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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two Things You Have That You Don't Want- A Pissed Newt Dawg and A Complacent Richt.

So what is the line in Vegas on Mitt Romney having "Flu-like symptoms" just before this Saturday's debate?
When you are a Democrat running for the Republican Nomination it is not really a wise decision to piss off the smartest man in the Party just before you have to debate him.  Trust us Mitt you don't want Newt-Dawg to go to his un-happy place. 
On the flip side it is reassuring to know that the more things change the more they stay the same.  In that line of thought we would like to welcome back the same old same old King of Complacency, Coach Mark Richt. 

So what can we expect from Mr. Take a knee on second down this off-season?  Well what we always get:
  • A top recruiting class
  • No change at S&C because S&C is a "fad" you will see, and Mark Richt is too classic and classy for passing fads.
  • No change at OC because how much sweeter will it be against Vandy in 2022 when Bobo calls a toss sweep in the 3rd quarter and it goes for 15 yards.  Muuuuhuuuuhahahahahahaha.....that is what I call lulling your opponents to sleep.
  • Your expectations being elevated to a fever pitch and just when you want to believe..... he will get out-coached in Columbia, MO because Georgia loses to non-conference teams giving them validation and that may just transfer over to new conference member, non-SEC talent having, Yankee teams.


  1. WOW. hate our coach much?

  2. Fans like the writer of this piece are the same ones that *if* UGA's 2002 team was lucky enough to have gotten to play for the BCS title, and would have won, would be saying "02' was soooo long ago, blah blah, yadda yadda." Impossible to please. I would say that a year we beat our 4 main rivals, even though it was a down year for all (except tech lol) is a substantial accomplishment. ten straight wins is also not to be snubbed. Its good that someone with your inability to be pleased doesn't have any say in our program, or we would be all talking about how we f'ed up hiring Smart, Mullen, Dooley, or .. ugh.. Muschamp. Thank GOD for UGA and for Mark Richt.

  3. -Jonathan Thompson

    First time reader, first time poster. Thanks for coming out Jonathan.

    In fact we have made the point that 02' and 05' were sooooooooooo long ago. This is a what have you done for me lately business and people who get caught up in the past get left there (in the past).

    I'm not impossible to please.
    -I would like for Georgia to not be the only program in the Richt tenure to win the SEC but not a National Title.
    -I would like to never ever ever lose to a Big Slow team.
    -I would like for Richt to stop placing imaginary moral limitations on our program. I want someone who will do everything possible including oversigning.
    -I would like someone who has the balls to fire worthless assistants.

  4. CC... not too much to ask. CMR is caught in a time warp. He thinks SEC football is the same as the ACC when he was at FSU. No school has ever dominated like FSU in their first 5-8 yrs in the ACC. What worked against that bunch of pretenders will not work in the 2012 SEC.