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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Grit Tree Wants One Piece of Evidence Against Bobo...Axe and Ye Shall Receive.

So yesterday we got a not so anonymous tip from a fellow blogger that our beloved Grit Tree Blog was.......(fight urge to throw up in mouth, fight it, fight it, too late) defending I Has A Crayon.  Now before we get started let me just say that we L-O-V-E Corbin Dawg and everything the Grit Tree stands for on their site.  Long have the Cold Blooded Ones listed the Grit Tree amongst those "Things We Don't Hate" and Corbin was once so gracious as to share the airwaves on a Podcast with The Rider during the "Dark Days" when the iron curtain of censorship reared its ugly head upon the Cold Blooded Ones.  In fact we have lots in common with The Grit Tree like.... well.... we both have Grits in our name.  Glorious, buttery, creamy, velveteen grits....... We both hate mongrel, slavic tainted blood line having, Godless, pieces of human garbage known as yankees.  Here is what the Grit Tree says about them:
"As we talked, our disdain for yankees came up several times."  Now here is what one will find listed under CCRiders "interests" in the Riders profile (oh yes the Rider has now taken to referring to CCRider in the third person):
"Looking down upon yankees as the inferior species that they are"
Sufficed to say that up until this point our only place of disagreement with the Grit Tree has been their failure to include Brother Larry Sconyers and his bountiful array of low and slow cooked BBQ meats on their Thursday BBQ Map.

This is the small pork plate as it is only roughly 15lbs of meat. 
The purpose of this plate is for the feeding of small children and women on a diet. 
 If you order this and you are an adult male your waitress will look upon you with disgust and disappointment. 
One should always go with the "Plantation Platter".
Take the potato salad over the cole slaw, and the BBQ turkey over the chicken...the chicken is a sucker's bet. 

Anyway, the Grit Tree wants one piece of evidence to support the firing of Bobo.  Our overall Lawyerieness makes us want to present a preponderance of the evidence but we shall stick to just one piece. So here it is:


"Nothing further Your Honor.......the Cold Blooded Ones rest our case."

Here was the Grit Trees initial argument:

"UGA scoring offense per season going back as far as I could find (Bobo play calling years bold):
2002: 32.1
2003: 26.5
2004: 27.9
2005: 29.5
2006: 25.2
2007: 32.6
2008: 31.5
2009: 28.9
2010: 32.1
2011: 32.0
Everyone wants to have a scapegoat, but sorry folks, the reasons Georgia has not won a National or SEC Championship the last few years is not Mike Bobo.  The only year since he has taken over the playcalling duties there was a drop off was 2009, but I contend that has as much to do with Joe Cox than anything.  It hasn’t mattered-Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, A.J. Green or Joe Cox, Washaun Ealey and Michael Bennett; the scoring offense has been stable since he took over.
Here is your chance to prove your point to me, Bobo haters.  I want you to provide ONE piece of tangible, statistical data to prove Mike Bobo deserves to be fired.  Not this emotional, “he called a run play on 2nd down and long in the first quarter of the 2009 Kentucky game” BS.  I want real, tangible data."
Just remember Grit Tree in the immortal words of that poor man's Faulkner, Mark Twain:

"There are lies
  There are damned lies
  and There are statistics"~Twain


  1. CC-

    Thanks for the shoutout?? Not sure if appearing on your page is a good or bad thing.

    First and foremost, about the BBQ: my job requires a lot of traveling and that is how we get to the BBQ places, and unfortunately, I don't get over towards Augusta very often (as in ever). But we want our map to be an inclusive list of cue places, so we'd welcome your review and addition to the map. Write up a review and send pictures to thegrittree (@) gmail (.) com and we'll post it as is.

    Now, on to Bobo. Look, my post was not to defend Bobo. Our OC does a lot of things that infuriates me (in no particular order): having the wrong personell in games (sending Carlton Thomas up the middle and running Samuel out of the gun), not makimizing player talent (taking 4 years to get Boykin on offense), departure from what is working (3rd quarter of bowl game), and lastly, the running back by committee approach.

    But the bottom line, all of the irritating things aside, the #1 objective of an offense is to score points. Plain and simple. And under Bobo, the offense has done just that. I think there are far more glaring issues thatn UGA's offense's playcalling we should focus our scorn. Bobo is an easy target, but I think he is the low hanging fruit. There are other worries we should be concnered with than how the offense performs.

  2. Oh and a couple more things:

    -typing from my phone so please excuse any typos.

    -Ric Flair is still better than Dusty Rhodes. Woooooo!

  3. His ppg averages are nice, but I'd like to know what that adjusted average is against ranked teams...nay...against teams with a pulse. (just because Coastal Carolina's coach screams about loving men or something, we can't count them)

  4. I posted on that article the other day and wasn't impressed with the reply just got a blanket that's not tangible when I used his own stats to prove bobo is not the fix we thought he could be in 06. Granted he does call half a game good till he gets a 2 possession lead. Just think what his ranking would be ( on coachbythenumbers.com) if he didn't let off the gas. I don't know if y'all are a fan of that site or have ever seen it just looked at it today for the first time. Check it out for god sake paul johnson is rank above blowbo.