, but that's us). And of course, there is the slight potential whoever wins Saturday slips up the rest of the way, although SEC refs will work hard to prevent that if a danger arises. After Saturday, neither looks too terribly tricky. Bammer goes to Mississippi St and to Auburn, with a bye week against Georgia Southern sandwiched in between. LSU has Western Kentucky, @ Ole Miss, and then Arkansas at home. Then of course comes the sacrifice of Georgia or South Carolina in Atlanta. But both teams will be playing their bowl game in New Orleans, and for a 6th consecutive season an SEC team will be playing for a national title.
Big Not 12-Oklahoma St
The T Boones haven't had a close game since September, and if we were laying odds, would make them the front runner to play the LSU/Bama winner in New Orleans. Their remaining slate goes K St (whose pass defense should make this the Justin Blackmon show), @ Tex Tech, @ Iowa St, bye, then Bedlam vs. Oklahoma. 3 of those 4 could be losses, and it'd be following in the state tradition to Choke. But if Oklahoma St wins out, their schedule strength would give them an advantage over any other remaining undefeateds.
Pac 12-Stanford
If you don't want to see Boise in the big game, the Cardinal and the Cowpokes appear to be your only hopes. The Luck train pulled it out against Southern Cal, and the rest of their schedule is easier than Okie St's. @ Oregon St, then Oregon, Cal, and Notre Dame all at home to close things out. Then there's the Pac 12 Championship, against Arizona St, Southern Cal, or [shudder]UCLA. Oregon seems the most likely loss, although Vontez Burfinct or a Southern Cal rematch could also bring defeat.
Non BCS-Boise St and Houston
Houston would be jumped by a 1 loss major, so we can discount them, even if they make it through @ UAB, @ Tulane, SMU, @Tulsa, and then the C-USA Championship game. But Boise on the other hand, could make it through by default. A lot of fans will cry and whine, but we have a hard time seeing the BCS not putting them in there if Okie St or Stanford can't make it through clean. They're coming off a bye, and only a down TCU stands in their way. Their remaining schedule goes @ UNLV, TCU, @ San Diego St, Wyoming, New Mexico. So a lot of you better become Gary Patterson fans quick.
If only one undefeated makes it through, and it's LSU or Bama, a rematch will probably not happen as the BCS just wouldn't allow it. If it's only one, and not LSU or Bama, expect whichever of them wins the SEC to be the other team.
But your fears just may be coming true SEC fans, Boise just might make a national title game.

Nick Saban would like to remind you of one thing

Come at me Lester. Don't forget who your daddy is.

Really Mark?

If Bogotay is as you say, "an outstanding kicker ... He’s got a lot of ability" then why are we wasting his scholarship to ride the bench? Blair Walsh has issues. Maybe it's technique, or his plant foot, maybe it's all mental. But whatever it is, the man ain't making kicks. And we've given someone a very valuable scholarship for the past 3 years, who's "an outstanding kicker" to not kick? Let Walsh get his head straight. Let him spend two weeks in the film room figuring out what he's doing differently from the last two years, and then working to get back to his old form. Do something, besides sit on your hands and "love" Walsh. We recall you "loved" Crowell too, and he sat. And one of those two was at least performing as expected.

On the injury note, we should be fine against New Mexico St without Malcolm Mitchell, especially if Troupe is back to give a little depth. Chris Conley started to step up, so he can fill some of that void until Auburn, when hopefully we can be at as close to full strength as we've been since the opening snap against Boise.

Dallas Lee's out until at least a bowl game, and that hurts. OL, unlike every other position besides QB, doesn't really rotate many players in and out. But again, if we jump on the Aggies like we should Saturday, we can give Watts Dantzler, Hunter Long, David Andrews, and some others plenty of reps to prepare them for possible duty against Auburn, Kentucky, or Tech.

As for kickoff issues that have plagued us seemingly since the directional nonsense, except when Walsh was able to boot it 8 yds deep in the end zone, “Well, we’ve got to figure something out, don’t we?" Um, yeah you do. Richt's really trying to kill the joy of a successful Party isn't he?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A look ahead to Auburn

New Mexico St is a gimme, right? McGarity scheduled them like a genuis to a) give us a quasi-bye week between major games, and b) so we could all be home in time for Saturday's Game of the Millenium of the Year.

So let's take a quick glance at the Plainsmeagles. For starters, RB Michael Dyer is a beast. Todd Grantham will have to focus on him first and foremost, and it won't be easy. Maybe it's that #5 and his Little Rock background, but he plays awfully familiar to Darren McFadden. After him, it's speedster Ontario McCaleeb, and little else to worry about defensively (except for our offense and special teams giving up 30 points of course). Although Clint Mosely has led to a more effective offense now that Barrett Trotter's been benched.

They also have a bye this week, after killing Ole Miss and having an up and down year. They nearly lost to Utah St in the opener, then bounced up to beat down Miss St, only to lose to Auburn With A Lake, rebounding to beat Fla Atlantic and South Carolina in Soda City. That was followed by a whipping from Arkansas, and low scoring win over Florida, a demolishing by LSU, and yesterday's game vs the Daddy Bears. So they've been up and down all year, which leads to the question of do they get their down out of the way in the bye, or will the down time come in Athens?

We can't count on that, as the South's Oldest Rivalry is always a hard fought game. And any predictions are almost always an exercise in futility. We'll have our hands full with Dyer, and their defense is always strong. But after last night's glorious Cocktail Party, we're gonna celebrate a little longer.

Richt: "It was a big deal"

That's right Coach, congratulations.
"Now that it’s over and we won it, it was a big deal,” Richt said. “It was a big deal for me personally.”
We may need a little more time to heal, as things seem thin, especially at WR where Israel Troupe is now out, and also OL, where Dallas Lee has a fractured fibula. Emerson's link above also mentions Richard Samuel having sprained his ankle on that final play of the Cocktail Party. But with New Mexico St in town next weekend, hopefully we can jump on them early and give the backups plenty of reps in the second half. For the battle to get beaten by the winner of the Game of the Millenium of the Year, it's just us and a weakened South Carolina. We've got home games against Auburn and Kentucky to keep in it, while they need wins at Arkansas Saturday, and home vs. Florida the following week to keep us out.

Hate week: Who's laughing now?

I am. I am laughing.

Just How Patient are Georgia Fans?

We didn't start calling for Richt's head until after the Colorado game last year, Richt's 10th season.

How patient are Gator fans?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post game thoughts

I love you

And you

And you,

and the doctors that let us get you too.

We still need to play Brandon Bogotay with Walsh suffering from Sax/Knoblach Syndrome.

Will Muschamp still is winless in the Cocktail Party.

Christian Conley made some amazing catches.

We need a new offensive coordinator, and I'd like to see Richt take personal command of special teams, because that was "special".

And now time to drink and destroy some property.

