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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Auburns Gots the AIDS! Is BVG Still On Our Payroll?


That's gross Auburn!  Your AIDS is showing.  Your football AIDS that is.

BVG is the gift that keeps on giving.  Not only did he field some of the most blood-thirsty defensive units in Georgia history he is now acting as a covert double agent and infecting Auburn with the football AIDS.  Now when BVG bolts in two or three seasons guess who will be in-line to take over as DC? 


  1. I love that Auburn got AIDS from us. Does that mean we...?

  2. Clean Brothah'.....we got some of that cure from Magic Johnson!

    Now if we could just get a cure for the "I Has A Crayon Downs".

  3. "You can't fix stupid." -Dr. Ron White

  4. Man, Willie's defense finished #79 at Oklahoma in pass defense.

    Willie told resign or get fired.

    Willie resigned.

    His good buddy had a brain freeze and hired him.

    Good for us.

    Feel sorry for Aubies.

  5. I has a Crayon vs Willie AIDS Martinez. So what happens if UGA loses to Auburn? Will we have a AIDS filled Crayon.

    1. Good question Fed Up.

      If we lose a close one then we have a crayon dipped in AIDS. If we get blown out due to the offense being horrible then yes we do have an AIDS filled crayon.