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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's wrong with basketball?

Dean Legge sums it up in two short sentences.
The state is hemorrhaging with talent… since 2005 Scout.com has ranked 52 players from Georgia in their annual Top 100 list. Three – Mike Mercer,Trey Thompkins and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – have signed with the Dawgs.

You ain't winnin Talladega in a Honda Accord.


  1. If KCP continues to have big games (although on center stage last night he struggled to get 7 pts) it could lead some of these big AAU programs to trust Fox with their golden tickets.

    The only other solution I can think of is to pay them more than Crapalari, but I don't know if that's possible.

  2. It's not just the big names, there will always be intense competition for them, as we've seen with Tony Parker. But the best way to ingratiate yourself with these programs are the little guys, and doing right by them. See how Robert Carter quickly went to Tech once the AAU coaches son was welcomed in to the team. We saw it with Harrick, where taking care of a preferred walk-on from the Celtics helped us finally get a foot in the door that unfortunately left soon after when his problems blew up. We can get some benefit from seeing KCP continue to realize his ability in full. But the best way to get in strong is to make good with Mann, Gaines, and Morris. To make good with a walk-on caliber kid and take care of him, as a walk-on of course. Or to bring in a "project" so to speak, that can redshirt, develop, and become a rotation piece as a sophomore and strong contributor as a junior and senior. But there is no chance to make up that ground come spring with anyone significant enough to be what we need for next year (maybe Charles Mitchell, but I'm doubtful we land him). We have to improve our relationship with these guys one way or another for 2013 kids, 2014 kids, and beyond, because Georgia will never lack in producing talented players. There are several ways to get in with these programs, but right now, we're still on the outside.

  3. I see it much like the football team back when Stafford and Knowshon bolted early...along with the Sr's we lost that year, that left us young and inexperienced in key positions...

    With Travis and Trey bolting early for the NBA, we were left with a very young team. Plus, we lost all our size with the two Sr's, Price & Barnes...on tope of Thompkins.

    We do have some good players..I like Williams, and Ware along with KCP & Robinson....but we're VERY young overall. If Travis and Trey were in town...things would be better, but we'd still be undersized in the paint.

    Fox has to get some size along with more talent on the perimeter in this class. Projects or not….That's only my opinion.

    GO DAWGS!!!