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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A week left in recruiting

Richt will be in church tonight, with Josh Harvey-Clemons. We've got a week to go, and one more hole to fill with monster OL Chester Brown having family issues.
We're still in the market for:
1-2 OL (Avery Young, Brandon Greene, and possibly a late offer or two with Brown no longer coming)
1 TE (Sean Price)
1 DL (Dalvin Tomlinson)
1 LB (Kendarius Whitehead, Josh Dawson, Josh Harvey-Clemons)
2 DBs (Sheldon Dawson, Will Redmond, Nelson Agholor, Kenneth Crawley, Tyreece Jiles, among others)

It should be an active rest of the week for coaches as they close out this class, heading in to official visits on the weekend, and the dead period between Monday and signing day.


  1. Question...why do you only have 1LB there? I think we could take both Dawson and JHC if they wanted to. Whitehead's already out....

    Everyone's forgeting about DT Chris Mayes from last year...he's coming in this year too. As far as I know... Don't think we get Tomlinson.

    We definitely need another TE...I've heard rumers about our boy from Moultre, Smith, has not even taken the SAT or ACT yet. So there's a chance that he may not make it in this year...

    Loosing Chester definitley hurts...a lot of people were very excited about his upside! Young's a must at this point, and from all I've heard, Greene's already out too....

    Too many questions at this point...too many big names on the board with too many big fish tryin to gobble them up...UF, FSU, UM, UA, AU, LSU....the list goes on and on. Lets just hope that our coaches have and will continue to bust their tails up to the last sec. We have a good class to date, but we definitely need to finish strong!

    GO DAWGS!!!

  2. I thought Mayes went JUCO and isn't coming until at least 2013.

    And yeah, I should probably make it 2 LBs. I don't think we need 2, but if we can get them, we'll take them. And Whitehead is supposedly still getting our coaches in his home, so he's not done yet.

    Even if Smith isn't an academic question, I want another TE. You see how much damage they can do in the NFL, college Ds don't stand a chance at covering the good ones if you got 'em. Stockpile and run more 2 TE sets is my thoughts.

  3. You know, I'm not sure about Mayes...I thought I saw somewhere that he was a part of this years class. I guess we'll just have to wait and see about him.

    2 TE sets...what a novel concept! lol I vividly remember seeing our boys moving the ball down the field with ease in a 2 TE set one game this past season...all the way to about the 15 or 10...and then guess what?? Shotgun-Ace formation baby! ...gotta love it! HA! Catch 'em off guard!

    I have confidence in Big Lynch...I think he will step up in a big way this season. Rome's obviously a question, but it's been clear that he has the skills to be a play maker. From what their saying about Smith is that he's got a lot of potential as well!

  4. Just looked up some info about Mayes...yeah, it looks like he'll be at the JUCO for Fresh and Soph years...

  5. JHC likely
    No flips
    Will go down as one of most disappointing classes for Richt
    Eight GA residents will sign with Saban - almost as many total commits for UGA - the state is leaking like a antique faucet
    CC & Sanchez - smells a lot like Fulmers last few years
    If this team buckles under a soft 2012 schedule on the heels of this class, Richt won't see 2013


  6. I think this class will be a lot better than you are making it out to be Tex. Marshall and Gurley, Jenkins, Theus, among others. If we can add a couple OL, and CBs, we're set.