Halftime thoughts

World's Largest Michael Adams is a Douche Party

If you're in Jacksonville, you're near lots of alcohol and not reading this. If you're not in Jacksonville, you're probably still near lots of alcohol. Hence, the name "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party". Our esteemed President doesn't like this name. To which most Georgia alums, fans, etc responded...

Morning papers

We aren't the only team with special teams problems at this Party.

Florida, after their defensive struggles the last few weeks, has shortened their playbook.

Malcolm Mitchell didn't travel, and his snaps will go to Marlon Brown, Michael Bennett, and Chris Conley.

Hate week: On the menu at today's tailgate?

And if you need more hate, MaconDawg's got ya covered.

Friday, October 28, 2011


this is just too funny. Thanks hedges to hardwood.

Lester Miles Would Like to Remind You and Alabama of One Thing.

Happy Halloween Count Fagula! 

Guess who is still undefeated and has an off week to prepare his body from the knees down against all Lilliputian attacks!

The Rider Returneth and just in time to remind you that a win on Saturday does not a job make safe.


"I have returned by beloved cold blooded minions."
 I must apologize for my extended absence the past few weeks.  As many of you may know a few years ago Barney Frank (an alleged congressman from Yankeeland) and Chris Dodd (another Yankee politician) decided to let everyone in the universe have a $500,000 home and then the housing bubble burst.  Now if one wishes to buy a new home they must turn over all their financial records, show all cash (including all confederate money that has been kept for when the South rises again), submit to an FBI/CIA/KGB background search, swear an undying oath to Baal the pagan god of the Philistines, give a blood and hair follicle sample, and submit to a vigorous anal probing in order to purchase a home.  Needless to say all that has been occupying a playa's time and cutting into my bloggeries. 

However, like all Gators starters who have ever been injured since 1990 I am back just in time for the CT Party.  Brothah Sanchez has held down the fort in my absences and has done a fine job of it.  So on cocktail-eve let the Rider grab the mic and forget about game Im'a spit da truth!
  • John Theus has had an official visit to ND and is to have an unofficial visit to Florida just in-case Richt gets fired........really......ND.........6-7 is cause for firing in Georgia but in ND 6-7 is as good as it is ever gonna get again.
  • Grantham matches wits against cheese crotch.  We shall see what Toddy Grahams does against a seasoned opponent of the 3-4.
  • Bobo turned in his best performance of the season last week!
  • Win this game and Richt's job is secure!......Pump the brakes their son.  Auburn and GT still loom in the distance as well as the fact that we are still in the running to be the sacrificial offering for the Western Champion.  Florida is a must win but not a win and you stay.
  • The Game NEEDS to be a home and away and we will continue to always make that point!

Fun with Google Word Search, part 3

Just what kind of site do you people think we are? "Milfs", "Arkansas Milfs", and "Tennessee Milfs" have been among our more used search terms to find us.

A) If you're coming here for attractive older women, you've found the wrong place.

B) Just how the hell do we come up in a search of those terms to begin with.

weird and wild stuff indeed

Oops: Realignment coming, just not yet

Team Speed Kills has the screen caps. Basically, Missouri is coming, and the announcement is in the can when ever Slive is ready to announce their acceptance, or perhaps once he can clear up the logistics so as not to threaten games like Auburn/Georgia, Alabama/Tennessee, etc. We're not quite sure Missouri fits the "Southeastern" Conference, but at least you can get sweet tea at some places around the state, and they are where Jesse James, among other former Confederates called home. So they are sort of psuedo-southern and adjacent to the current geographic footprint.

Support your local High School

You know it's coming every Friday, and you love it. Only two weeks left before the state playoffs begin, so expect a lot of heated, hard fought games across the state this week. The AJC has the schedule statewide here. So if you aren't partying in Amelia or St Simon's, check it out and treat yourself to a little hors d'oeuvres before tomorrow afternoon's Cocktail Party. Or for the Agoraphobes amongst us, GPB will have some quality games on the TVtubes as well.

Hate week: Spend five minutes with this guy, and your life will be better for it

Thom Brennamen is a bitch.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No respect I tell ya, no regards neither

the SEC media expects us to finish in the bottom half of the SEC East, and 8th in conference in men's basketball. We have no one on either the first or second team. I expect at least 1, if not 2, to make the post season list.

Today was also media day, and the head coach and senior PG were on hand to give their thoughts. There were some great things said about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, about both his talent, and how he's quickly taken to the team and followed the leaders of the team. Coach Fox also expects us to be able to focus on defense, and if the incoming depth can develop, to play at a faster pace. Ware, from Powder Springs, also notes how the returning sophomores have made strides, and we'll need Marcus Thornton and Donte' Williams to bring that better understanding to go with their talents as we replace a lot of our points and rebounding up front.

As Fox said, "You can replace talent, but the new guys are going to have to learn on the job and grow up in front of your eyes, and hopefully that will be a fun process.”

The link here can give you the full quotes of Mark Fox and Dustin Ware.

Week 9 Picks Guaranteed* to Win You Money

Thanks to a .500 week, we're now at 49-28-1 for the full season. With a record like that, we're bound for a correction, cause seriously, we're horrible, horrible gamblers. You've heard our score prediction for the Cocktail Party, now it's our picks for the 10 games involving the top 15 teams on the week. Lots of road favorites in the games this week, so it's just asking for trouble.

#15 Wisconsin -7 1/2 @ Ohio St- The Badgers look to bounce back against the bumbling Buckeyes. On the road, but Ohio St is a far cry from the Sweatervest days. Take the Badgers to win you some money honey.

#13 South Carolina -3 1/2 @ Tennessee-Without Lattimore on one side, or Bray on the other, this one has the possibility of becoming a classic ala Miss St/Auburn a few years back where the o/u of 10 might win with the under. But we expect the Gamecock D to score at least one TD, and the Chickens cover in a game of who's offense can do the least.

#12 Virginia Tech -15 1/2 @ Duke-See that opponent, Duke, yeah, we're taking the Hokies. No further explanation needed.

#11 Michigan St +4 1/2 @ #14 Nebraska-Michigan St has clearly been playing better, and Taylor Martinez will do his best to blow it. But there's only so many games in a row where kids can get up, and after Ohio St, Michigan, and then the Badgers last week, Sparty is bound for a let down. Nebraska's D covers Martinez's incompetence, and covers the 4.

#10 Arkansas -10 1/2 @ Vanderbilt-Vanderbilt just flubbed up against Army and proved they hate America. Plus, see the Va Tech comments. Take the Razorbacks, even at twice that spread, as Petrino piles it on.

#8 Kansas St +13 1/2 @ #9 Oklahoma-So the choke came last week, what does that mean for this week, against the Chocolate Chip lovers? Will the Sooners bounce back, or does Bill Snyder have his mojo back? We're taking the Wildcats just for the points.

