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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Return of the King- Richt's Triumphant Return to the Hotseat (and once again he is not alone)

Now the temperature of Richt's seat is not nearly as hot as it was this time last year.  Also, Richt's seat is not nearly as hot as the Chernobyl level temps rising up from Dollywood. From the front of the line at the abandoned mine shaft roller coaster to the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame--Dollywood as a whole is in total disarray.  Just how far over his head is Lil' Dooley?  Well I am not sure, in fact it may be the case that.......wait, what.........oh he said..........oh I see..........
Lil'Dooley:   Diddy what can I do?  How can I turn this thang around?
Vince:  Have you tried signing the greatest player in college football history and starting him at tailback.
Lil'Dooley:  Dang, Diddy you are soooooo smart!

Last year it was Houston Nutt, this year it is Double D, next year we predict Muschamp.  Challengers come and challengers go but in the end there is no coach who can simultaneously vanilla you to tears and yet have total job security. 


  1. Can you please explain how Richt has made a "trimphant return to the hotseat" yet even you, in this same post no less, recognize that he has "total job security"? Do you not understand what one or both of these statements mean? They are a perfect contradiction and one cannot be true if the other is. Look, we get it, you hate Mark Richt. I'm not sure what he did to you personally but this is beyond football. The guy is, first and foremost, a great man and the perfect example for the University of Georgia and its football team. Beyond that, he has more wins through than any other UGA coach at this point in their respective careers, has the highest winning percentage of any UGA coach including Vince Dooley, who I'm sure you hold in very high regard, and could chase down the total wins mark at UGA if given the chance. He brings in top recruiting classes year in and year out, with one of the best ever at UGA last year, a good start this year (with a great finish to come in my opinion), and an excellent start for next year and beyond to boot. Enough already with the biased, idiotic, and repetitive Richt bashing. Like I said above, we get it, you hate the guy....now please just write about something else already.

    P.S. now I need to thing of some clever handle so you can actually respond to my comment rather than ranting on and on about how it is anonymous. I got news for you buddy, you are posting anonymously too. I clicked on your profile....no real name, a picture that isn't you, etc. Anonymous commenters here are no more anonymous than you, the author.

  2. SRQ, you need to understand something. Even though UGA won 10 games this year, we went 1-4 versus ranked opponents(and that's including a 5 loss Auburn team as a ranked opponent). Last year, we were 0-5 versus ranked opponents. Over the past 4 years(since Bobo became OC), we are 3-14 versus ranked opponents. That record is almost too bad to be believed when you think of some of the NFL talent we've produced over that time period. Those 3 wins came against #13 GT(only because they play in the A-she-she) in 2009, #24 Mich St in the Cap One Bowl a few years back and #24 Auburn this year. So, looking at the entire season in hindsight, we continued the pattern of losing to almost every team that has comparable talent and beating just the dregs. If you're okay with that, then just look at the better teams on next years schedule and mark then down as losses. The pattern has been established and it isn't going to change unless we get rid of Bobo's sorry ass and do the same nationwide search that brought us Grantham. Richt became satisfied and got lazy with the Martinez and Bobo hires. That's what has caused a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering for the program and put him and his $3 mil per year salary in jeopardy. I really like the man and appreciate what he has done for the program, but the last 4 years have been a joke.

  3. SRQ,
    If you think we hate Richt, then you don't get it. We love the man, and think as you do about him as a person. What we hate is complacency. What we hate is acceptance of "good" when the ability is there to be great.

    As Michael Corleone said, "This isn't personal, it's strictly business."

  4. -SRQ

    I love it when morons stumble upon us. I love it because they all think alike and then the newest one comes up with the same old arguments that we have addressed 999 times before.

    I don't want to know your name and address. I just want you to have a screen name so I can know that I am talking to the same person as opposed to our old friend who would post as "Anon" make no sense and then praise himself as "Anon" presenting himself as a separate Anon from the original while using all the exact same writing "tells".

  5. Snorg Tees models should be required on every Dawgbone site- Shall we start a petition?

  6. How many top 20 teams has Richt beat in the last 3 years?

  7. I couldn't agree more with the comments about UGA being 3-14 over the last 4 years vs. ranked opponents. I can't understand why dawg fans look past this elephant in the room and are content with being a second tier SEC team. I look for significant changes with the OC and special teams, or we're going to see much of the same next year...probably 11 wins and another beatdown in the dome.

