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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mark Richt recruits criminals, according to the AJC

Gotta love the headline editors for the AJC. Just can't avoid taking a slam when they get the chance. If you want to read, I'm sure several others will have the link. I'd rather not encourage giving that dying rag the page views. But yes, they run the headling "UGA's Mark Richt goes to jail for recruiting". Because to them, we're a team full of criminals.

What you actually have to read the article to learn is he actually went to church with elite LB prospect Josh Harvey-Clemons. JHC's grandfather has a bail bond business, and his grandson is one of the bail bondsmen. Grandad got a call while at church, so grandson and daughter (one of JHC's aunts) had to go to work. She forget her ID, which is required for posting bail, so Richt and Bobo brought it to them at the jail. They finished the in-home visit there before hitting the road. Sounds like a good visit with a key target remaining on our wish list. But thanks AJC for taking this opportunity to continue to prove why you're a worthless and soon to be dead paper. As someone who used to read newspapers daily, the continued mess that comes from Atlanta makes it no wonder why that industry is dying a slow death.


  1. A-Freaking-men
    Too much time spent slamming our Dawgs!
    I think they all belong to the enemy bumble bees!

  2. Personally, I don't care one bit for any of those writers over there...less Bill and his Junkyard Blog of course. I can't stand Schultz or that clown Bradley...and Carvell's just as bad as the rest of them. However, he does seem to know what he's talkin about as far as recruiting is concerned. But that's his headline that is the basis of this post....so, F him too! I guess Chip's tolerable to a certain extent...

  3. Carvell seems to get his info straight off pay articles from scout or rivals. I'm sure he can write it off as a business expense, and he probably calls a few coaches and players himself. But it's not like he's breaking many stories over there. Schultz, Bradley, the former staffer Terrance Moore, among others. I quit getting hard copies of that crap over a decade ago, after spending most of my teens and early 20s subscriber (in part because of Barnhart, and then of course for their usually strong recruiting coverage, Southern top 100, etc, and for box scores before the internet became a regular tool). But in the several years since I quit picking up a hard copy and greatly reduced the amount of it I read online, I haven't missed it one bit, and the info is easily available so many other places, and often much more accurate and better conveyed.

    I'd rather read The Oglethorpe Echo or Barrow County News, among others, than that crap.

  4. Yea I gave up on the AJC long ago for UGA articles. Can't go wrong with Dave O'Brien though, I think they (and we as braves fans) are extremely lucky to have him.

  5. People actually pay to have this CRAP delivered to there homes.

  6. CCRider eats green boogers and has a serious man-crush on Coach Satan