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Sunday, January 8, 2012

One more spot open in the recruiting class: Jordan [redacted] Love transfers

Jordan Love, who you may remember from an overzealous UGA cop arresting because he had never in his life used his middle name, has decided to move on. The big CB from Virginia played mostly special teams in his two seasons on the field. With Sanders Commings and (hopefully) Branden Smith returning at CB, he was gonna be fighting Damien Swann, Nick Marshall, and Devin Bowman among others for playing time on the outside. His love only adds to the need for bringing in depth in the defensive backfield this recruiting class. IMO, that's the biggest need we've got on the board right now.


  1. We still have 25 spots to fill total with 2, Marshall and Beard, counting towards last year for EE. We certainly do need some more depth in the secondary.

  2. Mr. Sanchez, how can you NOT see the elephant in the room when you say that DB's are our biggest need now? We need ALL the OT's we can get and then some!!

  3. @ 3:25,

    How can you not see the possible #1 OT in this class in Theus, as well as JUCO Mark Beard already on board, added to the continued development of DeBell, Ward, Long, and Dantzler? That's why DB is our biggest need now, since we've already addressed the need at OT.

  4. Holsey wanted visit after Ted Roof left and we told him we were full. I found that interesting. We must have some silents.

  5. @ 5:00

    I never trust "silent" commits. Even public commits will back out and go elsewhere, so if you won't make your commitment known publicly, just how committed are you?

  6. I'd say that the defensive backfield and our Offensive live are the two immediate areas of need for 2012...although there probably are needs across the board, those are the most glaring.

    I agree with you Mr. Sanchez, we should have the talent and bodies to sure up the O-line with last and this years additions, but as it's been stated in the past....the o-line is the most difficult to project.

    I'd say that our Defensive backfield has the potential to be the most depleted come spring...especially if Smith and Williams decide to take the early jump. Obviously we need and want them to stay...all the Jr's.

    As for the commits...silent or verbal...I'm with you, I don't trust any of them till their on campus. It used to be till their signatures on the dotted line...but now...it's till their on campus. See Kent Turene....

    Till NSD....GO DAWGS!!!! SIC 'EM!!!!