#7 Oregon -35 1/2 Washington St-The Cougars haven't been good since Ryan Leaf left, and Oregon scores at will. It's a lot of points, but the Ducks will fly.

#6 Stanford - 7 1/2 @ Southern Cal-Matchup of the first round QBs in Luck and Barkley. One has a good, physical team, the other is coached by Lane Kiffin. Yeah, take the Cardinal.

#5 Clemson -3 1/2 @ Georgia Tech-And the Clemsoning begins. As much as it pains us to say, we're calling the Yellow Jackets to upset and cover. We're going to be sick, so let's just move on to the next one.

#3 Oklahoma St -14 1/2 Baylor-Robert Griffin the 3rd may be ridiculous, but the T Boones are rolling along and seem like the best bet right now to face next week's winner of the Game of the Millenium of the Century of the Decade of the Year. Lay the points, take the 'Pokes.

*-guarantee only good on Christmas Eve, between 4:30 and 4:49 in the morning, if you're on your way to Toys-R-Us to get your kid the last Transformer doll, and right before you go inside you get smacked upside the head with a brick

The beauty of having your best booster as the local prosecutor

After getting his ass whupped by Alabama, Florida DL Dominique Easley had a little energy left over, and decided to take it out on a former Crimson Tide DB. An investigation in to Easley actions resulted in, shockingly, the state's attorney's office threatening the attacked with charges. Considering the familiar names that are associated with every criminal act by any Gator in the Gainesville area, both for (Johnson) and against (Cervone), is it any wonder Miles always expected the charges to ultimately be dropped. And we wonder why our team seems to get so many charges compared to our SEC competitors.

"If he gets charged with anything, it would be a misdemeanor. In my opinion,
there's nothing about this case that's a felony," said Huntley Johnson,
Easley's attorney. "But I would not be surprised at the end of the day if he
weren't charged with anything."

It wouldn't shock us either Huntley, it never does.

They get healthier, while we get more injured

John Brantley is "nearly a lock", while pint sized burner Jeff Demps is getting close to full health, and they also get their K, Caleb Sturgis back for the Cocktail Party.
Meanwhile in Athens, Malcolm Mitchell is looking worse, but we've already been over that, in addition to Rantavious Wootentheballcarrier continuing to suffer from a concussion and now backup OT Austin Long is out with an ankle injury.

Hate week: Mullets and jorts

old, but another classic.

Natty light huh? Tastes like...

And the on again off again Malcolm Mitchell is now off

Gentry Estes has the latest update. As of now, things look "doubtful". He hasn't practiced since reinjuring it very early Monday.
“We're not going to put him out there unless we think he can go full speed the whole game,” Richt said. “There's just no point in doing it, especially with a hamstring. Once you do that, then you set a guy back for another two, three, four (weeks), who knows how long? If it's not well and then you rupture it again, you're probably really setting yourself back for a while.”
Without Mitchell, who may or may not even travel with the team to Jacksonville (NCAA rules allow them to take just 70), expect more of Michael Bennett and Marlon Brown. Fellow true freshman Christian Conley has also been getting increased work. The primary beneficiary though is probably Marlon Brown. The Memphis native played his best game against Vanderbilt, and is finally getting healthy from an ankle injury himself. His big game against Vandy would have been a lot bigger if Aaron Murray didn't misfire on multiple deep balls where Brown had easy scores awaiting. He's big, and he can get behind the defense easily.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Congratulations to Jarvis Jones

the Columbus native who we gratiously got a second chance with thanks to Lane Kiffin and the doctors at Southern Cal has been named one of 12 semi finalists for the Butkus Award. We'd assume Vontez Burfinct or one of the Alabama LBs are the front runner for the award, but it's a sign that Jones has really flourished off the edge in Grantham's 3-4, and a big game Saturday could go a long way in to making him a finalist, not just a semi-finalist. Let's hope he sticks around for his senior season, because if so, next year's defense is looking scary good.

What the Senator said

Ever wonder why some coaches have an extreme disdain for major media? Senator Blutarsky sheds a little light on why.
As the quoted portion of the article mentions, the Gainesville Sun's reporter thinks the Florida staff may be playing tricks with Brantley forcing Grantham to prepare for a QB he won't see at the Cocktail Party. And how the offense Brantley runs "is far different than the offense Driskel and fellow true freshman Jacoby Brissett have run" [different =simpler/easier and less capable). As the Senator says, it'll take about "fifteen seconds to dial up a suitable defensive alignment once it’s obvious that Brantley isn’t in the game", and begin to send relentless attacks in to the Gator backfield with heavy focus on Demps and Rainey (who we are likely spending most of our time preparing for anyway).
Hey, Robbie Andreu, this is football, not rocket surgery, and making in game adjustments has been something Grantham does very well. The difficulty would be if Brantley sat and they handed the reigns to say Trey Burton in a style we saw against Tennessee in 2002, when a much more mobile James Banks took over for Casey One Arm Clausen. The "different" offense Andreu describes is more akin to NFL defenses preparing for Curtis Painter instead of Peyton Manning.

Mitchell is or isn't hurt, part deux

OK, so earlier at his PC, Richt said Malcolm Mitchell, our best outside threat offensively, practiced for maybe 5 minutes, with talk about him reinjuring his hamstring. Well Mark Weiszer spoke with Aaron Murray, and he makes it seem like Mitchell was just being precautious and will be good to go to the Party.
“I talked to him and he just said he felt a little tight and he just didn’t want
to push it anymore,” Murray said. “He wants to make sure he doesn’t do anything
to damage (it.) He wants to play Saturday extremely badly.”Murray said Mitchell
told him that he’s “good to go.”“They just don’t want to push it too much with
him right now and make sure he’s close to 100 percent by game time,” Murray
said. “He’s a competitor and I know he’s going to do whatever it takes to try to
get that thing as close to 100 percent as he can.”
Man, Saturday can't get here fast enough.

Hate week: They elect idiots like this, and keep electing them

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Press Conference review: Could the excuse making finally be over and we get Evil Richt back?

Georgiadogs.com has the transcript from Richt's regular Tuesday PC, and it's got some interesting, not liked items.
Foremost, for us Tampa lovers...
"He didn't do well yesterday. He practiced for about five minutes."
Ruh roh. My thoughts on if he's out for the Cocktail Party are in that Tampa lover link.
Could he finally be getting over the weather, travel, etc stupid excuses?
"We're trying to focus real hard on not the fact that it's in Jacksonville, not the fact that it's even Florida. We're looking at the team we're playing as far as their personnel, their scheme."
On the much maligned special teams issues, and if they aren't listening, why?
"[W]e know we have to get better. I think a lot of it has to do with challenging those units to do exactly what the coaches tell them to do. That's been at least 50 percent of the issue."
Are we getting sneaky to adjust to missing Shawn Williams at SS for a half?
"I know how we are going to do it. I'm not going to say how we are going to do it, but that one a little bit more tricky to find the answer for on how to handle that first half."
On how he handles the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Part;, again, hopefully the excuse making is going away, and we're focusing on the game itself and what we can do other than a bunch of outside nonsense.
"I think we are much better off focusing on the things that really truly matter, and that's what is your job, what is your assignments, what are you going to do if this happens, what are you going to do if that happens. ... We practice crowd noise, practice schemes, try to get better fundamentally and get after it."
And from us at S&G, we know most folks hit the road tomorrow or Thursday, so travel safe, enjoy the Party, and let's hope we can do some property destroyin' Saturday night (in a good way, like breaking metal steel chairs with 5 inch cushions).