  8. Fargus, UGA has beaten one top 20 team in the four seasons. It was the "I run this state" when we won at #13 Tech. They had a good record and corresponding ranking because they play in a crap conference. Their D-line sucked and we were able to run over them.:.leaving Bobo with no complicated decisions to make. It also helped that their qb, Nesbitt, went out of the game due to injury. In summary, it wasn't that good of a win(we had better players as we always do against Tech), but it qualifies as our best win over 4 seasons based on their ranking.

  9. So you're just not going to answer any of the questions I asked in my post??? Like I said Richt is arguably the best coach UGA has ever had and his stats bear that out. Obviously the argument can be made for Dooley since he won a MNC but Richt has won more games to this point than Dooley had, so it can go either way. Sanchez, you guys here obviously have a bone to pick with Richt and the proof is there in black and white. If not, there wouldn't be these types of posts here every single day. And CC, along with your childish retreat to name-calling instead of addressing what I actually wrote, you still managed to make your response all about the anonymous thing....I should have known. Everyone else, read the post and my comment again....never once did I mention Bobo and neither did the author of the post Richt has made changes to his staff when things weren't great and has turned the team around from those "terrible past four years".....two of which saw UGA win 10 games. Basically, one mediocre and one bad season bookended by 10 win seasons.....sorry that doesn't spell disaster to me. And don't forget Bobo's offenses have been in the top half of the league more than not. Sure he does some things we don't all agree with but so does every single other coordinator in the country....you just don't follow all of those teams every snap. Fargus, why top 20 now? What happened to top 25? Or a team with a winning record? That just doesn't fit your argument anymore? I'm just tired of all these "fans" that would rather watch UGA lose so they can tell everyone how right they are than actually support the team you supposedly root for. Of course, you also discount any wins we do get....otherwise you would have nothing to bitch about. We were a young team with a bad OL this year and won 10 games....the players also lost 2 or 3 we should've won (not the coaches, the players) against SC, MSU, and LSU (the best team in the country). Anyway, all this is a waste of time, if you can't see the positives and the improvement by now you never will. Even a national title will be qualified somehow with you people....maybe it'll be the schedule, maybe we won't run the score up enough, or maybe you'll come up with something else ridiculous that is, no doubt, all Richt's fault...but I do know that no matter what happens, some of you just have an axe to grind with Richt and nothing he or the team actually does will matter. After improving from 6-7 to 10-4 with basically the same schedule, all you can do is complain and downgrade anything good that happened all year. I guess to end this rant I'll just ask again, how can Richt be back on the hotseat and have total job scurity? Remember, that is what my comment was about...not Bobo or the ACC or how each one of our wins somehow doesn't count.

  10. Bobo needs to go! And Richt needs to take care of that, or we're doomed. I'm a woman and have never played football, but I could call a better game. SRQDawgs15- The difference between Dooley and Richt is a National Championship. I don't care about percentages. I want a National Championship. I (and the rest of the Dawg Nation) don’t want to finish 2nd or 4th in the conference forever. We have the talent, money, and alumni base. Fire the subpar coordinator. Period.

    Mrs. Dawg Fan

  11. Sorry Mrs Dawg Fan, but you or anyone else on these blogs could not call a better game than someone who gets paid a 6-figure salary to do so....and that is a fact! I realize the difference between Dooley and Richt is the championship but in college football, where writers and interns and whoever else decides where teams are ranked, this is just faulty logic. The same logic that has all of you calling for Richt's head would have ended Bobby Bowden's career at FSU long before winning his first title 18 years into the job. Should he have been fired earlier to show that being good is not good enough? Should Mack Brown have been fired prior to winning it all in 2005? Or, a little closer to home, since it took Dooley 17 years to get his title (including several 5-5, 6-6, 7-4 and one 5-6 season) should he have been fired before 1980? If people like you, the above anonymous posters, Fargus, and especially Sanchez and CC ran the program he surely would have been because we just can't accept these awful 10 win seasons. Thankfully for the rest of us, you're opinions don't matter now and didn't back then. Remember a few years back, when UGA finished the season as the most dominant team in the country but didn't get to play for a title because LSU won the SEC.......if not for ESPN and the national media's dismissing of UGA, Richt may have gotten his title...but that's part of college football. Now the whole winning your conference, or your division, thing doesn't seem to matter....but that isn't Richt's fault, it just is what it is. You can only control so much in this sport and despite multiple SEC championships and some seasons that ended with UGA having the same number of losses as the MNC we haven't gotten the bounces that UF or LSU has....and no, Kentucky and Vandy missing easy FGs against UT is not due to LSU having a great coach nor is SC missing a FG and XP due to UF having a great coach. There is a lot of luck involved in it and as long as we keep winning and keep knocking at the door, we will get our championship, with Richt, sooner rather than later. I said this in my previous comment, but this isn't about Bobo, its about Richt.....but since everyone wants to talk about Bobo I will say again that his offenses have been above average overall. You can't blame him for Walsh deciding to suck this year or Mitchell and our other WRs dropping passes against LSU...the players cost us the games we lost this year, not the coaches, despite what the popular opinion on this site may be. I want a national title just like the rest of you, I'm just not so ignorant as to run off the man who is leading us there because of a few bumps in the road that everyone goes through.

