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Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Important Read for All Georgia Fans

Whilst catching a sit upon my throne of skulls deep within the bowels of Snake Mountain with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly clubbed baby seal hanging in the air like a delicious fog I, CCRider, pass the time with these various evil activities:
1. Complaining about how Liberal those Communists are over at Fox News (or should we say the Romney 2012 press secretaries).
2. Making broad sweeping generalizations about foreign countries,
3. Telling women with hyphenated names that they are stupid because instead of having one name that a man (their husband) gave them they now have two because their maiden name was given to them by their father, and
4. Grooming my children to take over the world as everyone else becomes more and more PC and weak.

Me, Chillaxin after an arduous day of oppressing minorities, being a sexist, eating animals, and spraying an excessive and wasteful amount of aerosols into the atmosphere.

I also find the time to occasionally surf the intrawebs for others who are not weak (and for "artistic" pictures of almost fat girls).  It is a rare occurrence when I find something that I do not hate.  It is almost "a never" that I find other Georgia bloggers who I agree with and do not dismiss as sorta' douchie.  Today I found a fairly new Georgia Blog that was not weak and did not leave a disgusting aroma of weakness within my nostrils.  The site is called SUGAR FALLING and it looks like they are students of the University of Cold Blooded Sausage Making who took extensive notes.  Here are a few free samples because I know how you 99 percenters like free things:

"Watching Georgia play, even when we win, is uninspiring."
"That was the question as I re-watched the epic collapse/disaster that was the 2012 Outback Bowl. Richt got a lead and sat on it as he has done so many times over the years. He refuses to step on anybody’s throat. If the Dawgs
"The lesson to take away from the Outback Bowl is, “never play not to lose.” Eventually you will lose. There is no doubt in my mind that Georgia was the better football team. However, Georgia has routinely been defeated by less talented teams throughout the last 5 years. This happens when you play not to lose. No matter how many times you safely punt the ball away, eventually the other team will score. Even if you keep making the opponent start in their territory, they will get a break. It does not help when the Offensive Coordinator and quarterback do not handle pressure very well."
 "Aaron Murray has moments of greatness, followed by moments of coma-esque brain function. Although the seniors on the offensive line (Jones, Anderson, Glenn) could not have missed anymore blocks"
"Justin Anderson did not block a soul yesterday. He either attempted to block someone and failed, or he let defensive lineman run free into the backfield"
"Then he probably preceded to walk over to Todd Grantham’s office, hand Todd the check, and give him a resounding, echoing, stinging high five for being awesome. I really hope on the “for” line it says, “NCAA, go **** yourself.” "
Excellent work our young Padawans!  Now all ye counted amongst the Cold Blooded Nation go forth and deliver page views unto these young men.

Here is some advice boys-never back down, never sound retreat, never be complacent, never accept good when great is just one more delivery from the bag man away, and remember ten wins means at least two loses.  If it is in the SEC then it ain't cheating........it's just the industry standard.


  1. It's me again. Here's the question again. Any positive post on UGA is posted by Sanchez, so I can read his negative posts with a little balance. CC only posts negative drivel, while simultaneously working himself a hard on for all things bammer. Let us know which SEC team is yours, CC. It will bring clarity if we read your posts.

  2. SPORTS AND GRITS-- Lame Bloggery on all things SEC, Southern, and Georgia. Georgia's Number One Site for discussing feminine hygiene products. Banned in my mind by a Few for moronic Content, Hated by Many for it's lack of coherent analysis, Feared by nobody for it's mental myopathy, Respected by All who have no Balls.

    I corrected your tag line for you!

  3. So you've banned us in your mind, yet still come here to spout nonsense? OK.

    Thanks for the hits dipspit.

  4. CCRider eats boogers and has a serious man-crush on Coach Satan