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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A win is a win

Well, it wasn't much of an enjoyable win, but it still goes down as a W. We've got a chance for another Saturday, when Ole Miss visits Steg at 4. Other than that, it'll be Slim Pickens until March. Aside from tough road games at Tennessee weekend after this one, and in Columbia, SC the Wednesday after Valentine's, all other February games looks like a certain loss.

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  1. I was watchin/listenin to it...it wasn't pretty, but it damn sure was enjoyable! 1. To get the 1st conference W 2. To battle our asses off, and take it in OT 3. To get it against UT....all those points made it pretty damn enjoyable to me!

    Nice job! Keep fightin your asses off and take down the Rebs this Sat!

    GO DAWGS!!!