  12. Come clean Sports and Grits guys. You're in high school aren't you...or is it middle school?

  13. I just love listening to people question a coaches decisions and constantly talk trash when they have no clue what they are talking about. Same people who are bashing Carlton Thomas between tackles now were praising him after Auburn game for same runs. People blame bobo for running too much up middle when your offense and the offense that has defined Georgia football is based off pounding runs and play action. Same people bash about those running plays yet forget both touchdowns bombs were set up by play action off a fake middle handoff! Hmmmmm maybe if you stop looking for something to complain about you will see that the man averages over 38 points a game which is up there all time for SEC OCs. Also anyone who mentions richts decision to let Walsh(the all time scoring leader in SEC history) kick a 42 yard field goal is absolutely a moron. These same people will claim his inconsistency this year yet will neglect to mention he was 100% on game winning field goals in his career both college and high school up until that kick. UGA doesn't need linemen or running backs or a new coach...it needs a new fan base that supports it's team and doesn't complain just because they need something to blame their miserable outlook on life on!

  14. That's it anon. Players working hard, coaches working hard, competence and a desire to be great instead of just good, none of that is necessary. If only we had blindly loyal fan support, that's why South Carolina has that gigantic championship trophy room getting bigger by the day.

  15. Oh my, it's more insane hot seat talk from the ignorant minions. Get it through your thick skull - Mark Richt is NOT on the hot seat. In fact his contract is being extended as we speak.

    If Aaron Murray doesn't cough up the ball 3 times, including a pick 6 or Blair Walsh makes a no brainer field goal we win the Outback Bowl and garner 11 wins.

    Moreover, a lot of talk and whining about Bobo's conservative play calling on the final drive of the 4th Qtr. I too thought we employed the "Play not to lose" strategy. However, upon further analysis I totally understand why Bobo went in the direction he did. He had NO choice, because his QB was shell shocked. The last pass of Murray's in the 4th Qtr. wasn't even close to its target. Bobo was worried about Murray throwing another INT and rightly so. Instead he played it conservative and relied on the #3 defense in the country to win the game. Smart move! Unfortunately, MSU carved us up for 85 yards and tied the game. That's on the players!!!

    You sir are a moron!!!

  16. I have no problem with the play-calling at the end of regulation in the Outback Bowl.
    Putting it the D's hands was the right call. Gotta trust em.

    And going for the FG on 3rd down? Well, we ALL thought the same way of Walsh prior to this season: just shy of automatic. So did Walsh. And so did Richt...

    So Richt said: "Son, you've had a tough year. But I believe in you. Go win this ball game for us. We trust you."

    Walsh just pushed it a little.

    Richt made the right decision as a Head Coach and a mentor. You have to let your players know you trust them. And you have to let them have it. Cuz, in the end, that's why they're gonna play for you. And it's about the team and the players and the school's reputation. Not the egos of us fans.

    I like what we're doing at UGA. If we keep doing things the right way, the wins and trophies will come.
    But the wins and the trophies aren't the most important things to come out of each season.

  17. KC,
    The issue isn't kicking the FG, it's not putting the FG kicker in the best position to succeed. You go for it on 3rd down in case of a bad snap. But you take a knee on 2nd down because ... problem.

  18. CCrider eats boogers and he is in love with Coach Satan.