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Monday, January 9, 2012

Big recruiting week

We'll have some good visitors in next weekend, but before that, we are hoping for a commit or two. Jordan Jenkins announces tonight at 7 on Fox Sports South, between Georgia, Florida, and Bama. The OLB target (or DE if you're Florida) was in the Army All-American game and looks impressive. He is well built, showed good strength and athleticism, and has extremely long arms that his uses extremely well to shed blockers. With Cornelius Washington an NFL question, and big freshmen Drew and Bailey likely growing in to DL, landing him to play with TJ Stripling and others behind Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree (we're gonna go ahead and pencil both in outside, with some combo of Gilliard, Herrera, and Robinson starting inside next year) would be huge for depth in a potentially championship season, and give Grantham the firepower to keep blasting after next year, when we assume both Ogletree and Jones depart as NFL first round picks.

Then Friday, Todd Gurley announces. Some signs point to Georgia being in a good spot here, and as a guy with the size to contribute right away, and the speed to make a difference right away, he'd be a monster pick up. He's got Isaiah Crowell's physical tools, although hopefully without the detrimental issues that have held back Crowell. Adding him to Keith Marshall in this class gives Bobo the I set backs he needs to actually start building an effective, focused offensive system.


  1. Has Crowell's physical tools. Rigggggghhhhtttt, buddy, whatever!

    What are your qualifications for being a recruitnick, by the way?

  2. hey man i appreciate the info, may not agree with everything you guys say or post, but thats whats great about the site, thanks for the info guys

  3. @ 2:47
    And your "qualifications" are what exactly? Do you have any substantive comments to make, or just petty whining with nothing else?
    Size, speed, moves, vision. All right in line with Crowell having all 4 of the above criteria. Both within an inch of 6', around 215-220, running 4.4s. Sounds about right for saying similar physical tools.