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Monday, January 23, 2012

Joe Paterno- Dead or In Brazil with all the Ex-Nazi Scientists?

So your an old rich dude and the Po-Po are breathing down your neck because you enabled child rape for the better part of a decade.....what do you do?

How about I have CANCER!
So here is the plan:

Step 1: This past summer before all the "dookie" hits the fan you put all your assets into your wife's name.
Step 2: You then dip into the classic Old Fart defense and act like you are confused and can't hear anything.
Step 3: Penn State turns into the epicenter of confusion and denial for multiple weeks.
Step 4: You then essentially fire yourself because we are all under the impression that you ruled Happy Valley with an iron fist.
Step 5: You then "catch" cancer
Step 6: You then "die"
Step 7: Then this guy hops a plane for Brazil
Good bye Happy Valley.....Howdy topless beaches and Nazi safe houses.  Too bad Israel is not also dedicated to hunting down and killing people who were once associated with Child Rape.


  1. Hate Is that what you like to spread? So self rightious. Would love to see what youve got hinden in ur closest. Maybe you are to scared to come out of the the closest? Is this why you have so much hate in your heart. Get a clue! Is that the reason you like ric flare so much you want to run your hands through his hair?

  2. Be assured that when the writers of s&g are on their death bed they will look back on their lives with pure happiness knowing how much they contributed to the world. Seriously guys, y'all are major contributors to the world. You write blogs! Forget presidents, coaches, teachers, doctors, etc. Bloggers is where it's at! I wish my dad blogged and was not a stupid veterinarian. Blogggging! Hoooorayyyy for blogggging! You're a blogger!

  3. Of course ccrider takes this stance. The news tells him that Paterno allowed child rape to continue under his leadership so ccrider believes it. He doesn't take anything else into account. Only what the media tells him. Ccrider is not able to think for himself. He just writes what he hears about and impulsively gives his jaded opinion. This is why he bloggs. It's not real journalism or real anything. It's an idiot with a computer and a a domain site. No real contribution to anything as sarcastically stated above. I would like to send ccrider to Israel for the punishment he condones. Keep on blogging baby!

    1. It is the Ped Staters who are not free thinkers. You say Joe Pa, I say pedophile enabler. You folks just don't get how horrible the situation was at Penn State. Young boys being molested on campus! And Paterno knew about it. Why else did one of the best defensive coordinators of his time resign at a relatively young coaching age? And then Paterno allowed him untethered access to the football buildings. Move beyond your "bleeding blue & white" and think clearly, man!

  4. YEAH!!! Down with blogging!!!!
    Stupid bloggers, thinking they are all... important, and such...
    Really chaps my hide. The hubris.

  5. You are the biggest dick I've ever read on the Net. Everything you write comes right out of your ass.

  6. Goodness this is a happy comment section.

  7. Veterinarian? Really? Your dad works at the mall?!?!

  8. The blog was funny. The angry comments at the bottom were hilarious. The Penn State Cult is too funny.