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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good recruiting weekend?

Dawgbark certainly seems excited, and we've already snagged one much needed potentially instant impact DB, in a JUCO out of Warner Robins, Steven Nelson. He's an explosive CB from reports, who will enroll early, and just may redshirt this year to save 3 to play 3 if College of the Sequioas is agreeable to the plan.


  1. I'd like to see him get some more reps. I'll let the ball game in 3 years take care of itself. I want him primed and ready for next year.... as much as possible. If I'm CofS I don't want to fund this kid's college education without some ROI! JUst sayin'

    1. Well Georgia seems to disagree with you.

      If you were truly a Homer, you'd get with the program and fall in line with what the coaches are wanting.

    2. Just keepin' em on their toes Hijo! I don't want them to get the impression I will rubber stamp all their calls!

  2. Agreed, I hope they DON'T redshirt him, CoS plays about an hour from here, I'm already looking for next year's schedule so I can go watch him play.