We've played a Muschamp D before

"I’ve worked at Auburn, LSU and Texas – I’ve worked a lot of different places, and this isn’t the first time I’ve played against Georgia.”

In 2003, Muschamp's first as LSU's defensive coordinator, the Bayou Bengals won a national title, and in the two games they played against Georgia that season, we scored a combined 23 points. The 2004 Tigers came to town, and we lit them up for 45, with several big plays over the top to Reggie Brown and Fred Gibson. He left with Saban for the NFL, then return to run Auburn's D in 2006 and 2007. We scored 37 and 45 in those games, both Ws. So in our last 3 matchups of Bobo vs. Muschamp, we scored 45, 37, and 45. Can Bobo burn his old teammate again?

Listen to Mr. Sanchez

I was privileged to be a part of this week's Dawg Gone Podcast, along with the other members of the masthead at Dawgsports.com. If you want to hear Mr. Sanchez, and several others discuss this weekend's World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, click the link and give it a listen. There's stats, analysis, expert hate, and more.

So, is Malcolm Mitchell healthy, or not?

Year of the Dawg has the tweet timeline. It starts good, and ends kind of scary.

We have some decent receivers, but none have come close to approaching the caliber of playmaker Tampa has shown to be. Marlon Brown maybe, but he's just had the one game so far. Malcolm Mitchell on the other hand, has shown the speed, route running, ability to adjust when the ball is in the air, and the hands, to be a truly elite player off the edge. Aside from AJ Green, he's shown as much talent as any WR Georgia has ever had. In a game this big, we need him as a threat outside. Charles, White, Bennett, King, and others can work underneath. Brown, when Murray can hit him, has shown the ability to make plays over the top. Mitchell can make more, and can come underneath or across the middle. He, unlike others, has shown that innate ability to take an 8 yd slant, beat an angle, and turn it in to an 80 yd TD. Hopefully, the staff was just being cautious, and the kid will be out there near 100% when the Cocktail Party starts. His health is almost as important as Isaiah Crowell's.

Georgia Rising- How the Peach State Could Produce the SEC East Champion and the Republican Nominee for President

The big difference between the winner of the SEC East and the Republican Nominee is that the Nominee is almost assured of being President and the East Champ is assured of being slaughtered in the Georgia Dome.   To understand Georgia's chances we shall look at the SEC East juxtaposed with the Republican Candidates:

6. Vanderbilt Commodores / Ron Paul:  Chances of winning  0%
You are probably thinking "There is just something about Paul that doesn't fit the Republican Party."  Well you are correct because Paul is not a Republican he is a Libertarian and the GOP should ask him to exit the primary.  You are probably thinking "There is just something about Vanderbilt that doesn't fit the SEC."  Well you are correct because Vanderbilt cares about crap like reading and learning and not football.  The SEC should ask them to exit the SEC.

5. Kentucky Wildcats / Rick Santorum:  Chances of Winning  0%
The three legs of the GOP platform is a) strong national defense b) fiscal conservatism c) social conservatism.  Santorum is that guy that has always been around and is always running for office as a Republican but only really knows or cares about social conservatism.  Kentucky has always been hanging around the SEC but they really only care about one thing.......here is a hint it ain't football.

4. Tennessee Volunteers / Rick Perry   Chances of Winning  10%

Seems polished and prepared especially against non-conference teams.  Looks horrible when on the stage with others.  Craps the bed against again smarter/more talented opposition.  Could have over taken Romney but flubbed it; could have taken Bama to the wire but flubbed it.  Will forever be tied to a loathsome racial slur on a rock and a loathsome song about being on top of a rock....we assume the same rock.

3. Herman Cain / South Carolina Gamecocks:   Chances of Winning  15%

Trust us they are both just as shocked as we are that they are in this position.  Both peaked early and now with no Lattimore and having to explain 9-9-9 both can prepare for a downward spiral.  

2. Mitt Romney / Florida Gators:   Chances of Winning  28%
They always look good early and there are always people who give them lip service.  However, deep down no one really wants them to win because no one really likes them.  They are just real Douchie....real, real douchie.  They get 28% because no matter who rises and who falls they never really gain any ground.  Pulling Alabama, Auburn, and LSU in the same season is almost insurmountable just like....oh I don't know.....Socialized Medicine.

1. Georgia Bulldogs / Newt Gingrich  Chances of Winning  35%

Both seemed to be on an unstoppable uptick a few years back but then somehow lost their way.  Georgia has limitless resources and recruiting while Newt has limitless intellect and understanding of all aspects of government.  Both were left for dead early in the process.  Newt lost his entire staff and the Dawgs lost to lowly Boise State. No one thought Newt was really trying and no one though Richt was really trying after the SC game.  Then out of the blue everyone else started falling apart.  Georgia and Newt could each win a war of attrition.  Candidates rise and fall while Romney gains nothing.  Florida and SC self destruct with injuries, and suspensions.  In the end both may be the best hope of the Republicans and the East.  Gingrich would challenge Obama to the Lincoln/Douglas standard, seven debates each three hours with no moderator.  Gingrich would intellectually crush Obama.  Georgia would challenge (most likely LSU) to four quarters for fifteen minutes each.  Georgia would be crushed by LSU.

This leaves an unpredictable 18% that could swing to Cain, Romney, Gingrich just as it could swing to Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina.

Hate week: How much do we hate Florida

This much.

ht to Dawgs2011 here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

John Brantley is back in practice, will start against Georgia

The Florida Times-Union and others are reporting how John Brantley returned to Florida's practice today in a "limited" capacity. Apparently the two freshmen, Briskett and Driskel will also see snaps this week, we assume in case Brantley's ankle relapses. High ankle sprains are not easy injuries to heal, and while he may be fully healthy by Saturday, he may be weak and not able to plant properly. Georgia's D will almost assuredly be preparing all week as though we'll see the Brantley who went 11 of 16 for 190 yards in a half against Alabama.
"Getting him back is going to be a huge psychological shock for our
football team," Muschamp said. "I really believe that. ... Obviously, the
production when he was not in the game went down. You've got to give our
opponents some credit on that as well. There's no question he gives us a
psychological boost for our football team on offense and on defense, too,
because that effects how the defense plays sometimes."

