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Monday, February 27, 2012

Here is a Negative Post on Mark Richt---Bring Your Hatred Richt-O-Philes!

Did I miss something?

Do I need to take the day off and drive up to Athens so that I can see the National Title trophy that I missed us win this January?

I assume we won a National Title because of the way Richtie-Poo is talking out on the off-season tour......wait what is that......no we didn't.......well at least we finished the year strong with tons to build on.....wait what is that.....no....we got embarrassed in the SEC title game and then......WHAT....we LOST to a big slow team in our bowl game?

Oh that's fine--- after all this is Georgia not LSU or Bama or Florida.........Ten wins is just as good as it is ever going to get and the sooner you accept that the happier you will be.  I think most of you in the "Fire Richt" camp have missed a few very important issues:
1. Demanding Championships is absurd.  No coach could consistently compete for National Titles at any school in the SEC......well except for Bear Bryant, Spurrier at Florida, Saban at LSU, Miles, Urban, and Saban again at Bama.  
2. Richt is a good Christian man!  Which as we all know has a direct correlation to winning football games right Rick Santorum?

"Heyyyyyyy...shamelessly pandering to religious zealots in order to get or keep a job that you are unqualified for or are failing at.  I hear ya' Mark Richt."
 This past Friday at the Macon Touchdown Club in true religious-pimp fashion Richt threw in a little church humor:
Parishioners would tell Richt, “I’m praying for you brother.” Then they started 0-2, and Richt said it became, “We’re fasting for you, brother.” “So I said, ‘Wow we better win some games, or else people are gonna starve around here,’ ” he said.
 Huh......so at no point in time did he think "I better win or else I will be fired"  he was just worried about the fans not eating enough.  Do you see the problem here?  Four losses in a season is NOT A SUCCESS!!!!!!
You continue to have accomplished a fresh steaming pile of NOTHING!  If Neil Bortz can call Al Sharpton a race pimp then I can call people like Richt and Santorum religion-pimps. Yet do you see how content, smug, and defiantly unable to strive for greatness Richt really is. 
“Anybody hear ever heard of the hot seat?” Richt said, drawing laughter.
Who the F' laughed at that?  I'll tell you who RICHT-O-PHILES!  You know why they laughed?  Because of their unrestrained pleasure and raging boners in regards to the idea of keeping some absurd image in place as the HC of the Dawgs and simultaneously ensuring that Alabama, LSU, and Florida continue to dwarf us in football. 
So the war against Richt-O-Philia rages on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnn.


  1. I'm definitely not a ROP, but that post is moronic - even for you clowns. I guess CMR is supposed to travel the state on an apology tour & begging forgiveness for winning the SEC East - something neither of you boneheads gave him a chance in hell of doing back in Sept.?

    What is the deal with your Kenny Powers show? That's idiotic. First you steal some Marvel Comics logo, then you start pimping for some stupid TV show?
    What next - you gonna endorse some loser candidate for POTUS who loves Pelosi & Clinton, took millions in taxpayer $$ to "lobby", is sociopathically narcissistic, & is so completely lacking in integrity & class that he led the attack on Bill Clinton for screwing the big Lewinsky, whilst boning someone on his staff while married to wifey#2, who he was boning whilst cheating on wifey#1 while she was suffering thru chemo/radiation?

    1. "I'm definitely not a ROP..."

      Yes you are!

      What other reason could you have for getting on here everyday?

  2. 1. Eastbound and Down is the best show on television.
    2. We have had some posting issues that require two posts at a time so we were posting "test" now we come up with a little something. That is a technical issue but thanks for being such a devoted reader.
    3. Yes I endorse his Newtness and I appreciate your copy and paste job from the Mitt Romney website (or the Ron Paul site since he is just a proxy for Romney).
    4. Not an apology tour but an "I have my nose to the grindstone and realize that I could lose this job if I become complacent again" tour would be nice.

  3. "..and I appreciate your copy and paste job from the Mitt Romney website."

    Lame. Sounds exactly like barACK Hussein Obama hacks who throw up the same crap in the face of any criticism. 'Oh, you're just a paid protester from GOP headquarters, not a bonafide patriotic American.'
    I'm no fan of Mitt & his magic underwear and you bring stupid enough to buy the Santorum BS about a Paul-Romney conspiracy against him is an indication of how gullible & naive you have to be.

