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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Racists Rejoice-- Jordan Jefferson Sets Black Scrambling QB's Back 20 Years!

Les Miles doesn't get enough credit for being a progressive who is 100% color-blind.
A few years ago he won a National Championship with the much fabled "white running back" in Jacob Hester and the mystical and elusive "black pocket passer" in JaMarcus "Sippin on Syzurp" Russell.

This year....despite the vast annals of history working against him, Les Miles clung unto the idea of Vince Young vs USC and went with Kid Dynomite JJ.  Here are some descriptive terms that explain what JJ looked like last night:
Lacking the ability to process complex information
Happy Footed
Sure Les could have put Lee into the game but lets me honest.......a white kid.....named Lee.....getting the start over JJ........you people act like Obama ain't the Prez. 
Ol' Les said "Nay" the civil rights movement is far more important than College Football.  Of course all the black LSU fans immediately disagreed with Les' statement.
Look out 2012 SEC........Les is gonna start a WHITE CORNERBACK!


  1. LMAO what makes it funny is its true.

  2. no he didnt stop hatin lee aint no better they lost as a TEAM!!!