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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

***BREAKING NEWS ON THE SEC*** That's Right Breaking News and We Will Have It First

Now we do not pretend to be any sort of reputable news outlet or anything.  In fact we are adamant about being nothing more than a humor/opinion blog.  However, we do have a handful of sources and a few are in Birmingham (who are not aware of our blogging identities but will be soon enough).  This story was just leaked to us but since it is legit we are actually going to do some of the dreaded research to confirm a few things before just running with it (a la the Red and Black). 

Just as a teaser to wet your appetite we may be effectively looking at the end a rather long and storied career in the SEC!


  1. so you're 'breaking news' is that you may possibly have some breaking news at some point?

    1. Tomorrow morning at the latest King Douche.