    I think CMB wants his crayon back..

    1. -88

      Since you are a political expert then recall all 20 debates and give us a grand total count of attacks by Paul on Newt and Santorum (as well as others) and tell me if it is the same or greater than his attacks on Romney. Also, do the same for Paul's negative commercials in Iowa, South Carolina, NH, etc.
      How about instead of being a Paul zombie you understand a little better who and what you support.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual Sports and Grits push to gain blog hits by saying the same stupid crap. Lame as usual. If your act was comical it may be worth reading, but it doesn't make sense.
    Keep up the good work guys. I do see you have 23 members now! Congrats! That's, what, 2 more than last year? Just think, if you keep up that membership pace you can start a movement by 2050!

    1. Thanks for your devotion since you know what our annual posts are about.

      You have how many followers yourself?

      Followers are of course how a blog measures success.

      Since you read so much you must know that those petty insults were used up by Richt-O-Phile Jihadists in late 2010. Come back when you have some real material....FYI calling us Techies and Bammeroids has already been used up as well.

  5. Great post.

    Count me in as a guy hoping all the so called UGA "FANS" that are ok with having a winning year, and getting to a Bowl game ALL GO CHEER FOR VANDERBILT.

    Mark Richt is the ONLY COACH IN AMERICA who has had so many top recruiting classes and NEVER WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    Mark Richt does LESS with MROE than any coach in the country.

    1. you spent too much time in NAM my friend, get a life

  6. CC
    RP has been pushing for a 2 man contest just as hard as Newt & Sanitorium. He knew Mitt was gonna be one of 2 last men standing regardless of what sort of attack he made or didn't make on Mitt, so he's focused on knocking out everyone else.
    What can Mitt do for RP? Nothing. How has RP changed his message to accomodate Mitt? He hasn't. Has Mitt had any effect whatsoever on the RP machine, good, bad, or otherwise? Nope.
    Does an alleged Mitt-RP conspiracy give Newtons something to bitch & whine about? Apparently..

    1. I see what you did there 88.

      The U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists because they cannot be reasoned with and S&G does not negotiate with Ron Paulites as they are equally as far gone.

  7. you swamp people are idiots. your a bunch of nascar loving, gator hunting rednecks that give the southeast a bad name, your all idiots and contribute to society in aboslutly no way. get a wife, and a life, and get off the internet. im sure your glad you hit the powerball so you could move out of the trailer park, but you can take the hick out of the trailer park, but you cant take the trailer park out of the hick

    1. MMMMMmmmmmm-mmmmmmmmmmm

      Delicious hatred!

      I think I was most overwhelmed by your stellar factual analysis.

  8. CC
    I was lovin' me some RP before it was cool. Got a faded old RP '08 sticker on my '97 F150.
    You faggot lawyer blowhard types love Newt because you have so much in common. You a chickenhawk too? All bowed up on some Raghead Regime, talking shit about 'sending in the troops' - but you've never walked (or jumped!)off the tailgate of a C-130 into some godforsaken shithole yourself all because some fast talking chickenshit politician wanted to 'send a message', right? Kinda like being generous with OPM, you get off by being a pretend hardass & sending in someone else's sons into the shit when you skipped your chance to lay it all on the line..

    1. Oh I don't want to send troops into any place. I just want to carpet bomb those places into oblivion. I do not discriminate between good and bad Koreans, Vietnamese, or Arabs.

      As for the lawyer insult....I hope you never need one of us.

    2. Are you really that stupid that you can't realize there's two of us? One supports Newt. The other, apparently your pea brain self would be appalled to know which candidate he supports. Perhaps it might shut your bitch mouth.

    3. Dirty Sanchez:
      Calm down, son. Who was my post addressed to? CC, yes? Take some deep breaths, unwad your big girl panties & relax. Nobody is gonna beat you up & take your lunch money today.
      "Appalled"? Really? The sheer gayness of you posting a word like 'appalled' on a football blog is almost too much for me. Do you use this word in your day to day banter with your fairy lawyer pals? Substitute 'appalled' with ambivalent or uninterested in your sentence & you get an A+.

    4. -88 Dawg

      Here is a summary sample of every post you put on our blog:

      "I am a combat veteran who has been in a million gun fights."

      "I am an ex-NFL player who has vastly superior football knowledge as compared to bloggers."

