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Monday, January 9, 2012

Off season to do list

Now that the off season is officially on us, we figured we'd take a look at some of the things Georgia needs to do if it'll realize their immense potential next season. Of course, working hard in the offseason getting bigger, stronger, better, is a given, but aside from that, here's a list.
  • Recruit-We need to keep some players in house, like Branden Smith, Shawn Williams, Bacarri Rambo, and possibly Orson Charles. Those guys are the biggest recruits remaining. But aside from them, we still have some depth issues to clean up with the class coming on that first Wednesday in February. We need some more DBs to keep that cupboard stocked full, especially at CB. Another LB or two would be nice, especially if Ray Drew and Sterling Bailey are outgrowing the spot to become DEs. And one will commit today in the much desired Jordan Jenkins. Another OT would be nice, same with another WR, TE, and RB. And a DL or two, again to keep a good depth chart going forward. We have the room, just have to close strong with the big names left on the board.
  • Figure out OT-Watts Dantzler compete with probably Kenarious Gates for starting RT. Gates could also slide inside with Chris Burnette, Dallas Lee, David Andrews, Hunter Long, and others at LG/C/RG. But as he started at RT as a true freshman, we assume he's Dantzler's primary competition this spring off the edge. At LT, we've got plenty of competition, someone just has to step up. John Theus will be here in the summer, which sets back his readiness a bit. But the much balleyhooed LT has all the skills to start from day 1. Hoping to beat him out for the job will be a battle this spring. JUCO Mark Beard enrolling this week gets him a headstart, and redshirting FR Zach DeBell and Xzavier Ward have the long frames to do the job extremely well. Austin Long is another returning fighting for a job. We're not as worried about this spot as others are, because the bodies and ability is there, but someone has to step up and protect Murray's backside.
  • Improve at QB-That's because Murray does not handle pressure well. He has happy feet, and that effects his accuracy even when he's not pressured. He has great numbers, but his fundamentals from accuracy to learning how to throw the ball away, show a huge need for improvement. Those fundamentals are the job of a QB coach, who makes his appearance in the next need.
  • Determine what we want to do offensively-Are we a shotgun based attack? Do we pound you from the I opening up the deep balls with accurate strikes in short and intermediate passes as well as a strong running game? Just what are we trying to do on offense? We have numbers, mostly against the weak teams. But when we face solid Ds, our inconsistency and inability to develop a strong scheme often become an sore spot leading to losses. We've got talent across the board, with the next step being putting them in the best position to succeed.
  • Figure out RB-Like OL, we aren't that worried because of the number of talented bodies available. Getting Keith Marshall in this week will do wonders for his preparedness, as he can get bigger, stronger, and smarter. Learning the playbook now will help him in pass protection, which is always an issue giving RBs playing time in our offense. Ken Malcome came on strong and established his claim to the job late in the season. Isaiah Crowell has all the talent one could want, he just has to get healthy, stay healthy, and become the consistent threat we all want. Then, there's possibly Todd Gurley or Mike Davis (or both) added to the mix. We have talent, we just need blocking and consistency. I assume Richard Samuel becomes a FB with Xander Ogletree allowing Quayvon Hicks to redshirt.
  • Keep the defense rolling-This goes last, because we should be more than fine here. Geathers, Smith, Jenkins, Jones, and others give us a strong base up front and ideal size/strength for the 3-4. We've got a plethora of playmakers at LB starting with two of the best in the country in Alec Ogletree and Jarvis Jones, and extending down to Herrera, Robinson, Gilliard, and several others. If Rambo, Williams, and Smith return, we've got an all senior defensive backfield. Talent isn't an issue, depth isn't an issue, and experience isn't an issue. Barring premature departures, and an offense that continually hangs them out to dry in big games, we've got the makings for a dominant D to be as good or better than any in the country, and any we've ever had.
The talent and ability to win big things is there. A little luck helps, as is always needed for any team to win championships, and some fine tuning to keep every thing running sharp and all cylinders firing at their best, is all we need. The schedule plays out perfectly. Is next year the season we finally quit knocking on the door and bust the thing wide open?


  1. Man, I can't believe you are that confident about the O-line!

  2. Regarding number 4 - Let Bobo coach QBs and get a new OC. We need the intensity and fire on that side of the ball like Grantham brings to the defense. Any wonder why we're never worried about another team taking Bobo from us as their OC or head coach? Thanks for mentioning our stats come mainly against lesser competition. I want to see some championships, and quite frankly, I don't think our current offense will ever get us there.

  3. i hate it but i agree anon@9:51 , but thats just too big and hard of a decision for CMR make fellas lol! maybe the A.D. will do it....

  4. @ 8:49
    As said about the OL, the talent is here (or will be once Theus, Pyke, Brown, and another arrive). We've got better natural OTs next year, as Bean and Glenn are Gs. They are built like Gs and move like Gs. Beard has the quickness for OT. DeBell and Ward have the frames and feet for OT. Theus has the frame and feet for OT. Neither Bean nor Glenn had the frame or the feet to handle the outside, we had them there by default. That's why I'm confident, because the bodies are there, we just have to work them in S&C and have Friend get them ready technique wise and mentally. I'd rather have the ability and need to work on experience than experience without ability.

    And @9:51/10:28,
    what you are suggesting is impossible. As you can read every time this subject comes up, particular in terms of adding a special teams coach, there is an NCAA limit on the number of assistants a team can have. Maybe we add a grad assistant who can work exclusively on special teams, but when it comes to demoting Bobo and adding an OC, someone gets fired. We are at our limit on assistant coaches, and no one gets added without someone first getting fired.