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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contributor, The Dealer, Gives Us His Off-Season Must Do List.

From The Dealer:
The following has been said but for the sake of a summary of thoughts and random rants the following things must happen asap if we ever want to be a great football team (for the record UGA has Never had a GREAT football team).  We are a good team but good shouldn't cut it!  If you are ok with good then spend 60-bucks for Boilermaker season tickets and move to West Lafayette, Indiana.  Danny Hope gets paid about 1/2 of what Richt takes home (after he subsidizes his under performing assistants out of his personal piggy bank) so there your pursuit of mediocrity will be justified and welcomed!  
1: Establish a "Creating your value attitude"!  This goes from the players to the Coaches!  CMR should be fined or even terminated immediately for paying his assistants out of his pocket!  Period!  These guys work for a living like everyone else in this world.  You get paid what you get paid because of the value of your services.  If you need or want to earn more money then become more valuable by producing a better result.  The AD and the higher ups at the University of Georgia have signed contracts with these coaches for an amount that equals their value.  For another employee to take money from his income and give it to another employee devalues the concept of "you eat what you kill".  Why would anyone then have to step up the game and bring more to the table?  CMR will pay you anyway!  Players...ditto!  Coach Godzilla Grantham brought a novel of an idea his very first day at UGA.  Best players will play.  Just because you started last year isn't worth a wooden nickel this year!  Next year every starting position should be an open competition!
2:  Bobo...holy crap where do I start...?  I won't.  Let's just say UGA ponnied up the cabbage to pay for Godzilla Grantham and see what that has done for us!!!  Why wouldn't that apply to the offense coordinator's position as well?  Obviously Richt doesn't need the money.  Cut his salary by $300,000 and buy an offensive upgrade!  If it makes you feel better keep Bobo as your QB coach.  Actually no...can his under performing ass!  Make an example that nothing less than excellence will be tolerated within our program!
3:  Murray needs to be splained this one thing!  If your #1 target appears to be covered...don't throw it anyway.  In my opinion Murray would be better off with one receiver and let the others stay in the backfield and help block the guys that the linemen miss.  Don't get me wrong, Murray is a good QB and has the potential to be Great.  However until he learns to check to the next receiver and/or not stare down the intended receiver, he will never be great! 
4: Feature RB.  Again holy crap where do I start.  UGA needs a hoss'!!!  A guy who can take 25 carries a game when we need him.  Not because he wants to pad his personal stats but because if you play not to lose then you damn well better have a bruiser who can tote the nugget to chew up the clock! 

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  1. You know, this is why everyone believes this place is a joke? Zero contribution with zero analysis. Btw, just so I'm correct, 1980 wasn't a great team?