Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mal Moore Would Like to Cordially Invite Everyone Not Named Alabama to Pucker Up and Kiss His Mighty Whity Hiney!


  1. CCRider eats boogers and has a serious man-crush on Coach Nick Satan

  2. HA! like Mal said when he went after Saban..."I flew down to Miami to get Saban and,if I hadn't,I would have kept on flying down to Cuba."

    after Rodriguez spurned Alabama,Mal was getting a little nervous.When Saban got the $4 million per year deal,I nearly fell out of my chair.Looking back now,that was a great deal getting Nick that cheap.Money well spent.

    oh,well...the rich get richer...

    later,old dawg

  3. CC it wouldn't be that hard for you to just start pulling for Alabama. If you start today you could get in on the celebration still going on.
    With that little change, you will have the bloodthirsty coach you are looking for and all you would have to do is change the sticker on your car and buy some new clothes. Now that is the way you win at all costs. Hell, I might join you. Roll Tide!