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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Super Bowl

cheer on long standing NFL vet DJ (or Danny) Ware, the only former Dawg in this fight.

I also have a rooting interest for Eli thanks to an old college discussion on his potential as a #1 draft pick overall after his sophomore season. (Who's laughing now Travis, CBigs? I am, I am laughing).

Elisha is the best Manning ever!


  1. Hotty Toddy! ...though I don't know if he's the best. Peyton is certainly more consistent but I do agree that Eli is an elite QB. I also think they'll beat the Pats. Both have great offenses, but the Giants defense in a helluva lot better than the Pats defense.

  2. If Eli wins Super Bowl #2, that's hard to argue with. Especially considering how he steps up when the games mean the most, and Peyton tends to suffer in big games. He's also got another good 10 years left to keep building on his resume, where Peyton may or may not have any time left.

  3. I'll never live that one down......I do vividly remember that discussion though.......I didn't think he had the physical tools of his brother after his sophomore year in which I think they win 10 games and he had something like a ridiculous 20-2 TD/INT ratio. I looked at him back then as a kid who was 6'4" 205 who was a very good player but bolstered by having Deuce McCallister to hand off to. I thought the name on the back of his jersey was the reason he was getting so much undeserved love for a guy who otherwise would have been a nice prospect. Maybe you can supplant Todd mcdushay as the know-it-all whiz kid who plays the adversary to Kiper, I'd rather listen to your insights than his and probably put more value into what you say

  4. Also on that point, I have the hair to rival Kiper's coiffure.

    And your right, the name helped, but that was always part of my argument. The pedigree the NFL loves was there. Thanks for chiming in C, and feel free to click on ads when you visit.