Is Richt safe if he beats Florida?

Richt-o-Philes love to ask us what we think of Richt now. How do we judge his job security after a handful of wins over the weaker half of the conference? We acknowledge some improvements (last year's team loses Vandy, this year fought for the W). So we'll answer your simple question so we can move on and get to the rest of our week.

Is Richt safe if he beats Florida?
Yes. Next question.

CCRider says----- No. Next Question  (Here your writer/editors disagree)
Ah, the important question, will we beat Florida? That won't be answered for a few more days. Do we look like the superior team on paper, again the answer is yes. But Richt had the better team in 2002, 2003, 2005 (even without DJ), and were as good or better in 2008 (we were higher ranked going in to that game mind you. And even if you consider that national title Florida team better, they damn sure weren't 49-10 better) and 2010. Yet those all ended in losses because it's too hot down there, or the refs, or any of a number of immaterial excuses he's thrown out for why we piss ourselves in Duval County.

"So you're saying there's a chance?"

Mark Bradley thinks a win Saturday means there's "a chance" it'll end any discussion of Mark Richt not being fired. There's "a chance" Mark Bradley is a moron too.
Should Georgia win Saturday, there’s a chance — a chance, I say — we won’t
hear the words “hot seat” mentioned in connection with Mr. Cool again this

Monday morning newspaper roundup

First and foremost, is our health, because if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. Well, for the most part, the Dawgs are healthy. According to David Paschall, and several others in their morning updates, Alec Ogletree is healthy enough to start at his familiar inside LB position (so much for those saying he should slide to SS some until Shawn Williams can take the field). Whether he starts alongside Christian Robinson, Amarlo Herrera, or Mike Gilliard remains to be seen, and probably depends on who practices best this week. Either way, expect to see all 4 used liberally rotating in and out. Bacarri Rambo is also healthy and good to go after not practicing.
Paschall's article also has the oft-used this a.m. quote on Malcolm Mitchell's hamstring. We are pretty big on young Tampa, and think getting his speed and ability to make plays on the outside is a big key to opening things up for Crowell and our TEs, and for helping Murray have his best possible game. Rantavious Wooten, still suffering from a concussion, is thought to be the only missing Dawg come Saturday. The quote on Mitchell is below, and it sounds suspect although all indications are he will play.
Defensively, Georgia doesn't know which QB it's going to see, although in our opinion it doesn't make too much of a difference. Their running threat/wildcat of choice is TE Trey Burton, so it's not as though Driskell, Brissett, or Brantley bring too many differences in terms of style. All 3 are pocket passers and the system is similar with any taking snaps. Brantley may run it better, have a better understanding of the system and his teammates, and make better reads of opposing Ds, but he's also coming off a high ankle sprain and supposedly still in a walking boot. He may be fresh, and the Gators may be snakes in the grass lying on how severe his injury is, but those types of injuries can be long lasting problems, and severely weaken the joint. A weak ankle means Brantley is not moving well, not planting well, and that can lead to turnovers. Our luck, he'll come out firing and have a 350+ yd, 4 TD day on 70+% completions, but we'll just have to wait and see come Saturday. With or without Brantley, Todd Grantham probably runs the same sets and play calls, and probably comes hard and in numbers after whoever is in the Gator backfield.
Also, Alabama/LSU, thanks to CBS making a move right before the trade deadline with ESPN, will be a night game. Considering the magnitude of those two undefeated behemoths going in to November 5th, we can't imagine just how lubricated and crazy Tuscaloosa will be that day. You know Gameday will be there, and every college football fan will be squarely focused on that game. For Georgia fans, it gives us plenty of time to get home from what we expect, although it's yet to be announced, a 12:30 or 1:30 start time against New Mexico St.

Hate week: North Florida is the most red of all necks

But Sanchez, that doesn't fit with the title. Well, since you asked. Why is north Florida the most red of all southern necks? They do stupid stuff like this.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A look at what the Gator newspapers were saying last week

Will Muschamp, notorious as Coach Boom Mother ...., is vowing to clean up his language. Cousin Larry apparently got caught on camera cursing out the refs against Auburn (so maybe they won't hate us as much as our opponents for once). He says he won't be a kinder, gentler coach, just cleaner.

The Gators have also been struggling. Some of that is due to quality opponents, having run a gauntlet of Alabama, LSU, then Auburn before yesterday's bye. But serious questions have cropped up for them defensively and offensively. Florida hasn't forced a turnover in over a month (which the Munson in us is scared means their due, and Murray has another 3 pick day). They've struggled to get pressure (8th in the SEC in sacks with 11 total, 5 of which come from DE Ronald Powell and LB Jon Bostic). And they only have one player with multiple interceptions (S Matt Elam at 2).

Offensively, the team went downhill fast after losing Brantley. Again, part of that was the increased competition, but they were looking good against mostly patsies prior. They have loads of speed both at WR and TB, but they don't have a typical pro-style rusher and their receivers have never been consistent threats. Their OL hasn't been too much of a problem, but it hasn't given their playmakers much time to operate either. They've also been woeful on third downs, converting about 1/3 (34%), so 3rd and Grantham will hopefully be in effect at the Party. But they may have Brantley back, who's been slow to recover from a high ankle sprain.

Either way, on paper, they look worse than we thought coming in to the month. But they've had two weeks to rest, repair, and retool their stuff. We can't expect to face the Gator team we've seen this month at the Cocktail Party. They should be all dressed up and ready to go against us, like they always are.

The schedule for the city of Jacksonville

Most of you will spend some time this week on Georgia's Golden Isles. Some will be a slight bit south, on the lovely Amelia Island. But for those of you heading straight in to the lion's den, the Florida Times-Union has a list of times for RV parking, boat docking, and other events of interest.
RV City opens, 8 a.m., Lot E

Florida-Georgia Welcome Center across from EverBank Field next to Lot K and Metropolitan Park, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (though Saturday)

Boat docking opens at 8 a.m., Jacksonville Municipal Arena (boat slips sold out).

Bulldog Club of Jacksonville Meeting and Kickoff Party, 7 p.m. (social hour 5:30 p.m.), Omni Jacksonville Hotel.

The George Aspinall Band, 7-11 p.m. at RV City Stage.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame Ceremony, 12:30 p.m., at Touchdown Showdown Tent in Pepsi Plaza. Inductees are Kevin Carter and Nat Moore (Florida), John Brantley and Bill Saye (Georgia). General admission is free and open to the public. Corporate tables sold out. Information: (904) 630-3600.

Inaugural Florida/Georgia Weekend BBQ Block Party, 2-9 p.m., outside Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Eighteen teams compete to make the best barbecue, with food, drink and games for kids.

“Show Your True Colors” Campground Decorating Contest, 4-5 p.m. Must be present to win.

