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Monday, January 16, 2012

So this is what Jordan Jenkins meant by not feeling "safe" at Alabama


So the kid has a knee injury, and gets cut. What do y'all figure the odds are on him making it into next year's class? 12:1, maybe 25:1? But at least they're gonna find him a "job" in the meantime.

Not addressed in the article is in addition to Alabama already being at the 25 limit for the class, and still pursuing others who will force already committed kids to be cut, is that Bama doesn't have space to bring in 25. At least not without a few transfers to friendly programs or taking a "medical hardship". But oversigning does have positive benefits, as we all saw in the national title game.

Hopefully Georgia can use Saban's fun with math to sneak back in on Geno Smith, Kurt Freitag, Dakota Ball, or Brandon Greene.


  1. I really don't see the problem here. Saban is going to sign a non-binding piece of paper telling the kid they will still give him a scholarship some time..in the future....when the numbers work.

    Plus Saban is getting him a job. Additionally, the kid is only going to p/t twice a week now, but he will be going "at least 7 times a week". Clearly Saban is getting the kid better health insurance too. Frankly if Obama was half this good our economy would be rolling along.

    Saban for President.

  2. Geno Smith is the only one of those players worth having. I welcome Saban's annual "let me go steal all the mediocre recruits from Georgia so my paid shills can talk about a "Kirby Raid", and then just cut them later. Maybe I'll evenutally get lucky." No Nick, you won't. You'll continue to get skull#@()*#@$ed by Richt on the instate players UGA actually wants, and you'll like it.


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