Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey Dabo!

Clemson pulled a Clemson last night. Wasn't it beautiful?

Remember midseason when some people tried to say how foolish we were laughing at Dabo? Well, who's laughing now? I am. I am laughing.


  1. Well we can laugh but GA is still mid-tier. We probably would lose to West Virginia again and struggle with Clemson. The bad news of the day is that our AD does not seem to care. If contributions fall and ticket holders bail, maybe he will give a shit. There will be no revenue from basketball this year. Baseball is an unknown. Go equestrian team.

    The booboo apologizer blogs and trolls are all over the internet telling us that it is not booboo’s fault that we can not score against good teams. Their excuses are always it is someone else’s fault, the players suck, or it is no one’s fault but never the OC’s fault. Neither Richt nor any offensive coach deserves a raise. Extend Richt’s contract but do not reward failure.

  2. Grantham would own both Morris for Clemson and Holgo. We beat both thanks to Grantham, and neither has a defense of competence so Boobs isn't a problem.