Street festival at Jacksonville Landing, 5 p.m.-2 a.m., with live music. $10.

Florida-Georgia Karaoke on the RV City stage, 7-11 p.m.

The Zac Brown Band at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, 7 p.m. (Tickets $39.50-$59.50).

Corey Smith at Florida Theatre, 9 p.m. ($28.50).

Bulldog Tailgate Party at Metro Park. Parking opens at 7 a.m., food service at 11:30 a.m. Meal tickets are $15. Info: (904) 730-DAWG or jaxbulldogs.com.

Touchdown Showdown, 10 a.m.-end of game, outside the south end zone in Pepsi Plaza and on Adams Street between Lot J and Lot M. Interactive games and activities, jumbo screens, merchandise sales, football skills challenges, food and beverages. Free admission.

Adams Street Experience. Registration for Florida-Georgia Corn Hole Tournament begins at 11 a.m.

Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame Display, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Free admission.

Florida vs. Georgia. Gates open at 1:30 p.m. Kickoff at 3 p.m.

Meet Nemanja Djurisic

Gentry Estes of dawgs247.com has a solid profile on new F Nemanja Djurisic. A player who can go from watching bombs drop around his family, to dropping bombs on the court.
"I spent time in childhood hiding from the bombs," he said. "It wasn’t very fun, but it was what it was.”
Djurisic is a guy we tabbed as perhaps the darkhorse of Mark Fox's 3rd signing class to make a significant impact this season. As you can see in the link, we really like the Serbian's game, and think it is ideally suited for Fox's offensive system. He is a player we're really excited about watching for the next couple seasons, and should be a great one before all is said and done.

Broadway's next big hit: Chokelahoma!

2011, it's a brand new team!
Brand new team, gonna make you scream!
Gonna give you lots of yards and points early on,
Just enough to let you get your Sooner hopes up strong,
Plen'y of air and plen'y of runnin room,
Plen'y of time to let DeLoss Dodds tell us what to do

Chokelahoma, where you get let down on the Plains!
Chokelahoma where record always gets the Stains!
Chokelohoma where Tommy Tubs saves his job!
Chokelahoma where we laugh at Big Game Bob!

Hate week: It's game week now

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Les Miles would like to remind you of one thing

Hey Alafaga, I'm coming for you.

Occupy Herbstreit

If you haven't seen the site, it has a ton of quality shots.

Our two favorites below:

And is this done by a Dawg fan? The coozie says perhaps.

Bored on an off week: Any suggestions?

Thankfully, Baby Sanchez is sleeping well right now.

So, I was wondering what you imbeciles would suggest we do to occupy the time without having a Georgia football game to enjoy.

Hate week: This is why

Old, but filling a bye week isn't easy.

Friday, October 21, 2011

And the second most valuable program in the country is... [drum roll]

Georgia, just behind the massive valuable Texas. And as we all know, the SEC does college football better than anyone else, and is by far the most valuable conference in college football.

The top 10, + remaining SEC schools (sans Vandy, as private schools aren't included are listed below. The SEC contains 7 of the top 11, and 3 of the top 5.
1. Texas $848.3 million
2. Georgia $483.6 million
3. Penn State $446.9 million
4. Florida $421.8 million
5. LSU $397.4 million
6. Michigan $393.5 million
7. Alabama $374.3 million
8. Auburn $359.4 million
9. Oklahoma $343 million
10. Tennessee $321.3 million
11. South Carolina $316.8 million
17. Arkansas $235.7 million
20. Kentucky $152.5 million
23. Mississippi $136 million
48. Mississippi State $43.3 million

Support your local High School

The AJC has your Georgia statewide schedule, and with the playoffs right around the corner, teams will be fighting hard for a spot in the post season. Bed ridden folks can watch their local GPB affiliate for Pope @ East Paulding or East Coweta @ Stephenson. Remember, local high school football is usually the machine that finances a lot of activities for kids besides just the pigskin oriented ones. These kids need your support, and you like kids right? Not that way perv. Support your local High School.

The most hated rivalry in the game?

To our surprise, as well as Harvey Updyke's, the Iron Bowl is not the rivalry game with the most at each other's throats. What is the most contested, "dirtiest", and penalized rivalry in college football? Why, the South's Oldest Rivalry of course.

Hate week: Never forget; part 2

Fast forward to the 5:00 mark to get nice and pissed. And notice how the ball is snapped before the line judge flaps his arms. And remember, SEC refs are incompetents run by a Tech grad.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Support your local High School; but denounce this level of insanity

The article in the AJC speaks for itself. Such behavior can not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form and area leaders need to take action immediately to prove that point to everyone involved. The key parts are below...

Warren County Superintendent Dr. Jean Carey said the school system has asked the Georgia attorney general's office to request a GBI investigation into the after-game fight that seriously injured head football coach David Daniel. ... Carey said Daniel was attacked after Friday night's 21-2 victory in Hancock County. ... A group of more than 30 Hancock players attacked Warren players, said Carey. ... Daniel tried to intervene and was "smashed in the face with a helmet," said Carey.

