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Friday, January 13, 2012

Todd Gurley will pick, ....


Seriously though, I'm starting to want him as much, if not more, than Keith Marshall. The way Socrates describes him as a person, combined with ideal size, speed, and athletic gifts. This has all the makings of a big time playmaker in the SEC. Marshall for all his great attributes, is still a little on the slender side and that can lead to injuries against the big, physical SEC Ds we face week in and week out. Gurley doesn't have that issue. He's got the junk in the trunk to dish out a licking, and the raw speed to leave defenders behind. He's an elite hurdler, which I love. When targetting lineman, I love wrestlers (which is why I really, really want Dalvin Tomlinson on the DL). But when looking at RBs, I love the high hurdlers. Sprint speed is all well and good, but hurdling takes a little more agility, and it's that ability to elude and change direction that is much more important than straight line speed.

Come on down Mr. Gurley, the last thing you wanna do is suffer late season collapse after late season collapse at Clemson. (And when is the last time any of their big name offensive players actually panned out in the pros?) I can live with choosing the home team in North Carolina or NC St, but by all means son, don't throw your life away in Cow Town.


  1. Keepin' my fingers crossed here too...I really like his up side! Could be a huge get for 2012! GO DAWGS!!

  2. Who's the better back gurley or davis

    1. Between the tackles, for now, Davis may be better. Gurley looks like he has the frame to put on 20 lbs. and still maintain his speed. He was the NC high hurdles champ which requires some serious speed. Someone said he ran a sub 4.4 forty at 215 lbs. I saw film of him in a game run outside and up the left sidelines for 50+ yards. He was really moving.

      I would like to have Davis as well but I think we are very fortunate to have landed Gurley. Now we don't have to bite our fingernails and hope we get Davis. Some folks think he will end up at SCe whether or not we landed Gurley. I personally favor Gurley due to his talent, potential, and character.