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Monday, January 16, 2012

Those in the Augusta Area Come out this Wednesday and meet NEWT-DAWG!

Unto our Augusta breathern hop on the Gordon Highway this Wednesday afternoon and make the short trek into Aiken County, South Carolina and see Newt Dawg himself at Bobby's BBQ at 1:30 pm.
Newt will talk about:
- How he balanced the budget four straight years as Speaker,
- How he reformed Welfare and made deadbeats go back to work,
- How he was paid money by businesses for his brain powers and then told them how they were screwing-up (as he did for Fannie Mae).
- How he will ruin Iran's stuff if they don't disband their nuclear bomb program.
- How he has always been a Republican unlike Romney who is a man without a soul who will say anything to anyone in order to be elected and therefore give validation to his life (in other words he will be a "real boy")
- How he does not have on magic underwear and does not believe in digging up corpses to re-baptize them so they can go off and become the personal Jesus of some planet out in the solar system all because a make believe angel named Macaroni showed some dude in upstate New York magic tablets that only he could see.  Oh and the Indians don't forget about the 100% disproven theory that the Indians are the ten lost tribes of Judah. Do you really want to nominate a member of a cult?  That is what I thought.


  1. Finally you guys said something I don't agree with.Oh well you can't be right about everything I guess :)Support Ron Paul..the only honest man in this race


  2. “…and what was it about an angel named “Macaroni” (Moroni) appearing to Joseph Smith in a New York State apple orchard? ……” I wasn’t there . But to tell the truth, I have less trouble picturing anybody talking to an angel under an apple tree than I do a naked lady talking to a snake.”

    Longarm and the bartered brides.