Week 8 picks guaranteed* to win you money

After going 7-3 last week, we're at 44-23-1 on the year, shocking even to us. So maybe these picks are actually guaranteed* to win you money. And since we all want money, I'll get right to your winnings.
#10 Oregon - 30 1/2 @ Colorado-Oregon may have LaMichael James back for this, and their QB is also possible. But it's against Colorado, and they still haven't gotten over that near-death case of Hawkins Syndrome. Even with a spread that big, on the road, the Ducks run roughshod over the Buffaloes.
#9 Arkansas -15 1/2 @ Ole Miss-Do we really need to comment here? We've seen Ole Miss, they suck and Arkansas probably scores 80+. Petrino is just that nice a guy. Give the points, take the Pigs.
#8 Stanford -20 1/2 #25 Washington-Steve Sarkisian brought that USC style to Seattle, and Washington has steadily improved. The question is, have they improved enough to stop the Luck train? We say no, but they have gotten to the point where it won't be a beating like Vegas is saying. Keep the points, take the Purple People Eaters to cover in a loss.
#7 Clemson -10 1/2 @ North Carolina-After having Blind Butchie at the helm, North Carolina did well for a while until the dirt surrounded them and it's been a slow, painful death being left in the cold with nothing. Hey Dabo! has bought some pretty nice players, but they tried to pull a Clemson special week against the Big Uglies from Maryland. They may try again this week, but we'll say they hold off one more again, before losing 3 of their last 4 in true Tiger fashion. Clemson covers one last time.
#6 Wisconsin -7 1/2 @ #16 Michigan St-Both these teams burned us for 2 of our 3 misses last week. What can we say, we are proudly ignorant about the Big We Can't Count. In the hellhole that is East Lansing, the Badgers will be lucky not to get shot on the bus ride to town. But that fear will have their adrenaline flowing, and our love affair with Paul Chryst exists for a reason. Take the Badgers to win by well over a TD.
#5 Boise St -31 1/2 Air Force-We admit, we have a bit of a fondness for the Zoomies, even if they canned Fisher DeBerry for speaking the truth. But Boise is a machine and the only team that might keep within 5 TDs of them the rest of the way is TCU, and even the great Gary P might not be able to pull that trick. Take the Broncos, give the points. Easy money at homecoming.
#4 Oklahoma St -6 1/2 @ Missouri-Ah, the dreaded morning central time game. That never works well for the home team. We were tempted to take Mizzou due to being at home, but that morning time starts always seems to bode better for the road team than home. Plus, Justin Blackmon Justin Blackmon Justin Blackmon. The T Boones cover, because Missouri can't cover him.
#3 Oklahoma -29 1/2 Texas Tech-Since when did Tubby Tommy start sucking? I guess once he quit having the Auburn payroll at his disposal. Chokelahoma has two losses in them this regular season, but Saturday ain't one of them. It could be 50, and we'd still say Boomer Sooner.
#2 Alabama -29 1/2 Tennessee-This is a joke, right? LSU and Bammer have been easy money the last few weeks, and without Bray, the Orangemen will be lucky to cross the 50. The only possible problem is if the Tahd sleepwalker preparing for the much tougher opponent next week. But Saban would cut some scholarships if not nuts, if that happens, so lay the points as Alabama rolls in to that magnificent home game we've all been waiting on in two weeks.
#1 LSU -21 1/2 #20 Auburn-This one might actually be close, as Auburn has improved since that near disaster to begin the season against Utah St. And LSU lost their blunt force trauma of a tailback in Spencer Ware, along with everyone's new favorite Mathieu, for smoking the fake weed (really guys? You're in Louisiana, the real stuff probably is more plentiful, cheaper, and has less penalties for getting busted with it). So Clemson sans Lake may stand a chance to pull the upset. Then again, we all know what's on tap for November 5th, including whatever refs will be working this game. Auburn loves some yellow, but this Saturday it won't be Yellawood. That D still has plenty of hungry destructors even without the meme of the month Honey Badger, and without Ware, that means some other 230 pound bruiser pounds the rock. You might sweat it out, but give the points, and don't get off the Lester train yet. LSU covers.
*-guarantee only good on Christmas Eve, between 4:30 and 4:49 in the morning, if you're on your way to Toys-R-Us to get your kid the last Transformer doll, and right before you go
inside you get smacked upside the head with a brick

Bob Spratling Memorial Basketball Preview

Basketball practice started last week, and while I know some of the smart asses in the room will make smart ass remarks about how it's still football season and who cares about hoops; I care, and I'm the one who writes here, and since you sheep read anything we read, I'm putting it out there. Mark Fox is in the process of hopefully building something special in Stegeman, so you might wanna learn before feeling all left out like a dumbass in a couple years.

This will be Fox's third season in Athens, and while he will be working in some new faces to his rotation, he'll also be working against a very difficult schedule. In addition to the usually tough SEC schedule, we'll have neutral site games against Cal and then either Notre Dame or Missouri in the Progressive CBE Classic in Kansas City. That's followed by road trips to always solid Xavier in Cincinnati, and to Boulder for Colorado. We have another road trip to LA and Southern Cal in mid December, and before that host the Cincinnati Bearcats and of course the annual tilt against Georgia Tech will be in Athens on December 7th (we haven't lost at home to the Bugs since 1976).

That rotation of new faces will also include two familiar faces, 4 yr starting PG Dustin Ware returns to run the show, and while he lacks some ideal physical attributes, he is an extension of Fox on the floor, and plays very smart. He is the consumate floor general, and has had some glowing reports this summer on his game. Alongside him will return SG Gerald Robinson. The SR transfer from Nashville had moments where his quickness and ability to attack the rim took over games, but when SEC play started, he got out of control often and was much less effective. An improved perimeter shot and playing more within himself would go a long way to helping the NBA-quick and strong defensive player become our go-to weapon this winter.

Our other go-to weapon should be G/F Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. The McDonald's All-American from Greenville, GA is as hyped as any we've suited up in a long while. He's known as a silky smooth scorer that can stroke from outside or blow past SFs with his handle. He also has the athleticism that makes for a strong defender. Joining him, Robinson, and Ware in the backcourt rotation will be Vincent Williams, Sherrard Brantley, and in January, DB Nick Marshall.

Williams apparently broke Travis Leslie's vertical mark from last year, and in year 3, should be a solid backup to spell Ware when he needs a breather. The Irishman Brantley, from Dublin, showed a strong outside shot although he struggled to acclimate himself to the rest of the system. If he's more familiar with where to be in year 2, as he should be, expect him to be a big time threat off the bench bombing away from deep. Marshall, being a FR and late arrival once football is over, can't be counted on for much. But he has big time talent offensively, and is a strong enough athlete to at least give a Fred Gibson like 10 minutes of hard hustle impact defensively.

Up front is our biggest question mark going in to the season. Sophomores Marcus Thornton and Donte Williams showed some ability last year, but weren't very productive. A year of getting bigger and stronger should help Donte in the paint, as he showed the natural instincts, athleticism, and even soft touch in close, to become a solid SEC big. Thornton was our marquee signee last year, and should be our starting PF. He won't replace Trey Thompkins, but his all around skill level should allow him to show significant strides from last season.

The other returning big is SR Connor Nolte. He'll likely assume a backup role, and showed the smarts, hustle on the glass, and perimeter shot to be a solid 15-20 minute rotation player.

We'll also have several bodies to throw in, and hope some pan out to be solid. JUCO John Florveus, a Miami native, has gotten the best reviews in the off season, and has the length and athleticism, ala Donte Williams, to provide enough in the paint defensively. Tim Dixon, from Columbus, is a similar tooled player, but being a freshman should be much rawer and less likely to produce. John Cannon is our other potential C, and sounds similar to Dave Bliss in size and all around decent if unspectacular skills. We can only hope he proves as solid as our former Wisconsin transport.

Rounding out the frontcourt rotation will be PFs Nemanja Djurisic and Jay Rome. Rome, like Nick Marshall, is skilled but also obligated to football duties through January so unlikely to provide much more than athletic hustle. Djurisic's reports sounded somewhat similar, although obviously less acclaimed, to Trey Thompkins. 6'8 or so, 245 or so, with good court vision and passing ability, plus the skill to score from outside or inside. He's also said to be a more physical player than most Euro's get credit for, so a banger inside and on the glass. He comes to us from Montenegro via the prestigous South Kent prep academy, and imo, will really push Nolte and Thornton for time at PF.

*For those who don't know, Bob Spratling, well known to hoops message boarders as DC, was a long time loyal hoops fan who tragically passed before last season from a heart attack while driving through his Atlanta neighborhood.

How do you negate the suspension of Geathers and Williams?