      "I'm a tough guy and you guys aren't because you guys type on a blog."

      "Bet you won't say that to so and so's face."

      "I will come and beat you up."

      You know 88 with Athens Homer Dawg we had to work, had to dig, had to think (mainly because of how incoherent his posts were) but at least he was creative. You're either an 8th grader or the mental equal of an 8th grader. Oh, thank God you aren't going to come and beat us up.
      Take everything you say about us and then look in the mirror and ask yourself why you spend all day everyday on here arguing with us.....what does that say about you? I'm sure that was over your head as you will jump on here and fire back a super sweet 8th grade answer.

    5. Aw, what's the matter, CC? Hey, how come you left off my most consistent dig at you asshats in almost every post, i.e. my dead-on assessments of your profession/occupation? I've never said I was a combat vet, ex-NFL player, tough guy, or threatened anyone here........but I'm always making fun of lawyers. Hmmm.......

    6. Ah trolls....they are cranky because they get tired of eating billy goats all the time.

    7. Good one. I know you are but what am I? Really?

      I agree completely that I'm an immature jerk for posting here, but it could be so much worse. I could actually start a 'football' blog with a Marvel Comics logo where I profess devotion to fake wrestling & TV shows that make Dukes of Hazzard seem erudite (that's for you, Sanchez!), and attempt to pontificate on football related matters and other topics I know little of.

    8. Not immature but under the delusion that tonight when you curl up in the nude beside your life-size cut out of Richt and whisper in his ear all about how you defended his honor today that the real Richt will hear you.

  9. God help me if I do..

    Matter of fact I'm paying some clown lawyer this Friday at a closing. It's been a few years, but I've yet to be a victim of a closing where the lawyer and/or mortgage clown didn't screw something up. Why the hell do we need a lawyer involved in this anyway? Oh yeah, because most politicians are also lawyers, so they pass legislation mandating job security for their brethren of the bar. Bunch of asshats. Look what's happened to this profession (it it even still considered a profession?) over the last 50 years. Bunch of ambulance chasing, DUI dealing, quickie divorce promoting assmonkeys..

  10. YOu're too tight! Loosen up. Everyone wants to get paid. So it's gonna happen. Now if there are two sets of lawdogs.... one to do the closing and a second that represents the buyer outside of that.... then ask them WTF? "If I knew this was to be a knife fight ....I would have brought my very own and personal consigliore instead of a pen." And don't be vocal.... my consigliore kicks me under the table when I protest too much....and I'm not kidding. Lawyers hate competition. ;-)

    1. AHD!

      Been missin' ya' brah! 88 is a poor man's version of a poor man's version of you.

  11. C.C.Rider, I have to tip my hat to you Sir. You have found the mother lode. All these dumbasses responding to your post and the blog hits you get for the ads. How about Butkus, mroe, really? I think you are as fake as your hero, Dusty Rhodes. Have you ever seen the guy? All those x marks on his forehead came from razor cuts, that he inflicted on himself. That's right, all that blood didn't come from punches in the ring, they were there to incite the red necks. Hmmm, kind of sounds like your posts, doesn't it? Are you the famous #39, better known as BuLLdog, or Thomas Brown, or the anon that posted Saturday? You guys share the same syntax and composition>

    1. Heeeeeyyyyyy Shaaaaaaaannnneee,

      Thanks for the tip of your cap. I return to you now the same love as I tip my cap to you for such an awesome screen name. When “Shane” was already taken you just flipped the script and went with “Shane 1” but that was also taken so you went with “Shane #1” well played sir! However, if you were the 1st Shane you could have just gone with Shane, no?
      Further kudos to you for paying attention in your English 101 class last week as you properly used the terms syntax and composition. Now you need to work on being able to identify tells in people’s syntax and composition before you go running around with terms you don’t really understand. BuLLdog, really….do I make tremendously long lists on my posts? I see what you did there and I really can’t complain because I have called out posters for the same thing before…..well except I can actually identify writing styles as opposed to you who obviously thinks that criticizing the Beloved is in some way a writing style.
      Now I don’t point out typos or grammatical mistakes because that is gay to do on a football blog but…………. I simply can’t resist because you are critical of Butkus for a typo in which he wrote more as mroe yet in a fateful and ironic turn of events your left pinky finger betrayed you as you intended to end with a period but instead left a >