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Monday, January 9, 2012

Professional Career Mismanagement: Brian Van Gorder is the king

Brian Van Gorder is now the Defensive Coordinator for Auburn. A position less stable, and with less financial reward, than the one he departed 7 years ago. One obvious guess is that after yesterday's failure, he was gonna get fired from the Falcons anyway. But still, the man left Georgia for the NFL to be LB coach with the Jaguars. He then went to Statesboro for a year, blew the whole thing up and bolted town in the firey aftermath for a day as South Carolina's DC, before quickly jumping to the Falcons, where he was LB coach and then settled in nicely for his old boss at the Jaguars (Mike Smith was their DC when Van Gorder was LB coach) as LB coach, then DC for the Falcons.

It fit him well. He was never known as a good recruiter, but a great defensive coach, so NFL LB coach/DC fit him to a T. But the man has proven to be a career mistake expert, so it only makes sense he leaves the NFL to go right back where he was when this long circle began, except at a less stable school, for a less stable coach, and a program with less financial resources than the bridge he torched 7 years ago in Athens. Brilliant, just brilliant.


  1. One of the guys contributing to dawg nation espn tweeted that BVG would have come back if Richt would have apologized and given him a hefty salary increase. I'm not sure how true that is, what was BVG's alleged beef with Richt anyway?

  2. @ 5:50
    Not bitter, but the mismanagement of his career path has been well documented. And going through all that, just to land in Auburn as DC makes no sense unless he was getting out of town before being fired. Either way, he's got 3 years max before leaving to go elsewhere, probably 3 days if an NFL job comes along.

  3. Regardless, he will shut booboo down so we have a problem here at Georgia.

  4. @ 6:54
    So long as we have Grantham, first to 4 wins.

  5. Chuck Oliver reported on the radio today that after the Falcons embarrassing loss to the Saints a few weeks ago both Van Gorder and Mularkey were told that if another opportunity presented itself that they would be wise to take it. Just sayin'......