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Monday, January 9, 2012

Championship game pick guaranteed* to win you money

With the season coming to a close, we give you our final pick guaranteed* to win you money. All year long, we've actually kept that guarantee, winning near 60% in the regular season, and being over .500 in the always unpredictable bowl season. So here's our pick for the championship game.
Tonight at 8:30 in New Orleans-Bama -1 1/2 LSU
The yahoo lines have one favoring the Bayous, and the others with Bama around 2 to 2 1/2. We'll put the line there, and give you a score prediction for whatever your bookie has it at.

Plain and simple, this one should be as tight as last time. Thanks to great recruiting and oversigning to cut deadwood, both teams are loaded to bear on defense. On offense, there's some playmakers, but nowhere near to the extent of their speed and power on the hitting side. Trent Richardson will try to pound out 100 yds and a TD, but the depth off LSU's front 7 makes that a very difficult task. Bama has some stoppers of their own, so LSU can't wear them down with power back after power back like they did us. And they have some amazing DBs keeping Reuben Randle and their other pass catchers covered.

For our taste it comes down to turnovers and special teams. Bama sucks in the kicker department, which is a huge plus for LSU since offense and defense are equal. Jordan Jefferson, in spite of his limitations, has been very secure with the ball, and their offense has looked light years better since he got back in rhythm. We don't trust AJ McCarron, so we're taking the Bayous to repeat. Plus, this one isn't in Tuscaloosa, it's in New Orleans where the Cajuns should be crazy on corn dogs (or corn liquor, one or the other) all weekend and make it a home field environment much more than the neutral site these games usually are.

Take the Tigers to cover, 20-10.

*-guarantee only good on Christmas Eve, between 4:30 and 4:49 in the morning, if you're on your way to Toys-R-Us to get your kid the last Transformer doll, and right before you go inside you get smacked upside the head with a brick


  1. I'm with you Sanchez - Tigas cover - but game total does go over the posted 40.

    Have enjoyed your pick selections this year.


  2. The best part about these games to me Tex, are the insane amount of prop bets available. Give me heads, the under on the national anthem, under on yards passing for McCarron, and over on yards rushing for Michael Ford.

  3. 30-12
    Over the posted 40
    Over the posted 19.5 2nd half