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Monday, January 16, 2012

Recruiting needs: What we got left to get over the last two weeks

We've landed some big names and other needed spots in the last few weeks, like Todd Gurley, Jordan Jenkins, and Mark Beard.

So position by position, here's what we can expect these last two weeks:
QB-No need
RB-No need
WR-Not much of a need. But we lost Lonnie Outlaw to grades, so adding a Cordarelle Patterson would be welcome, especially considering his immense talent. We may try and steal Jaquay Williams, out of Sandy Creek, from Auburn. Otherwise, without an elite talent, I'd assume we hold off and focus on loading up in the next class.
TE-With Orson Charles gone, we are somewhat thin here, and could use another. Sean Price is a possible, as an elite out of Florida similar to Charles, and we could be looking to steal someone currently committed elsewhere.
OL-We've got a big class with Theus, Beard, Pyke, and Brown. We could use 1 or 2 more just to keep the depth strong. We've been mentioned hard with Avery Young, as well as Brandon Greene and others.
DL-We've got Deloach, and Taylor, and maybe Atkins although he could go OL. Another 1-2 here, if we've got room, would help. We're in on Dalvin Tomlinson, and the thick wrestler would be a great add. IF Ray Drew and Sterling Bailey are big enough it'll be a struggle to keep them from the 280s.
LB-We got Jenkins, but are going after one more, and may be willing to add an inside LB too. Kendarius Whitehead and Josh Harvey-Clemons are the names you'll hear a lot between now and that first Wednesday in February.
DB-Here is where I think is the biggest need left. Yeah, we might have had bigger overall needs, but we've got studs already at those spots. We don't at DB, and really need to restock the depth. Boykin is gone, Rambo and Commings and Smith and Williams will be gone after next year. We just lost Love. We could use a S to battle for a starting gig in 2013. We could use CBs to keep the spot loaded (see how LSU and Alabama Ds looked with 4+ lockdown CBs to rotate in and out). Stealing Memphis natives Sheldon Dawson and Will Redmond is a goal. Bringing NJ native Yuri Wright down south looks like it's not gonna happen. We need DBs. Rumors abound about silent commits, but in the tenuous relation of commits, if they aren't going public, just how committed are they?

So, add 2 or 3 more on offense (an OT and a pass catcher), and another 2 on the defensive front 7, along with 3 DBs, and we're set.


  1. What's up with your site? The grit tree post is unviewable. The nick saban/jordan jenkins won't download all the way. I'm dying to know about your response to grit tree. I think I set him off about the gameplan being too conservative in the 2nd quarter of the LSU game.

  2. CCRider eats big boogers and has a serious man-crush on Coach Satan

  3. @ 2:48
    We're having issues as well from time to time. We
    re trying to get it corrected, but it's a work in progress. Isn't blogspot great?