One way to help would be if we win the coin toss, and can elect to receive. Personally, I like that philosophy to begin with. When given the option of taking the football, take it. Plus you never know when an opposing coach pulls a Morninwheg or they act like a Raider and just kicks off again. It's not Richt's normal philosophy, but it would help with the reduction of two key defenders until they can take the field in the second half.

Also, with the return of Ogletree, he might be able to play some of the SS snaps that would otherwise have been Shawn Williams in the first half. You can also play Sanders Commings and Bacarri Rambo at S, while Swann and Love back up Boykin and Smith at the corners.

Jon Jenkins has been starting at nose, so Kwame's impact is somewhat lessened, and it'd also allow him to be fresh for a second half of terrorizing the Gators OL ala Chris Daniels after Tubby Smith got him suspended in 2002.

And Grantham has also mentioned getting his best 11 on the field. That may mean running a bit of a 4-3, using Garrison Smith, Deangelo Tyson and Big Bad Jon inside, while Ray Drew, Cornelius Washington and Abry Jones on the ends, as Jones, Robinson, Herrera, Gilliard, and Vasser work at LB. I'd doubt we did that all half, but varying our looks could help negate the missing players and also force Weiss and reportedly Brantley at QB to deal with looks they haven't seen us use all year.

Yeah, the suspension sucks, but we can possibly use it to our advantage if Grantham adapts and the players step up to fill the voids.

Robert Geathers, Sr is pissed off

And the last thing anyone would want is to piss off the family Geathers, where 6'6 and 300+ of power is the norm.

In the AJC, Geathers speaks out about the heinous acts of Vandy C Logan Stewart in blatant attempts to what could essentially be a career ending move of a talented player by a scrub.

The money quote is below, emphasis added on what if true, should lead to Slive taking significant action against Vanderbilt coaches, because that kind of behavior simply can not be tolerated.
"[I]f you watch it you see this kid speed up while everybody else is slowing down and he’s locked in on my son’s leg. If you look closely you can see the guy give a thumbs up to the sideline and the coach telling him ‘good job.’ I was, like, ‘Wow!’ I could be sitting here today telling you how my son’s surgery went.”

Hate week, continued. Hang 'em High

We all know this picture, but it's such a great one, we can't get enough. Gator tail is tasty, and in the words of Chris Rainey, for this big lizard, it was "Time to Die, Bitch".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So that Tech man heading the SEC refs controls suspensions too

Sorry for the language, but fuck y'all. That is all.

Next year's starting set?

Gentry Estes of dawgs247.com has a nice look at what next year's starting set might look like, and we like it, a lot. Our only difference of opinion would be Kwame Geathers, a rsSophomore, is also eligible to go pro, and judging from the family history we think he will. Some will complain, but last Saturday's actions by Vandy's C showed full well why that family history is what it is. His older brothers, Robert Jr and Clifton, also DL, both left early (Junior from Georgia, Clifton from South Carolina). Football takes a huge toll on someone's body, and you never know just how many snaps you have left to go, or when some knucklehead douche is gonna cheap shot you to cut it even shorter. One can always go back and finish earning their degree after leaving school, but the NFL only pays you for so long, and it's a smart decision as far as us sausage makers are concerned.
But that's a tangent, and unrelated to Estes' outlook. Click the above link, and look at that roster for yourself. If a LT steps up (be it a freshman John Theus or current backup Austin Long), and our recievers continue to develop, that offense has the ability to be threaten with the run and pass in the multi-faceted type attack we seem to want to run. And that defense, oh that defense. That is a lot of ability, and veterans across the board, the likes of which we haven't had since 2005 (and that was a very dominant group). This year is far from finished, but being the bye week, us fans can dream a little. And Gentry Estes is helping us dream big.

Hate week continued: Florida has lost the jorts

and switched to this.

Proceed with your jokes below.

Injury updates

From the Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer, we've got 'Tree back on track and practicing. There's also no mention of Bacarri Rambo, last seen writhing on the Vanderbilt field in pain, so we assume he's good to go. Crowell should be well rested, although his answer to the question about sitting much of last game sounds pretty pissy. Malcolm Mitchell is the other much needed weapon, and it sounds like he'll be good to go after we play it safe letting often problematic hamstrings heal. Bobo mentions the need to get a strong slot weapon in Wootentheballcarrier back, although if his concussion is still causing problems, there's no reason to rush him back soon.

Getting back to good health is the big goal for the week, in addition to getting some good fundamental work in.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A look around the SEC. Teams 9 and 10.

We checked in on the bottom feeders yesterday. Now let's look one step above. The mix can be a bit convoluted, but in our opinion, these are the next to worst teams in the conference.

#10, Tennessee. In our opinion, without Bray, Tennessee struggles mightily down the stretch. They may make their way to 6-6 and a crap bowl, but Vandy may upset them at home in late November, at which point another losing season is likely for the Vols. Babs can whine about her baby all she wants, but if he has a losing season, Derek Dooley becomes squarely in the cross hairs for Tennessee fans. At that point, his future employment becomes contingent on Superstar getting healthy and leading them to a much better season in 2012. Tennessee is a very difficult job, and the former Clarke Central man stepped in to a horrible spot after Kiffikins snuck out in the middle of the night. But their fans won't care if he can't turn it around by year 3, with recruiting so far being less than stellar. Plain and simple, Tyler Bray's busted thumb may ultimately be what makes Barbara's Baby an offensive coordinator for the first time in his career.

#9, Vanderbilt. As you saw above, we think Lionel Ritchie's back up band can upset UT at the end of the year. It was a hard call between them, and team's 7 and 8, but we don't see the Commodores winning more than 2 more SEC games along the way (they have Army this weekend, and an Academic Bowl with Wake Forest to end the season). They have a likely gimme vs. Kentucky, with the Battle for the Hills against UT deciding if they win 7 and get perhaps a Liberty Bowl bid. The main key for Vandy is the continued development Jordan Rodgers. Saturday was his first start, and if he can play like that in their remaining games, it'll be a huge boost.

Hate week, continued. Never forget

People talk big at booster club meetings over the summer. Coach Boom, the former Georgia player, makes promises.

"Coach, I'm getting married soon and he's a Georgia fan and …"

"That's not my fault," Muschamp said.

"My wedding is on the same day as the Florida-Georgia game," she continued. "I was wondering: Can you guarantee Florida will win?"

Muschamp responded: "I certainly can."

We assume the turncoat was a Georgia fan at one at one time himself, but I guess he forgot where he came from. But don't worry Florida fans, he learned from Saban, and that means being a 100% mercenary.
"I'm loyal to who signs my checks," Muschamp said. "All of that other stuff, I don't get into. In our profession you're loyal to the people you work for.
Loyal, until someone offers me more cash. So in addition to forgetting where he came from, the man also forgot what the word "loyal" means.